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A Little Trip About Watching Serials On Line

One of the up sides is that you can watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it.   You can stop the show to answer the phone or use the bathroom.

The operative word is ‘Can’.

You must collect a number of free online sites.   Not one, but as many as you can.  There are a number of Free Online sites which don’t ask for name, register, and of course, pay.   You find them.

Whether it is, or, you find them, you keep a list of them.  Because it is as certain as sunrise that every so often, one will go down, or one of the sources of the programme will go down. is a great source.  It has been hacked in some places.  You click on to watch Scandal and are directed to some idiotic Hawaiian gag show.   You click on daclips and find that the film has been removed.  You click on others and get ads.

Sometimes you get fed up.   But no need to.   Go watch something else for the time being.

Keep a number of long running television programs, i.e. Merlin, NCIS, Elementary, Gray’s Anatomy, Blue Bloods, just to name a few.   Watch them one a day or so.   When you can’t get what you want now, watch one of the episodes instead.

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By the end or the next day, you’ll find the show you want to watch by doing a Search.

“Watch (Show) free on-line…”   or “Watch Season 6 of (Show) on-line free..”

You will be given a page of various sites, some you know, some you don’t, and go through.  You WILL find a site you can watch.

By having a ‘Bank’ of shows you intend to watch, along with shows you want to watch, there is no empty space when you feel frustrated.

The hacking of sites, the taking down of sites, are standards.   The owners of the programmes can stop a site in Russia or Croatia from showing the programme.  There are no laws preventing this.  What they do, on occasion is hack into the site and damage the programme so you can’t watch it.   However, these sites have backups.  Where also has also has

Each one of these has outside sources where you can view the episode.   When this one is hacked, that one is available.  Don’t give up.

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