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Heart Attack Causes and its Solution

What is the Main Cause of a Heart Attack? What is its Solution?

  1. A heart attack is the blockage of coronary artery. It sends blood and oxygen to our heart. In the arteries fat deposits on the walls of the arteries and thus the passage of arteries become narrow even.

When the walls of the arteries become narrow so due to plague depositing inside the arteries’ walls, heart stops pimping. It is called a heart attack

The main cause of a heart .attack is very simple but your doctor will not tell you about. There are two reasons of it: 1. the does not know, 2, the does not want to tell you about the main cause of a heart attack. Think, why?

The Main Cause of a Heart Attack!

The main cause of a heart attack is Calcium deficiency in our arteries. I try to understand you in simple words.

In our body 98 % is Calcium: our bones, our teeth, our skull, our nails, our tissues and that are flexible in our body is made of Calcium.

What is the Function Calcium in Body?

25 % Calcium that remains on our arteries does its function as a guard. It expels two poisons: 1, L the poison of Lead, 2, the poison of Cadmium from our arteries and from the oxygenated blood and thus our heart gets fresh oxygenated blood to pump.

What does Calcium Deficiency Do?

When in our body Calcium level decreases from 25 %, at the same time tow poisons store in our heart: Lead and Cadmium. When in our arteries Calcium decreases to zero level, a heart attack occurs at once.

Calcium Deficiency Effects on Body

  1. The first sign of Calcium deficiency is our muscles become strict and hard.
  2. Children become like a skeleton
  3. Our bones become weak and lose its shape
  4. Our muscles lose its original shape
  5. Blood pressure increases
  6. As its result Lead and Cadmium two poisons store in our heart
  7. When Calcium level becomes zero a heart attack occurs anon.

The Functions of Calcium in our Body

  1. Calcium supports our whole body skeleton.
  2. 99 % Calcium is in our body. Its total weight is almost three pounds in our body.
  3. When men talk to one another it supports our brain parts that send message to other person while conversation.
  4. Our bones and teeth are made of Calcium but Calcium does dot stay in bones and teeth because it wastes in urine with the passage of time.
  5. Calcium permanently collaborates with bones and the soft tissues in the body and also with the liquid of the body.
  6. To our blood Calcium is supplied through bones. More urine wastes our Calcium thus in body Calcium deficiency occurs.
  7. Beside bone and teeth, only one percent Calcium becomes in our whole body. It cannot be ignored at any cast.

It works with help of enzymes in the body. Calcium dissolves clots in the blood vessels. Besides, it works with other mineral and vitamins to perform accurate functions of body.

  1. Calcium makes conversation neuron to neuron through nervous system in brain.
  2. It produces flexibility in veins and muscles permanently. It is most important for our muscles.
  3. It maintains the balance the of heart, besides, Calcium drives the system of the whole body muscles with a time table, set by God for Calcium.
  4. It is a most important part for increasing height in children. It must be takes on regular basis.
  5. When a child is born Calcium in the child transfers from the mother’s bones.

Vitamin D: Calcium most Important Part

Vitamin D is a most important part of Calcium without vitamin D Calcium cannot be absorbs in human body. Those who do not eat vegetables fall prey to Vitamin D deficiency.

Too Much Calcium Effects in Body

It is a very most important point to note for everyone that if you take Calcium daily and your body cannot absorb it due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. It leaves negative effects in the body as chronic constipation, too much air in the stomach or belly and chronic pain in the stomach.

Blood Calcium Control Regulators in Body

There are three blood control regulators that control calcium level in human body: Parathyroid glands, Vitamin D and Calcitonin.

When in our body blood Calcium level decreases, parathyroid glands are released to the neck felling Calcium deficiency in our blood streams.

Three Main Jobs of Parathyroid Glands

  1. Parathyroid Glands compel the gastrointestinal tract to absorb Calcium from food for blood streams.
  2. Parathyroid Glands order the bones to release more Calcium from the store to maintain the blood Calcium.
  3. Parathyroid Glands order the kidneys to excrete more phosphorus which increases indirectly the level of Calcium.

Parathyroid Glands and Vitamin D work together for bones and kidneys so that intestines may absorb Calcium.

Recommended Dose of calcium

According to National Academy of Sciences recommended daily dose for peoples. If you want to more about body mineral read here:

Med and Women: 800 milligrams daily

Children: 800 milligrams daily

Teenagers: 1200 milligrams daily

Infants: 500 milligrams daily

Pregnant and Nursing Women: 1200 milligrams daily

Calcium food Sources

Dates, Apricots, Broccoli, Sunflower Seeds, Digs, Almonds, Green Leaves Vegetables, Sesame Seeds, Green Fruits, Papayas, Strawberries,

How many Grams of Calcium in Fruits

  1. One Medium Size Apple: 11 mg
  2. One Medium Size Avocado: 24 mg
  3. One Medium Size Banana: 6 mg
  4. One medium size cup of Blackberries: 42 mg
  5. One medium size cup of Blackcurrants: 62 mg
  6. One medium size cup of Blueberries: 9 mg
  7. One medium size cup of Breadfruits: 37 mg
  8. One medium size slice of Cantaloupe: 6 mg
  9. One medium size cup of Cherries: 18 mg
  10. One medium size slice of Pear: 11 mg
  11. One medium size cup of Black Dates: 57 mg
  12. One medium size cup of Grapefruit: 28 mg
  13. One medium size cup of Grape: 15 mg
  14. One medium size cup of Guava: 30 mg
  15. One medium size of Kiwi: 23 mg
  16. One medium size of Lemon: 23 mg
  17. One medium size cup of Lychee: 10 mg
  18. One medium size of Mango: 21 mg
  19. One table spoon of Olives: 7 mg
  20. One medium size of Orange: 52 mg
  21. One medium size of Papaya: 34 mg
  22. One medium size of Peach: 9 mg
  23. One medium size of Pear: 16 mg
  24. One medium size Pomegranate: 28 mg
  25. One medium size of Raisins: 22 mg
  26. One medium size cup of Strawberry: 23 mg
  27. One medium size of Tomato: 12 mg
  28. One medium size slice of Watermelon: 20 mg

What are the Functions of Calcium?

Calcium is most essential for growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Calcium enables muscles and heart tp contract regularly.

It is also most important for normal blood clotting and is essential for normal nerve impulse transmission.

Calcium Dietary Sources

More Calcium is found in all dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, Sardines, almonds and Soy.

Signs of Calcium Deficiency

The major sign of Calcium deficiency in males, females and children is Osteoporosis in males, Rickets in children, in adult high blood pressure, heart disease and convulsion.

Calcium regulates the passage of nutrients via cell walls, without it body muscles and heart do not contract properly. Your nerves will not carry messages.

We all must take Calcium from fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy product so that our body could work properly for daily work.

Calcium Overdose signs and Symptoms

If you take Calcium too much more than recommended dose, you will fall prey to chronic constipation. In your kidneys Calcium will store and with the help of chemical reactions of the body will turn into a stone that is called calcium stone.

When more Calcium stores in human tissues it hinder other minerals as iron is most important, to absorb in our body. Thus we fall prey to different types of mysterious diseases.

Heart attack Permanent Treatment (Prescribed Homeopathy Medicines)

  1. Antimonium Tartaricum 200x
  2. Quebracho Qx, Mother Tincture
  3. Ammonium Casticum 30 x

How to Take

Take without any fear six drops from each bottle and drink the drops with semi hot water three times in a day.

These three homeopathy medicines, made in Germany, will cure your all types of heart problems surely. No doubt, these three medicines cure asthma of heart and control all types of heart functions.

These three medicines increase the health of heart muscles, heartbeat, heart energy, difficult breath, when heart leaves performing its functions…

These three medicines have wonderful effects and cure the patient within very soon.

Note: Those who want to know about their health issues may contact me through Commission Work Page on the Home Page. I will trace your diseases trough erecting your birth horoscope and will prescribe medicines for you.

JH Sayyar: Professional Medical Astrologer

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