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The Benefits of shampoo and washing your hair!

Did you know washing your too much can take affect on your hair texture and growth? Depending on how quick your hair gets oil depends on how often you wash your hair. For instance my my sister has mid- thick silky natural straight hair and me, myself has mid-thick natural curly hair. My sisters hair gets dirty And oily quick. She can wash her hair twice  week. Me on other hand takes longer for my hair to get oily and dirty. I can go two weeks before its even oily. But I wash my hair every 9 days. If I were to wash my hair twice a week like my sister it would be extremely dry and hard to manage. I would have to add extra oils in my hair myself to prevent the dry look. But these oils and hair product are not good for your hair, yeah it helps maintain. You’re hair but its not as good for your hair as your natural oils are. When I do have to add oils I. My hair though I use only olive oil or coconut oil. Because they have the ingredients of natural herbs and substance in them. Which leaves them not being g completely man made. Since I’m not washing my hair every two weeks I dont add any hair products I. My hair at all, I’m doing this to speed up my hair growth, it seemed as if it just weren’t growing at all. The purpose of shampoo is to clean and  remove all the dirt and build up. But the shampoo itself when cleaning your hair removes all your natural oils out hair needs. Shampoo usually co es in the form of liquid, now days you can get dry shampoo, its more like the texture of mousse. You add the shampoo to wet hair and massage scalp thoroughly. Most people follow behind shampoo with conditioner.this helps put back a little oil in your hair. If you notice while washing your hair , before you condition your hair feels a little dry. Shampoo is made of combining surfactant and sodium Laureth sulfate. Most often combined with water that has cocamidopropyl betaine in the water. You can also buy shampoo with extra products added in to restore color hair or help with dandruff. Its best to use shampoos with all natural plant oils added in.

The FDA mandates that shampoos has accurate listing on there bottles/ containers. FDA is known for Food and Drug administration. The shampoos companies has to make sure there are responsible ingredients for protection of uv block. many companies are now developing the color protection shampoos  that is suitable for hair. Now days many people suffer from skin rashes or eczema. Its safer for these people to use shampoo products that are gluten free. There’s also wheat fee shampoo as well. There’s companies had to produce products as less toxins as possible in case children swallow. There’s several different types of shampoo for different things. Solid, jelly, gel, paste, cream, and antibacterial.

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How ofthern do you wash your hair?

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