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Music artist with great songs

Nicki Minja

Now here’s a great female rapper and very known too! Nicki Minja came out with several big hits. ” Anacoda ” was one of those big hits. That song received more views in 24 hours than any other song. The hit ranked up 19.6 million clicks in the very first day of the release. “Lil Wayne” launched ” Nicki Minja” this female rapper is from Queens, New york. Onika Tanya Maraj is her birth name. She’s known to have several nick names.

        Nicki Minja nick names

Nicki Lewinski

Nicki Harujuku Barbie

Nicki the Ninja


Fairy God Mother

She was first spotted by CEO of Young Money. Not to mention she ended up with 3 Platnium selling studio albums. Everyone knows about when her and meek mills got engaged.


Adele begin singing at a young age. Her first album was 19. That was her age at thee time of making the album. Adele were born May 5 1985 shes from Tottenham, London, England. She dont just sing , she also writes her music too! Year 2007 she received a BRIT AWARD also won an award in 2008 for BBC sound. 2011,2012,2016 she hit high on the Billboard.  Adele also hit number 5 on VH1’s greatest music for women.

Lil Wayne

This is my all time favorite male rapper. ” Dewayne Michael Carter Jr. ”  he was born on september 27,1982 he’s from America . Hometown “ Hollygrove, New Orleans.. Lil Wayne has four 4 children. His labels are, young money, cash money Republican. Lil Wayne’s solo album ” Block is hot” came out year 1999. It were certified platnium by recording industry Association of America (RIAA) Carter 3 were released in year 2008. It was know to be his most successful album, selling over one millions copies the first week it was released. The month of march of 2010 Lil Wayne begin serving an 8 month jail sentence in New York. He was convicted for possession of weapons. Lil Wayne passed Elvis Presley  as male with most entries on the Billboards Hot 100 Chart. Lil Wayne has sold over 100 million records world wide. Lil Wayne performs Rock, Rap, and Hip Hop. 

                 Selena Gomez

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This female artist made it a long way from from playing on Disney to putting out there own albums. She is an great singer, has beautiful voice and is loved by many fans. At a young age she was already pretty famous. She were Born July 22, 1992. She became very active with her career year 2002. She even has her own website. Did I mention she has great vocats (beautiful  voice) she performed her own production company in year 2008. Titled; July Moon Productions. This chick even formed her own band. The name of her band were “Selena Gomez and the Scene” they released three studio albums by year 2011.  She had a series on Netflix  “13 reasons why”  her three main top songs were Good for you, Same o!d Love, hands to myself. 

  Ty dollar sign

  Tyron William Griffin Jr.  is his birth name.  He were born April 13, 1985. his birth place is south, Los Angeles, California, United States Of  America. his genres would be hip hop and R & b. He went active the year of 2006. He first gained major recognition 2010. In year 2010 his most known song were “Toot it and Boot it ” he wrote  and also produced that single. in year 2015 he were number 14 on the Billbord 200. he were best known for his single “paranoid ” and then right After that “Blase” “or nah” he is also a member of the production team DRUGS.  He than soon hit a top hit with fifth harmony ” Work from home” 

French Montana 

Karim Khorbouch  Aka French Montana was born  November 9, 1984 his origin is South Bronx, New York. French Montana genre would be hip hop . he was born in Morocco, then he immigrated to the united states of amaerica with his family when he were 13. Hes the founder of come boys records. When he was growing up he were a big fan of soccer. Rap and soccer were his two favorite activities in his childhood days. 

   French Montana top songs 

“Ain’t worried bout nothing”

“Bad bitch”

” off the rip”

“Dont panic”





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