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White People Need Black People Proven

Some may think that certain groups aren’t needed but their thinking would be incorrect because all groups are needed. Especially black People. Example would be slavery. Black People were able to withstand slavery. There are now so many Black People wealthy and the wealth can help the “economy.” If white People thought that they could do without Black People they’re mistaken. Working together would be of great benefit. “There is no need to omit any group of People they’re all needed and could offer their services to the world.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There seems to be some sort of disconnection between the races but there is a time of unifying. The building in which so many have refused to agree to. There seems to be the line of thinking that separation of the races would incur conquering. No. There should be unity between the races. Competition is one of the reasons why there is the division. There has to be more willing to cooperate in order to accomplish what should be accomplished. To further the unity there has to be proper “leadership.”

I’m a believer in the race unification and I’ve also demonstrated that diversity is best. How many are willing to unify? Some claim division has occurred but they haven’t demonstrated that they’re willing to connect. One race would rather remain with their own and the other race would rather try build up their own race. Economical reasons are why white People should consider “building” with the race. Black People seem to think that they’re able to conquer without the other races.

More can be accomplished when there are more hands. There seems to be the unwillingness. I’ve tried to voice how important it is to build. The division is caused by the groups. Some simply want to stay with their own kind but there will need to be working together. To conquer effectively and provide what countries need would cause the necessary excelling.  So many have the notion that they’re so strong that they don’t need others. Every person needs. There are so many in need.

Black People have demonstrated that there is less cooperation within the race of People. “Perhaps there should be more thoughts of how coming together would add the necessary value to the entire world.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There doesn’t seem to be the agreement to supply the hands. The races seem to think that there should be only one trying to build. There really shouldn’t be but more could be accomplished if there were more helping. Black People should consider changing the way that they think.

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White People need to consider how beneficial it is to connect with the other races especially Black People. So many Black People are providing the wealth. They’re the ones purchasing real estate and buying lavish vehicles. Productivity can occur but there has to be the agreements. The disconnections come from the races. Their is no need to blame one or blame others because of the disconnections. There should be agreeable People so that there can be the conquering.

Love is what helps to incur the conquering. Love can and does conquer. Think how effective the races will be the economy would become a lot stronger. There is adversity to face but there is strength in numbers. Why have so many refused to be cooperative? Competition seems to be one of the reasons. “I agree that the races coming together would offer a country and countries strength but there are too many lacking the same line of thinking.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps there will be what some have viewed as unimportant related to unification. Hwo many are or have unified? It’s been proven that I’ve “connected” People.

To demonstrate and to provide the necessary tools in which will offer the country economical strength. Amazement will occur because there is at least one willing to seek the connecting. I’ve placed the races together and have voiced how important it is to build. The economy should be a reason why the races would want to unify. Growing money can help the hungry provide better “resources” for the needy. Helping is what most should consider although there are some unable to assist there are so many who are.

“To Build is what is lacking and there certainly need to be better decision making in order to build better Nations.” by: Tanikka Paulk 

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