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Observe the Actions a Way of Finding
January 26, 2019

Humanity seems to be lost. There’s so much individuals have to adhere to but are they really? If movements are to occur then proper actions are to occur good shall prevail. No matter what’s occurring the righteous wins. Observations are occurring and have occurred God is watching He is the father of Jesus Christ. Many disappointments because mankind continues to misjudge and interrupt what was already designed. “Mankind won’t ever be able to defeat God.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Rightfully one is to seek and to find what is unseen to so many. I’m able to find solutions and desire to find the proper solutions. The “caring” is observed but there’s so many uncaring individuals and that’s why humanity is in trouble. Meaning that humanity is at risk to diminish. “The Founder founded and finds again and again. Continued moves and chosen to live freely.” By: Tanikka Paulk. So many have observed my struggle and have tried to cause declines but my faith is with me=Tanikka Paulk always. What’s said about me or to me isn’t what’s important but creating positive changes is what truly matters.

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There’s so many reasons why there’s the continuations to come from one place and to reach the selected destination is what’s considered to be a blessing. Indeed! There’s a way and of course some may say that there’s ways. The perceptions may differ and the responses may change but the what is remains the same. The word is “word.” The words printed in the Bible may form differently but have the same meaning. “God protects the anointed but chastises the ones against the anointed.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Friendly folks seems to be far away. Perhaps some aren’t friendly because they’re unhappy. My armor is on right now. Meaning that “The Full Armor of God” is on my protective body.” My body is my own and belongs to me=Tanikka Paulk. The head plate, breast plate, the full armor. Blessed because I’m living alive functioning and continue to achieve goals. What have so many observed? Perhaps they’re unwilling to say exactly what they’ve observed. The actions are observed and decisions are made based on what the actions are.

I’m one to make the necessary movements so that progress is made. It’s difficult to understand why so many choose to invade prosperity but there’s so many consequences in which some aren’t prepared to face. I’ve tried to move upwards and for many years they’ve tried to push downwards. “Progressed” despite of the actions. Some are pleased with my decisions and I’m not here to please individuals I would rather perform good deeds. Amen!


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Eyes are and Will Continue to see What Needs to be Seen
January 14, 2019

Everyday there’s the battle of what? The battle seems to be what I’ve became. The competitors aren’t recognizing what is actually so. No matter what they’ve been told some haven’t connected the dots. There’s problems to be solved and the “solutions” are just around the corner. To find the most effective solutions the thinking needs to occur. The time to find the facts, to analyze, to incur. The constant back and fourth but there’s no need to speak about what shall occur in the next few months.

What they’ve perceived they are incorrect. Why should I explain every detail of what is to occur? No. Refused to be persons puppet. If they’ve perceived me=Tanikka Paulk to be a pushover they’re wrong. There’s no way that I’m going to accept that I’m who they’ve tried to place me=Tanikka Paulk as. Are they suppose to be within my technology? No. They’ve invaded and I haven’t “extended” an invitation to the individuals who are constantly trying to chase my dreams away. Continuing because I want to.

They’re unable to accept the reasons why or unable to accept the decisions made. To live a dream or dreams certainly entails bravery one will need to focus on the pathway. “What has the actions caused and how will the chosen face the many obstacles?” Firmly, cautiously, objectively. The proof that my journey is important is the actions. Th4e many clicks after I’ve supplied some “information” the proof that I Tanikka Paulk am a victim. Breached is proven when they’re clicking the entire world can see that as I;m typing in the information I’m unable to click or underline words or names.

Using my noggin. Witnessed the clicks inside my files and other online areas. Sought after and way too important to the individuals to be forgotten. I can smile because I’m aware that I’m victorious. Victory is when good deeds are performed and despite what they’ve said God already knows me=Tanikka Paulk. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m able to choose, pick, decide. The freedom to do what some are unable to do.

There’s mounts of fruitfulness. Abilities, skills, trainable movements. Unified, unifying, and supplying. The data has been stored untouched waiting to be viewed. My eyes have seen what most haven’t thought to see. Cautious and have noticed what they may have perceived as getting by. Focused and awaiting what is to come. Soon enough the necessary tasks will “be performed”.

Continuation of what some thought would be omitted. Additions have been -placed where need be. There’s more to be seen added and adding. The troubles are removed in order to continue progressively. Moves are made without individuals able to view every action. There’s a time for quietness. The revealing of every piece of data shouldn’t be revealed. Connected and continuing to unify the ones which shall along. Moving upwards because there’s still room to move upwardly.

An Extended Invitation to Tupac Shakur

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Senorita es Muy Importante? Si
December 29, 2018

“Senorita Tanikka! es muy importante? Si. Woman is very important. Yes she is because there are so many trying to get at the woman. She seems to be the most sought after persons. Afters are after her. She is called one and no matter how many times her existence is explained there’s the ones without understannding. Perhaps some lack the ability to process. Policias Senora Muy Importante? Correcto. The police said that Tanikka Paulk is Important very important. “Boss is.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Confident enough to proceed on my journey which is also my “Mission”. Oh yes “Mission Statement.” So the many individuals trying to bring down aren’t quite aware of where I truly stand. The line of thinking seems to be off but this prays, prays, prays. No matter what’s said I’m continuing and there are many reasons why. My focus is on what needs my attention. “Follow us Us.” Us=Law Enforcement and other agencies. Everyday the persons try to cause rifts.

The chaotic environments haven’t caused me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. I’m blessed to have been chosen. There’s the competition and so many wanting to cause my decline. The determination continues to lead “Tanikka Paulk” where I’m destined to be. Perhaps so many would have gave up by now. I’m use to individuals trying to harrass me=Tanikka Paulk. They contnue to send out hatefulness but I Tanikka Paulk love.

At least the world is able to see what’s occurring now and then. Although there are so many trying to bother my pathway. I’m able to proceed confidently. The words aren’t a reason to stop my journey. My purpose was purposed long ago. I’m watched all over the world. So therefore there are many witnessing what mankind tried to do. God allows but God can intervene at anytime. I’m strong and built to conquer.

“Where am I headed to next?” All of my movements aren’t to be revealed. Proof of my importance. The reactions and actions of so many proves just how important chicka is. Chicka meaning girl. I’ve chuckled at the many fans or perhaps foes which come after me! There is one of you=Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any other. Only one! No matter how many times I’m duplicated there will never be another. One is one. I’ve used my brain power to figure out what the true, truth, really is.

I’m here right now. You are here yes you are. Now!

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“Be confident and there’s no fret  because I know what I know and I know it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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Prayer is the way the Best way
December 27, 2018

Prayer helps there’s so many troubles in which one faces. There is the ability to be calming. “To experience” peacefulness. Some have allowed themselves to produce war. My objective is to be peaceful. A peacemaker is what I would rather be. The trials are a way to become stronger. The competition seems to caused some minds to decline. The actions are demonstrations which could contribute to their mental breakdowns of the mind. Praying can heal the heart. Meaning pain, suffering, heartbreak.

I’ve often explained what I’ve felt needed explanations. I’ve come to the realization that no matter what is said some will continue to believe whatever they want to believe. “The more I’ve tried to connect the more they’ve caused problems. The best solution is to pray.” (Tanikka Paulk). The Armor remains on. The Full Armor of God. My purpose is meant to be fulfilled. I’m covered by the blood of Jesus. Mankind causes war but there are many ways to generate peace.

Peace is what I’m into. Peacefulness should be obtained. There are some unable to experience peace. God said that the troubles will come but the troubles will go. There are seasons. Beginnings and endings. First and last. Having to handle the problems isn’t too much but “however” may seem stressful at times but prayer allows the peace to be generated. How many are fighting against what God has already declared? There seems to be so many wanting to cause my journey to cease.

“The laws seemed to be lessened but there’s the need to adhere to the laws so that there can be order.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My journey doesn’t consist of all persons although I tried to include most, some chose to say all, what have they given? Hellish acts. Peacefulness shall be within me=Tanikka paulk. Praying that there is peace around the world. Why are so many war? Wanting, needing, desiring. All problems aren’t to be solved by one person.

Perhaps there are so many wanting to control thee. Some wanting to be what I’ve chosen to be. Fighting for positions in which there has to be qualifications. Qualified! Do they need me=Tanikka Paulk to battle back and fourth? Seems as though they need you=Tanikka Paulk. You are wanted. God and Jesus Christ wants. I’m God’s child and have proven that I’m still called child. Erratic behaviors were observed the behaviors continue to display what some wouldn’t dare to try to handle.

True is here right now. Documented although there are so many who’ve tried to steal what was proclaimed to be. “Chosen is just that no matter how many would rather reverse the decision. She which is her grammar and all was chosen.” By: Tanikka Paulk. No matter what the feelings are my “purpose” is suited to be. Be is what it is. So many haven’t accepted but I Tanikka Paulk shall move forward anyway. I’m headed where some have tried to prevent.

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Yes I Would Love to Keep my Peace
December 24, 2018

No matter how many times I’m told to give in to some of the most disrespectful People. My answer to the individuals is no. I’m refusing to settle and I won’t accept the type of treatment they’re willing to dish out. No matter what’s said there is no way that Tanikka Paulk will accept their antics. “When there are troubles it’s better to find the effective solutions and “to pray” peace is what I rather be apart of.” (Tanikka Paulk). What some have are confused about is that I’m suppose to be willing to put myself on a limb so that the persons are rescued. No person should.

Perhaps folks should consider how they treat others. Invaded upon and whatever occurs the invaders will have to handle. “Problem solving. I’ve tried, made attempts “o include,” and the behaviors have caused me to just proceed. There are some of the cruelest words said to me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m unwilling to accept the words. When the negatives are thrown at me=Tanikka Paulk there are the positives. One doesn’t need to many friends and especially if they’re unwilling to offer peacefulness.

Here I am continuing to move along my journey. There is hopefulness here and no I am in no way lost. Individualized seems to have offered me=Tanikka Paulk the most peace although what occurs may not seem as though there is any peace “generated.” Good! There is a smile on my face because I’m aware of where I’m positioned. Chuckled because some are unaware of where I’m headed. Although there were many trying to stop my purpose. God is still with thee and so is Jesus Christ. My faith and faithfulness remains.

There is a purpose and there are many attempts to reach my purpose. “Light is right here and right now!” by: Tanikka Paulk. The glory of what I’ve made and continue to make. Making is what I do. How many are willing to be peacemakers? Perhaps they’d rather cause disruptions. “Advocacy” doesn’t involve criminal aggressiveness. I’m pass all the cynical disruptive actions in which some are continuing to project. Meaning there are the negative actions coming from “People..” I’ve offered my self peace and the peace is offered to others.

If one expects to achieve further then they should move efficiently. Analyze the situations and proceed confidently. Think, be vocal when necessary, stand up when need be. There are many ways to achieve and I’ve found the best ways. There is a reason and reasons why “I’m continuing.” Yes a lot is said but how I react to my situations will make a world of difference. The adversities have built strongest of the strong. Smiling because there are glorious accomplishments. There’s greatness somewhere.

Be filled with joyfulness and the others should at least attempt to incur peace. Imagine having to constantly handle disruptive folks. Think offers peace and would rather “be peaceful.” My advocating is fighting without the physical actions. Punches? No. Weapons? No. What about some postives? “Let the ones be filled with the encouragement, hopefulness, prosperity. Gladness perhaps in the past there was some unhappiness but now there is the mission to proceed abundantly.


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Still Have my Mind In Tact
December 19, 2018

Have to protect the mind there are so many invasions trying to cause a decline within the mind. That’s why God has said to keep “The Full Armor of God on” The Head plate the attacks are directed at the mind and the heart. In order to become victorious one has to pray, believe, and keep the armor of protection which God provides. There is strength in a person when there are so many trying to defeat the person but the person continues to stand. There is “goodness” demonstrated and mankind can’t handle the light. “Light” can overcome what darkness can not. There is victory because there is God and Jesus Christ.

Prayer will help to push the enemies back. They’re behind because they come after “you.” They’ve have projected the words which could pierce the heart put the protections are what causes a person to continue on the journey. I’m on my own greatness. No matter what’s said I’m growing and gaining what some are without. “I’ve elevated further and continue to shine they’ve documented that it shines and has helped others to shine.” (Tanikka Paulk). What good are they doing? You have lifted up others so that they can be viewed across the globe. Appreciation? No.

However I’m able to smile and although there are many disrespectful and harmful words spoken regarding “Tanikka Paulk” she is able to surpass. While some would have given up. There is no reason to give in there is way too much “determination.” I’m good and will continue to love although there are so many trying to cause my decline. Refuse to become defeated. There is a book which has a title on the front cover, “Good Always Wins,” Always meaning always. Amazement occurs and although most won’t admit that they are amazed by what you’ve accomplished. God already knows.

God has said in the word how He is disappointed about what mankind has and will do. There are wars created to try to defeat the competition. Advancements occur by making the mind stronger. Praying, meditating, keeping the faith. God knows what every person has and will incur. There is a Heaven and there is hell and some have placed themselves at risk to be placed in the pit. They can’t throw me there. There are weaknesses because each day the individuals try to attack but aren’t successful. They’ve failed at trying to defeat thee.

There are some who are filled with the hopefulness and love in which God wants Hos children to demonstrate. Why do they bother you? They’re in need, they need you, they have demonstrated that they’re unable to function without your presence. Perhaps they should be left to help themselves. God said to pray and the enemies will flee. To sit at the right hand to look up at the heavenly gates and to know that my place is set helps to remove the negatives which so many have tried to project.

Is their name with mine? They’ve tried to become what was already designed by the Almighty God. One and sometimes we’re our best friend. To become, to being, “to just be.” There isn’t a fight if they already are. No matter how many times persons try to become another person they can never be. “My mission isn’t complete but God and Jesus Christ have been with me every step of the way there is no forsaking.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’m so blessed to still have my mind. My sanity hasn’t left me my joyfulness is here and wherever I’m to head to my joyfulness will continue to be with me!

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Where is the Trust? Perhaps Nowhere
December 6, 2018

There are some persons who probably rarely trust any person at all. When there’s a lot of misfortunes then one would probably dismiss trusting. To trust is to believe that there is the protection from mankind. It seems as though there’s backstabbing and lies told honesty is said to be the best policy but where has the honesty gone? How many have indulged in the setups? There are so many and yes it’s difficult to tell where the trues are. Perhaps there isn’t more than one. To determine whether a person is friend or foe isn’t as easy as some may “think. ”

At least one person has to be trusted but there is the defense in order to receive the “true and the realness.” observations suggest that the very ones who appear to be friends actually aren’t. Perhaps more should consider building friendships because there are a lot of needs. Too many to count even the richest of the rich are needy. I’ve discovered that most would rather partake in game playing instead of building a better country. Some have claimed to be in tuned with unifying but rarely make attempts to “unify.”

There aren’t many trying to rise above or at least make the necessary attempts to do so. “I would rather build and remain whole but there doesn’t seem to be too many wanting to rise.” What is said doesn’t isn’t always so but what is proven shall not be denied.” (Tanikka Paulk). The truth is where the true lives. The documented officially supplied information will overrule. No matter what they’ve perceived the real will be what is written. Thieves hide and they’re like wolves pretending to be sheep. Meaning they’ve displayed animal characteristics. Fooled by the words of what God has “addressed” as men’s wickedness.

Some were previously truths but turned because of their line of thinking. What they’ve perceived as caused the declines within their minds. What is “proven” is what is. The competitions as lead some to remove trust but there as to be at least one to trust. Some depend on persons to be their trust builders. Sometimes it’s easier to spot a foe. Sometimes the foes become friendships and sometimes there’s the reversing. “All words spoken aren’t true but there will be truth in the most darkest of places.” (Tanikka Paulk).

A “friend” can be the best friend and sometimes only to self. Although there are some willing to be a good friend most aren’t interested at all in being a friend. The protectors are on and will remain to the end of time. To know when to battle makes the difference but the shield will always be on the body. Too many have pretended to be the friend but really are enemies. There are ways to manage the surroundings when the enemies lurk. Some may try to escape the hellish but heaven is close and “knows” where the tools are.

In the word the words are filled with boldness. Bold black isn’t apart of the negatives scripture is bold. I’ve trusted the word and continue to trust what God has said. Mankind has projected destruction but prayer will help to overcome. If they’re trying to alter the perception then there’s no trust. “Alertness is important but there shouldn’t be the overthinking which causes the mind to decline.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My attention is focused on where it needs to be. The best protection of all is the protection from the all Mighty God.

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White People Need Black People Proven
December 1, 2018

Some may think that certain groups aren’t needed but their thinking would be incorrect because all groups are needed. Especially black People. Example would be slavery. Black People were able to withstand slavery. There are now so many Black People wealthy and the wealth can help the “economy.” If white People thought that they could do without Black People they’re mistaken. Working together would be of great benefit. “There is no need to omit any group of People they’re all needed and could offer their services to the world.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There seems to be some sort of disconnection between the races but there is a time of unifying. The building in which so many have refused to agree to. There seems to be the line of thinking that separation of the races would incur conquering. No. There should be unity between the races. Competition is one of the reasons why there is the division. There has to be more willing to cooperate in order to accomplish what should be accomplished. To further the unity there has to be proper “leadership.”

I’m a believer in the race unification and I’ve also demonstrated that diversity is best. How many are willing to unify? Some claim division has occurred but they haven’t demonstrated that they’re willing to connect. One race would rather remain with their own and the other race would rather try build up their own race. Economical reasons are why white People should consider “building” with the race. Black People seem to think that they’re able to conquer without the other races.

More can be accomplished when there are more hands. There seems to be the unwillingness. I’ve tried to voice how important it is to build. The division is caused by the groups. Some simply want to stay with their own kind but there will need to be working together. To conquer effectively and provide what countries need would cause the necessary excelling.  So many have the notion that they’re so strong that they don’t need others. Every person needs. There are so many in need.

Black People have demonstrated that there is less cooperation within the race of People. “Perhaps there should be more thoughts of how coming together would add the necessary value to the entire world.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There doesn’t seem to be the agreement to supply the hands. The races seem to think that there should be only one trying to build. There really shouldn’t be but more could be accomplished if there were more helping. Black People should consider changing the way that they think.

White People need to consider how beneficial it is to connect with the other races especially Black People. So many Black People are providing the wealth. They’re the ones purchasing real estate and buying lavish vehicles. Productivity can occur but there has to be the agreements. The disconnections come from the races. Their is no need to blame one or blame others because of the disconnections. There should be agreeable People so that there can be the conquering.

Love is what helps to incur the conquering. Love can and does conquer. Think how effective the races will be the economy would become a lot stronger. There is adversity to face but there is strength in numbers. Why have so many refused to be cooperative? Competition seems to be one of the reasons. “I agree that the races coming together would offer a country and countries strength but there are too many lacking the same line of thinking.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps there will be what some have viewed as unimportant related to unification. Hwo many are or have unified? It’s been proven that I’ve “connected” People.

To demonstrate and to provide the necessary tools in which will offer the country economical strength. Amazement will occur because there is at least one willing to seek the connecting. I’ve placed the races together and have voiced how important it is to build. The economy should be a reason why the races would want to unify. Growing money can help the hungry provide better “resources” for the needy. Helping is what most should consider although there are some unable to assist there are so many who are.

“To Build is what is lacking and there certainly need to be better decision making in order to build better Nations.” by: Tanikka Paulk 

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What is it That I Know?
November 27, 2018

I’ve incurred loads of information in fact I’m called “information.” There’s the sensitive information in which some are anxious to get a hold of. There’s personal information which some have retrieved perhaps they’re unaware that they’ve committed identity theft. I’m aware that the invasive ones have opened up gates in which they’ll have difficulties leaving. There is no where to run or hide. I know that I’ve been victimized. There is so much that I’m aware of. How much are they aware of?

Due to the actions doesn’t appear as though there are too many using their senses. Their actions have caused what some may perceive to be trapped. There was no invitation to enter so therefore there has to be the consequences. Most would probably lose their minds having to deal with criminals. If individuals are apart of breaches then they are committing crimes. “I’m built to build upwards and include the best of the best.” by: Tanikka Paulk. Laws are broken but there is the enforcement.

The rules have been omitted by some but there is the chosen which can enforce the rules. She her is a “Ruler.” Some have denied the fact that she her is “Boss.” The unsettling thoughts is that they’ve believed that they can cause havoc and there are no consequences. They’ve seen their match. Almost as if I’m a fighter in the ring waiting to meet up with my opponent. “I’m skilled at dealing with high pressure matters and will always be victorious.”  (Tanikka Paulk).Always!

My position will incur what some have called haters. I’m in no way concerned about what they think of me=Tanikka Paulk. My focus is on adhering to the objectives and goals in which need to be achieved. Disorder isn’t on my agenda. When there is brokenness I’m aware of how to fix the situations. Order will occur coming from the just. I’m able to project a smile and continue “to proceed confidently” to the next levels. Us is along on my journey and I’m so thrilled. There is more of Us.

Most of Us wear uniforms and there are some in business suits. Then there are the ones hidden because they’re called “Undercover Police.” Let’s not forget the IRS which so many are intimidated by. The “Laws of the Land.” The need to receive what some aren’t entitled to have has driven some mad. In order to reach further distances I’ve had to block some of the rudeness. My courage has allowed the advancement and there is still more climbing to do. The disruptions hasn’t stopped my mission.

Continuing is what I’m planning on doing. That rises and will continue to do so because I’m a believer of “good deeds.” How many recognize others? It appears there aren’t too many. “When an angry mob tries to ruin goodness there will be the reaping.” BY Tanikka Paulk. Stern when there is a need to obtain what is necessary in order to create a more stabilized society. Countries should unite but there has to be the rebuilding. What have they caused? They’ve incurred consequences.

The mission to seek and find. To develop what some have been afraid to reach to. I’ve addressed how some aren’t invited to be along. They’ve tried to work hard at sabotaging. My rights were and are violated but I’m in advocacy mode. They’ve haven’t seen what “Tanikka Paulk” can do. You can, you will, YOU conquer. I’m for mankind and a firm believer that the unity of man and woman is what shall be. At least that’s my belief. I’m a firm believer in what God has spoken about. “Their Eyes Continue to Watch Me!” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is admired and There is Love Obviously. No matter how many haters there are there are the admirers.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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To Think or Perhaps Thinking was and is Achieved
November 23, 2018

How many are thinkers? It seems as though the way that persons are thinking these days is out of reach. Some aren’t quite sure how to think and perhaps they’ve corrupted their minds by thinking negatively. Set the foundation of thinking. The pavement has already been laid out. Too many are confusing kindness and weakness. There are opportunities “to demonstrate” what is perceived and what shall be. There is the continued ability to remain motivated what others have though of doesn’t include my thoughts. My line of thinking will differ.

Example of a group of non=thinkers. Persons apart of a breach or breaches haven’t thought and didn’t think. They’ve excluded thinking. They’ve placed themselves in a web in which they are having difficulties coming out of. The overly competitive has lost their train of thoughts by refusing to accept that they are unable to control “one.” There is peace by thinking positively. The mind is sensitive and what individuals decide to put in their minds will set the tone for the outcomes. “Where is my thought process? Where it should be.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

The ability to decline the evils in which so many have demonstrated. There are the mind controllers. The persons are thinking that they can and will take over a person’s mind. If allowed then they are able to weaken the mind but if allowed. There are so many ways to think postively. “Time to face the music.” There is gladness because there are many demonstrations that there is thinking occurring and also that my mind is highly important. They follow my thoughts. If one thinks on a spiritual level then they’ll know to keep the head plate on. The head plate is protection from the attacks of the mind.

Advancement of thinking. There are so many heights reached when there is positive thinking. calmness will incur thinking. Being motivated, rejuvenated, experiencing peacefulness. “Some have decided to invade and there are consequences because they didn’t think.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think can result in further solutions. Perhaps there are some refusing to search for the solutions because they rather indulge in dramatics. More thinking occurring? Indeed.

Think Think Think!

There is a battle and the battle could include trying to destroy a person’s mind. There are mind builders. The sounds of birds providing the melodies in which some have refused to listen to. I’ve been made to think and I’m grateful that there was and is the “ability” to think. Thinkers unite. How many have thought? Observations have demonstrated that too many aren’t thinking. There is peace when war tries to enter. They want to control but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ overcame the world meaning that He overcame the Universe because He created the Universe. God created mankind.

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