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Celine Dion Cancels Concert Tour Due to Deteriorating Stiff-Person Syndrome
From the Stage to the Battlefront: Celine Dion's Courageous Journey Fighting Stiff-Person SyndromeFrom the Stage to the Battlefront: Celine Dion’s Courageous Journey Fighting Stiff-Person Syndrome

The Unfolding Story of Celine Dion’s Health

In recent news that has left fans across the globe stunned, iconic singer Celine Dion, now 55 years old, has been forced to cancel her entire world tour due to her deteriorating health condition. The announcement came as a shock to her millions of fans who were eagerly anticipating her performances.

Delving Deeper into Dion’s Diagnosis: Stiff-Person Syndrome

Cartoon avatar of Celine Dion displaying confidence.

A vibrant, cartoon-style avatar representing Celine Dion, exuding an aura of unwavering confidence. Despite her ongoing health struggles with Stiff-Person Syndrome, the illustration captures Dion’s indomitable spirit and her unwavering determination to overcome her challenges.

Last year, Dion shared the disheartening news that she had been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Stiff-Person Syndrome (e.g., Mayo Clinic or NHS). This rare neurological disorder results in severe and continuous muscle spasms, making it extremely challenging for Dion to perform. As she fights this illness, Dion continues to express her profound disappointment at not being able to meet her fans on the concert tour.

The Impact of Health Concerns on Dion’s 2023 Tour

“I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you once again… and even though it breaks my heart, it’s best that we cancel everything until I’m really ready to be back on stage… I’m not giving up… and I can’t wait to see you again!” Dion wrote in her official statement. Her announcement has led to the cancellation of 42 tour dates across Europe, with the hope that she may be able to perform again soon when her health permits.

Celine Dion announces world tour cancellation due to 'human statue' diagnosis on Twitter

In a heartfelt Twitter post, Canadian singer Celine Dion reveals the cancellation of her entire world tour. The decision comes following her ongoing battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome, a rare condition turning her into a ‘human statue’. The post showcases the singer’s determination to prioritize her health and her promise to return stronger to her fans worldwide

The Consequences of Stiff-Person Syndrome Symptoms on Performance

The severity of Dion’s symptoms has been such that they prevent her from performing at the level she is known for. Not only do these spasms affect her daily life, but they also hinder her ability to use her vocal cords to their full potential.

Dion’s Current Situation: Balancing Health and Hope

Despite the challenges, Dion remains hopeful and is determined to focus on her health to make a strong comeback. She expressed gratitude for the love and support she has received from fans during this trying time and is optimistic about the future.

The Role of Dion’s Children in Her Journey to Recovery

In her battle against Stiff-Person Syndrome, Dion is not alone. She is supported by her precious children and expert medical teams. As a mother and an international icon, her fight against this debilitating condition is a testament to her resilience.

Emotive painting of Celine Dion reflecting her health struggles

An impactful artwork capturing the poignant expression of Celine Dion as she faces her health challenges. The painting artistically communicates the singer’s battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome, symbolizing her strength and resilience amidst adversity.

Looking Ahead: Dion’s Musical Ambitions in 2023

While the cancellation of her tour is a significant setback, Dion’s spirit remains unbroken. She is determined to concentrate on her health at the moment, with the hope that she will be on the road to recovery soon. This focus on her health is her primary goal for 2023.

Cher and Dion: Parallels of Resilience in the Music Industry

Dion’s current situation draws parallels with other legends in the music industry, such as Cher, who have faced their own health struggles. Like Cher, Dion is displaying incredible

resilience and a never-give-up attitude in the face of adversity.

The Road Ahead for Dion: Music, Movies, and More

Despite her current health issues, Dion has been able to make her acting debut in a movie featuring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan. Although performing live isn’t currently possible, her passion for music and entertainment remains evident.

Shining a Spotlight on Stiff-Person Syndrome through Dion’s Story

Dion’s brave disclosure about her diagnosis has brought much-needed attention to Stiff-Person Syndrome, a rare condition not many are aware of. As she continues to grapple with her health challenges, Dion’s story is raising awareness about this disorder and is a stark reminder of the personal battles individuals may face behind the glamour of the spotlight.

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I Love to say no to Harassing Paparazzi

Imagine being followed and harassed. I’m referring to the paparazzi. It’s as if I’m a billionaire chased by the paparazzi. oh my goodness everyday it seems as though the crowd is trying to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down. Every moved “made” is seen by the aggressors. I’ve tried to escape but my only hope is keeping the “Full Armor of God on and Prayer.” They’ve tried to find my most intimate findings. Privacy seems to have vanished but I’ve found creative ways to conceal my privacy. “I’m able to work unseen meaning my works, projects, and agendas can be privately completed.

My movements are under an microscope every action seems to be watched. I’m grateful for the supporters but the harassment isn’t what’s appreciated. I’m advocating to maintain privacy are to say to regain some of my privacy. “Certainly I would love to navigate online or offline without the entire world watching my every move. What brought the so called paparazzi to my online doorstep? Perhaps offering free services or revenge. Whatever the reasons are I’m “understanding” exactly why celebrities would complain regarding the paparazzi.

Competition is another reason why so many are chasing “the writer.” Needs are one of the main reasons. Needing assistance from the founder. Wanting to lower their competition. The fighting to remain with my worthy name and my personal information. “Self” presently. To have followers on social media is exciting but when the followers become trolls oh what a pain. The complaints were sent but some platforms are having difficulties trying to lower the bullying rate.

No matter how I’m targeted I’m still continuing to move forward presenting what needs to be presented. oh what have I faced? I’ve faced so many challenges and the chatter between the paparazzi made me=Tanikka Paulk throw my hand up! There’s more competitors online than offline. It may seem as though the competition is coming to my doorstep but they’re online. Gosh they’ve really caused havoc online. Perhaps they’ll learn to be patient or to understand that they’re not welcomed to overstep my boundaries.

I’ve been quite patient and tried to reason but some aren’t able to reason at all. The adversities have taught me=Tanikka Paulk to become more patient. The lack of mindfulness seems to have caused me=Tanikka Paulk to shake my head. Sometimes I would perform a victory dance because they’ve thought that I was a pushover. Firmness is within because I’ve faced some of the rudest individuals. Social Media is great but when the trolling occurs being on social media can be a pain in the “neck.”

My competition have lost their marbles but I’m here to demonstrate my determination lessons are in stored.” *Tanikka Paulk)

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My Poetic Lyrics Displayed Right Here!


Poetic Expressions Written by: Tanikka Paulk My Poetry 

You a Good Chick

A magnitude of a good chick

Savory sounds tuning rounds fit to be a glorious “Queen”

Majestic waves hidden caves the “day” is here bravely cheers

God gave me my designed rear no whispers in my ear

The foolish ways of mankind’s days forfeited actions no my last name isn’t Jackson

My name is valued although seemed to be dismissed my attitude has been sealed with a kiss

Complicated expressiveness yes I’ve been dramatically dissed

The cool breezes brushed my face no my accomplishments haven’t been misplaced

Awaiting what is to come my way yes it’s said that I’m day!

Too many woes have played the field but there is more in the righteous deal

Coming of blessings from above haven’t they seen the solitude dove?

Songs written near and far some have been written inside a wreckless bar

Cautions lurking right on top did some say that I was placed on the spot?

Chills in some countries yes indeed my golds seem to be excited by my wondrous freed

Wonders singing and looking up at clouds no I’m not sings get down

Rapping and tapping to the harmonious beats I’ve been cautioned to use my feet

Some have misunderstood the expressions from the hood but I’m good

A good chick who incurred five by a body part which went inside

Outer appearances oh yes indeed do they really know Me?

Motions some have tried to figure out but here I am and yes I did shout

Tomorrow is what it is and today goes but what is it in which some truly don’t know?

Comings to the new and newness ahead no my lyrics aren’t from the dead

My song sung with dignity my mind is as it shall be did God create a two me?

Callings some left unanswered the rings of the creations to be free

There is love within Me!

Rhymes to the paper grouped together my work won’t be forgotten and they have called me Weather

Ghetto perhaps but learned more than some or most the others seemed to go coast to coast

My lyrical poetic expressiveness. Inspirational, inspired, without the harshest diss


The Lyrics to a Beat Boxer

Beat box on the top

Soulfulness with the wind

Studios sounds coming down

Because they’re gifted perhaps with the wisdom

The choosier with a microphone

The producer isn’t wrong

Rightfully in tune with the joyfulness of the moon

Boldness of the “Battle D’J’s” on the floored stage

Surround sound and blasting beats

The forming of the collective heats

Nicely placed on paper some “lyrically” saying without the notations

Oh how they’ve complicated you!!

What are some to do?

Battling to be the winner some of the rappers look quite thinner

Lyricists calling Whoa similar to Busta Rhymes speed lyrics

Talented are the lyricists some have tried to compare to the most “accomplished” rapper there

What is his name?

“Tupac Shakur”


The Lyricists Express What?

Some have tried to reproduce the similar lyrics of who?

Project Windows to The Message what rapper put the lyrics to work?

Named Nasir Jones pictured alone

L.L. Cool J “said” he needed a Round Away Girl

Prince said Diamonds and Pearls

The gold and the silver can deliver the sparkling tones the word said so

A lyricists writes lyrics expressing in ways in which some have dared to produce

No lyricist lose


If they’ve wrote a song or two then they’ve produced

Studio airplay some placing the R&B with the rapping

In the studios constantly tapping

Perhaps a My, My, My performed By Johnny Gill

The Can You Stand the Rain sung by New Edition

Nona Gaye singing love filled tunes but there is only one moon

The shinning of the star some wonder why is one mentioned

It’s my stage and the others have chosen to be my audience

They’re performing at their best

Some from the East and some from the West

Lauryn Hill did perform on stage where did the lyrics go?

There is certainly more to show

Singing birds that’s what they’ve been described to be

I’ve performed perhaps so many didn’t see

Lyrics are so dear there are more written right here


Some Music to Capture the Ears


Image result for jay z and beyonce

Beyonce and Jay Z Image Credited to Free Advanced Google Images

Jay Z and Beyonce oh what a couple

Performing on the stage building up the rays

Jay Z could possibly love OJ

Listening to some of the rapping tunes connected in some kind of way

Formations produced awesomely written freely

What’s to be expected from now on?

Perhaps Beyonce will perform one of her favorite songs

Rapping and singing formed together more than one mic checked to listen to the sounds

More rappers will be rapping and more singers will sing

There are some who’ve received the extra shine of the diamond rings

But it is the gold and silver which will glitter

Rappers Delight that’s how some of the rappers became “Successful”

There’s more than the wealth more to gain could Jay Z and Beyonce reproduce “Singing in the Rain?”

Image result for Busta Rhymes

Image Credited to Google

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There is More to This Plan

What are they looking for? Some aren’t aware of what or where they should be headed. There is so much to accomplish but there has to be the agreements to form “completeness.” “Yeah oh yeah I’m still here in Miami still conducting business but in a way in which they’re unsure of.” (Tanikka Paulk). Some believe that there are secret meetings occurring oh! Where? Anyhow we’re conducting some form of business in which can help incur the revenue in which the U.S. needs and oh I Tanikka Paulk hasn’t forgotten about the other countries.

The plan does include equality. The equals of men and women. The unifying of a race, races, and nationalities. Inserted here are some of the female rappers which receive little attention. Remy Ma, Da Brat, Rah Digga. Rasheeda. Lil Mama. Unifying although there seems to be some confusion as to why certain events are occurring. Some have dismissed the voices “of lyrics” because they’ve introduced what is known as the overly competitive. The competition appears to spit fire.

Image result for Rah Digga         Image result for Rasheeda

“The more the merrier, ready to achieve heights, there will be solutions. Yes really!” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to distract this journey but they’re unable to disrupt what has already been purposed. There will be some of the most strangest of connections. Some will be blown away because they’ve never expected such things to occur. Imagine connecting with some of the most popular “star strucker’s.” Too many have confused my purpose and invaded in my business. They’ve said this they’ve said that but the reality is I’m this and that. Oh yes she has proven such. It’s is about the what is isn’t about what they’ve said or will say.

The plan to achieve greater is and was ordained. Some are confused about “This.” Let me=Tanikka Paulk explain. Scripture states that that is given to This man wasn’t at the beginning but later on. So therefore the man is to wait to be given woman which is that and she is also that. The plan is to achieve “greater.” We’ve already achieved more although they’ve “inserted” zero’s which are merely transparent. The eyes can create the confusion but those who know know. Confusion occurs because they’re without understanding.

The mission is to reach the realest “freestyles” ever. They’re watching and waiting to see what the Beat Masters can produce. If there is to accomplish the set journey then there will be some selected to travel. There are the ones unprepared to face what will build what has been said to be an empire. They’ve missed their mark by trying to take down their hope. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve planned but there are a select few who have also planned in their own special way.

Indeed there will be develops in which they certainly haven’t expected. On my journey there is a person called “one” and she is her and she “resides” in Miami, Fl. Perhaps some are unfamiliar with the location but there will be more traveling to the location. Oh my plans are so in depth that there is no time to listen to the dissing. Nope! She is to prepare, perform, and produce not only one mission but missions. Reminder of the movie “Mission Impossible.” Searches, Retrievals, and Restoring. That’s where I’m headed.

“Want to know where I’m headed have to wait and see. There’s more to me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk part of my lyrics oh they’ve said freestyles but they’re more! Most of what is occurring meaning what is said is lyrical. The putting together of words which flow exceptionally. There are the Masters oh what? Some may confuse the word with slavery but the Masters meaning are that they can produce what others could only dream of. The plan is to build what some have “perceived” to be an empire but beyond what they’ve expressed.

Yes I’m still here but I’m headed somewhere and I’ve stated such many times haven’t I “Jadakiss?” Nas said “If I Ruled the World.” What is it in which if generates? There are some who’ve perceived their movements as being quicker but some think that they have to be wealthy in order to generate success. There are some who will put in more work and receive less until the time is right. They’ve tried to prevent, hinder, and confuse what will occur. Don’t confuse the word “if” There is the replacement of “will.” There is should, could, can. Alright Okay!

Image result for Jadakiss        Image result for Nas

Jesus said “go” and Jesus meant to go in peace meaning to be at peace. To go in the direction in which one or more must travel. Direction is to incur directions. The lyrical, political., analytical mind is she. Where will some of the selections be headed? That’s to find out but in time. “Timing is of great importance.” (Tanikka Paulk) There has to be a specific pace. Yes there will have to be some left behind because unfortunately there are some who aren’t equipped to more in the set direction. “Tanikka P. isn’t a controller but I’m a motivator, creator, rejuvenator. (Tanikka Paulk). They’ve though that I was below when they’ve refused to look up high and see the name above. There are the “movement” and movements in which some have tried to dismantle. Gifted and proven to be.

“Tupac said, “The plan is to show you that I understand.” To understand is to be without ignorance.

Image result for Tupac Shakur

Images Credited to Google

Featured Image Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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Anxious About the Permitted Goals

There are goals which need attention,. It’s important that I’m very attentive when it comes to the goals. Projects which deserve to be completed, objectives, and the very important “project” I’ve received advice from Tyler Perry to avoid working on too many projects all at once. Understandable but when one is anxious and aren’t sure about the permitted “time” then one will want to move anxiously. There is the thoughts of what areas to work on first. Sometimes there will need to be refocusing because there were setbacks. Discouraged? No.

The Goals are Meant to be Completed

I’ve worked on many tasks at once but I’m also aware that too much work can cause stresses which can be avoided. My journey is at “one” although there are some agreeing to be along I’ve been said to be a “self builder.” “Focusing, concentrating, and allowing my mind to be at ease in order to adhere to completeness is what I’m seeking.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be the advice whether to work on certain projects but I’m determined to complete all or at least most of the desired projects. Soon enough there will “be completeness” of the most important projects.

The person giving the advice is highly successful so I’ve listened but am still anxious to move forward and complete the movie and the story. I’ve already accomplished more than I’ve realized before that I would accomplish. I’m thrilled that some of the adversities have decreased. There’s more to the projects than just writing. Before the actions are to occur there will need to be some pondering. Oh gosh I’ve pondered so and will continue to do so. “I’m making and I’ve made.” (tanikkap). There’s success and soon enough I’ll reach my desired successful level.

Goals are meant to complete due to some distractions some goals are pushed back and some never pick the goals back up again. I’m continuing to learn how to pace myself. Yes some may view my “progress” as slow but I’ve accomplished what some of the very wealthy haven’t accomplished. Some could stray away from the gifts because of what the critics have to say. Criticism could help a person grow or in some cases criticism could cause a person or persons to decline. Each person has their own gifts and there will be flourishing of the gifts.

Prospering occurs when the negatives are removed. However there will be negatives but there are ways to experience the positives. Think carefully of what needs to occur and set a pace. All persons won’t work in the same manner. Their goals aren’t met in the same time frame. There could possibly be some delays but there shouldn’t be less focus because of the adversities. “Accomplish the goals, remain focused, and try to experience the positives.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements can occur daily but there should be time resting.

Eventually the objective goals will come together. There’s a designed purpose and I’m confident enough to proceed. Making the best of my time and continuing to analyze which goals should be firstly. “There are some who’ve tried to discourage, they’ve tried to sabotage, but what’s purposed is so.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to pay close attention to the hecklers or the overly critical persons. Making progress although sometimes the progress has seems to slow down. There is still the ability to meet some of the shorter goals.

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The Painful Realities of The Music Industry
The Painful Realities of The Music Industry
“Some will and have paid the cost the poisonous industry” by: Tanikka Paulk
The Industry certainly isn’t peaches and cream. One must develop a tough skin in order to be in the industry. So many have sold their souls. Learning how to read contracts is very important. Just observe the “behaviors” the cynical natures the business has caused some to do what they probably taught they would never do. What is truly to be said about such a complex business?
My experiences with the industry is part madness and belated experiences but II’ve seen the decline within so many artists,I’m sure the record labels are frustrated with how the business ethics have gone down the drain. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk in the industry but I’m moving along. I’ve forfeited a contract because I’m aware of how the business can eat “one” alive.
There seems to be the misconceptions of the ins and outs of the business, Some proper while others end up living hellish lives.There are some artist one would probably want to avoid. Producers have difficulties with some of the artists. If a person isn’t “prepared” to deal with the complexities of the industry then perhaps there should be some reconsideration before making the decision to enter into the industry.
The constant battle seems to have rubbed me=Tanikka Paulk in away in which I’d rather avoid some of the musical talents. Some have projected their frustrations on the hand or hands in which could possibly help elevate their career. Perhaps some should consider learning more about the industry. They’ve tried many times to alter my focus but I’m strong enough to proceed and will incur what I’ve set out to incur.
There is no regret not signing the contract. The audition is so vivid in my head. Remembering the walk on stage and giving my all but declined the signing. Some have stated that I Tanikka Paulk was too young anyway. Did model for the producer and manager. I’m quite aware about the business. The unethical practices are certainly a pain. The artist should develop more patience. ‘The should be growth within the industry and there certainly should be professional actions occurring.” By: Tanikka Paulk
The unsettled behaviors could possibly have to do with the numerous needs. That’s what rapper Tupac Shakur reveled, “needs,” they’ve behaved out of order.
A few Artists on Interscope Records
Image result for Dr. Dre
Lil Jon
Image result for Lil Jon
Selena Gomez
Image result for Selena Gomez
Image result for Eminem
The artists are familiar with how the industry operates. There’s so much in which some of the artists are unaware of. Is the music industry declining? Possibly but there can be the rebuilding of a troubling industry. The beats must go on. The “music” doesn’t stop because there’s disagreements or malfunctions. The buck doesn’t stop here. Some artists will discover that they will need to put in the extra work in order to reach their desired success level. “Promote and continue to learn the industry has chewed up and bit out some of the most talented artists.” (Tanikka Paulk)
Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk
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Backyard Centerpiece

Homes with waterfront views and accents are admired by
many. This is because being around water offers a
feeling of beauty, allure, and serenity. Putting up
your own water accent in your backyard, such as a fish
pond, will also add that visual appeal. Make your yard
alive with the soothing sounds of water in motion.
Make your fish pond the focal point of your backyard.

However, there are some considerations before
constructing one:


Consider the climate of your area. If your weather
experiences winter times, then it is best if you make
you fish pond deeper since the fish tend to hibernate
at the bottom of the pond and naturally stop eating
when the water temperature goes below 45 degrees.

If you live in a location where the pond will
completely freeze over, it is imperative that a hole
be created in the ice to help the fish remain alive.
In this case, aquatic plants should be removed and
placed indoors since they may not survive the cold


Consider the filtration system of your pond. There is
what you call natural filtration where it is provided
by the action of the moving water. If this is the
case, considering the design of your system and the
climate of your area, then you do not need a filter
for the pond.

However, to know what is best for your pond, consult a
pond professional concerning filtration. There are
cartridge filters and biological filters available
from shops that provide pond supplies.

Now, to get your backyard pond started:

First step. Make intelligent decisions by educating

Do not push through water gardening or pond building
without knowing the essentials about it. Know what
equipment are needed to be used. Find out if your yard
is appropriate to hold such an accent. Is the climate
compatible with your pond? Are you up for the regular
maintenance it needs? Take into consideration the
availability of supplies such as electricity,
filtration, and water. Decide what type of pond are
you willing to make, is it a small one? Or a large

Second step. Decide on the location of your pond.

Locate your pond in an area where the sun will be able
to shine on it. Do not place it under the trees since
it will cause a cleaning nightmare due to the falling
leaves. Do not place your pond where runoff water
tends to overflow. These will accumulate in your pond
making it dirty and murky.

Determine the depth of your pond. The average depth of
a back yard pond is between 18″ to 24″ usually. Make
the outline of your pond and start digging it. Make
steps in order to provide easy access to the pond
during cleaning. These steps will also be perfect for
holding potted plants just above the water. Make sure
that the bottom is leveled as you dig.

Third step. Get hold of an appropriate sized pond

In order to get the right pond liner size, take the
width of your pond and add twice the depth of the
pond, and then add 24 more inches. Measuring the
length will be done using the similar formula. Now,
drape the liner over the pond. Arrange it and place
stones around the edges. Fourth step. Fill it up with

Start filling the pond with water. Fold large creases
neatly and remove wrinkles as you fill the pond with
water to make it les noticeable.

Fifth step. Install the needed equipment.

After filling it up with water, place filters, pumps,
and lightings to the pond. Connect it to the
electrical supply. Then add your fish and plants, and
you are ready to go!


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Best and Sweet 16 Birthday Party Idea

The 16th Birthday for most young girls is a very special birthday. It is one that should be made memorable and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished. If you are like many moms and dads out there you might be a bit challenged is to exactly how to make that birthday stand out above and beyond the rest, especially in light of what seems to be competing and often escalating birthday celebrations. Keep reading for some excellent birthday party ideas to make your daughter’s day shine.

While there are many friends that your daughter will have and many Sweet 16 parties she will attend you want to make her birthday party a little bit unique. For this reason there are several party ideas that will be mentioned below. You can elaborate on one theme or mix and match a few themes that capture your attention. Regardless any of these themes should be a little something special to make the day, or evening, a special event full of fond memories for your teen.

Throw a masquerade ball. This allows everyone to dress in costumes, dance, drink punch, and have a ball, figuratively of course. This can be a lot of fun and you can even have those in attendence make their own masks for the grand event even if you choose not to use costumes and go a little less formal. Use plenty of balloons to set the stage and make the evening quite an event.

You can have a spa event for an all girls sweet 16. This event would include having facials, pedicures, makeovers, and a great chick flick for the evening, followed, of course by copious amounts of Haagen-Dazs(r). A great way to do this is by approaching your favorite home party plan representative from a company such as Mary Kay or Beauty Control for the spa portion of the party (be sure to invite parents and have friends bring money to buy their favorite products). It’s a great way to get a makeover inexpensively and learn about proper application of cosmetics and which colors suit your needs.

If these ideas aren’t appealing, how about a Surf’s Up Sweet 16? Even if you aren’t near a beach you may discover that you can bring the feeling of the beach to your own back yard. Be sure to have surfboards to set the theme and plenty of tikki types of decorations and some excellent surfing music. You could take the event one step further and make it a luau. Use your imagination and make it an event to remember.

Make your Sweet 16 a Red Carpet Event. This is a great idea for a birthday party. It allows all your friends to make a grand entrance, that you can record with a video or digital camera in their beautiful dresses (you can go semiformal if finances are a concern), and can make great scrapbooks that everyone can take home if you have a computer, scanner, and printer at home. Don’t forget to create Oscar worthy goodie bags with great little gifts from the local party supply store or Bath and Body works. It’s a lot of fun as far as parties go and may be a little something new and different among friends.

There really is no one way that is right or wrong for celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16. The important thing is that you create a budget and plan your party theme to fit within the scope of your budget. Even with limited funds you can have an excellent birthday bash for your teen on her sixteenth. The ideas above are a great place to start. Hopefully you will take one of these ideas and make it your own or at the very least have jump-started a few new and different ideas to add to your growing list of hits, near hits, and misses. You may just have the one hit that will make your daughter’s eyes light up.

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Risen and Shall Rise Again

How many rappers have accomplished what Tupac Shakur has accomplished? There are some continuing to try and accomplish as much as Tupac has. After what occurred in 1996 Tupac suffered a great fall. Yes there was an “announcement” of his death but Tupac Shakur is alive and his living was confirmed. The rapper continues to release music and has revealed himself. Shakur accomplished so much at the age of 25. There are so many who’ve admired Tupac and then there are so many envious. Yes, Tupac rose to fame, and now he must try to rise up again.

he’s accomplishments include poetry which is presently in educational institutions. Students are learning more about Tupac and his poetic gifts. Yes, he’s more than a rapper, he’s lived the dream and wants to rise up again. His fans didn’t forget about his accomplishments his music was played after the announcement of his death. It appears as though he had to die in order to live again. “What is Tupac up to now and when will he make an official appearance?” By: Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps his fans are curious as to when. He’s reply was timing.

In order to make a grand entrance there has to be the right timing. I’m very honored to have and continue to communicate with Tupac Shakur. He’s continuing to utilize his talents by working in the studio and yes he’s secretive about his designated location there is no “statement” about the exact residency in California. In order to protect the rapper his whereabouts shouldn’t be revealed. If his fans remember Tupac had a lot of competition and there was numerous threats directed at Tupac Shakur.

There are many locations where his music can be heard. “Tupac isn’t just an accomplished rapper but he’s considered to be a truest friend meaning when he calls himself a friend he tries to live up to what he’s proclaimed.” by: Tanikka Paulk. Where will Tupac and his music be headed to next? There’s always an album out seems as though every year there’s an album. Tupac certainly had and has enough music because he was always working in the studio.

He’s work ethic demonstrates how dedicated he is to his craft. So many rappers try to live up to what Tupac has accomplished. He’s the most accomplished rapper “of time.” There are many similarities between Tupac and myself however there are the differences. I’ve learned a lot about the rapper Tupac Shakur. I’ve learned that he looks exactly like his father. Gosh almost as if they were twins. Tupac should be proud his mother Afeni Shakur was an activist and apart of “The Black Panther Party.” Tupac Shakur could be difficult to figure out but he’s a bright soul.

So many may have though they could mimic what Tupac has accomplished but there will never be another like Tupac Shakur. In his music Tupac will “vocalize” how he wants love and he may think he isn’t loved but Tupac would be mistaken if that’s his thoughts because Tupac Shakur is loved. He’s accomplished high record sales and after the announcement of his death his record sales increased tremendously. Although there was a fall Tupac should think about how much he’s accomplished and how fortunate he is to have survived.


Can Listen to Tupac’s Music Right Here After Reading the Article Regarding Tupac Shakur

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Historical Films: From Shakespeare to the French Revolution

Shakespeare in the Movies

Henry IV (1945),  Hamlet (1945), and Richard III (1945): these films were directed by Laurence Olivier,  Starring Laurence Olivier.

These three interpretations of Lawrence Olivier are universally considered both by audiences and critics the greatest cinematographic expressions of Shakespeare’s works, thanks to the exceptional skill of Lawrence Olivier, one of the strongest leading figures in British cinema who, incidentally, was accompanied by the best British actors in Shakespeare’s Plays. The text of Shakespeare was respected with philological rigor, and the same scene was deemed virtually perfect by any international criticism. For those who love Shakespeare’s Plays, these movies are a must see.

Macbeth  and  Othello

Macbeth (1948) and  Othello (1952), directed and interpreted by Orson Welles, are two Shakespearian films strongly desired by the same Welles. He agreed to work in prohibitive conditions, with limited funds, improvised and always different troupes, and with little time available. The obstacles were overcome by the lively mind of Welles, who managed to achieve two significant works by the visual point of view, thanks to a clever work both on photography and on direction. Despite these difficulties, Macbeth and Othello unfolded two fascinating and very intense films in acting. It is interesting to note that Welles later told all his difficulties to realize these films in a documentary film, Filming Othello, produced by the same Orson Welles in 1978.


Romeo + Juliet and Richard III


Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhmann (1996), starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is a movie where the text is that of Shakespeare’s tragedy, while the story is set in the United States, in a very colorful and fictional Verona Beach.  It has been stressed that its post-modern scenography seems like a frivolous fashion show, while the film seems a long video clips in some respects, characterized by a frantic rhythm and a strong visual impact. Richard III, by Richard Loncraine (1996), was interpreted very loosely by the same Director.  The tragedy of Shakespeare was heavily reworked both in text and in the environment. The plot revolves around the 30s of the 20th century, with the detection of alienation effects.

Barry Lindon, 1975

Barry Lindon, by Stanley Kubrick (1975), starred by Ryan O’Neal,  is set in England during the 18th century, and tells the story of an adventurer (both a spy and a compulsive  gambler). The film is based on the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray (born 1811) entitled The Memoirs of Barry LindonBarry Lindon provides a realistic portrait of 18th-century England.   Kubrick used only natural light, while the actors’ costumes perfectly reflect the dress in England in the Eighteenth Century. The soundtrack is evocative and consists of a mix both of classical and 1700 English folk songs of various types, with exceptional realistic effects, whereby the viewer is immersed into the daily Life in Eighteenth-Century England. Barry London is a true Classic Film that can be appreciated by everyone.

Rob Roy

The Eighteenth-Century England and popular environments are the absolute protagonists of a great movie by M. Caton-Jones, Rob Roy (1995), set in 18th-century England. The film has its setting in the Scottish Highlands, and the daring hero is Rob Roy (played by Liam Neeson). Rob Roy is considered by some a real bandit, while by others as a genuine hero of freedom, who fights against the injustices of a feudal power. Rob Roy is a film very spectacular with remarkable sequences, very fun and suitable for both children and adults.  The scene is extremely accurate, and offers one the most popular images in understanding both the eighteenth-century English folk culture, and the living standards of the people, far from the lavish English court entertainments.


Danton,  by Andrzej Wajda (1988) was played in a truly superlative way by Gerard Depardieu.  The film tells the dramatic conflict between two protagonists, Danton and Robespierre, in the period of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution (1).  Andrzej Wajda’s film had a great success with audiences and critics, because, metaphorically, it was referring to the difficult situation of Polish politics of the time, where the local Trade Union and the Catholic Church had conflictual relationships with the Communist regime of that time.



1)      The film is adapted from a play of the Polish writer Stanislawa Przybyszewska (died in 1995), The Danton Affair.






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