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Online Bullies Should Know That I’m a Peaceful Fighting Advocate

So the bullies are continuing to throw out their poisons but what shall “one” “Tanikka Paulk” do? My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m an advocate I’m experienced regarding bullies. Made to conquer and yes I’ve been bully most of my life. I Tanikka Paulk choose to pray for my bullies. The better person is the person which continues to love. I’m able to smile, stand firm, and proceed confidently. My five sons were bullied and yes there was so much advocating involved. The bullies want to control but they’ll have a difficult time trying to take me=Tanikka Paulk down.

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Online bullies demonstrate they’re without courage because they’re afraid to face their victim. Tanikka Paulk is peaceful but will fight in ways in which will probably shock the bullies and the competitors. Advancement is where I’ve headed to and continue “the key” is to be brave and confident. My objective is to decrease bullying however bullying is one of the toughest injustices to solve. She=her=Tanikka Paulk has the experience. Why can’t bullies say what they want to say to the person they’re trying to bullying in front of the person. Why are they behind?

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No matter how tough bullies think they are there’s always some willing to adhere to the injustices. Oh I’m just and filled with life. There is more to advocating then “just” speaking up. The competition seems to have caused the abnormal behaviors. Individuals aren’t quite aware of what persons are capable of. Most would probably stop trying to live their dreams. Bravery is here right now and there’s so much to accomplish. To be confident and know that there’s the importance obviously.

No matter how much I’ve supported the individuals they seem to think that I’m a wimp. They’re incorrect. I’m brave enough to become more than victorious. Prayer is what helps the movement continue. My faith continues to be with me! (Tanikka Paulk). The entire world has witnessed how bullies use their insensitivity, insecurities, hatefulness to try and take down their competition or to try to destroy what they are unable to accomplish. Love is what I am. Love is what I’m going t”o continue” to be apart of.

I’m able to proceed so that there’s more accomplished. Fighting allows others to see that they too should stand up to bullies. Being firm and allowing advocacy to do what advocacy does. There’s a mission and there are many missions to accomplish perhaps in the future. “My” path isn’t everyone’s path. The behaviors which seem to distract some. There’s so many reasons why I Tanikka Paulk should continue and so many are and have been helped. Help! Perhaps bullies should consider helping to make society better. I’m a problem solver.

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