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Wrapping food in newspapers is unhealthy
March 16, 2017
Martial Law 1 (1)

Recently I have read in newspaper wrapping food items in newspaper is not good for health.

We all know that Indian street food has a huge fan following. And it is famouse all over the world.We can not imagine our lives without biting into chatpata golgappa, and chaats, and bhel puri, pakoras also,the list goes on. Since these treats are made on the streets without the sellers strict hygienic guidelines, the safety of the consumption is often debatable. And While some may argue that most Indians live on and love their street food, one can not completely rule out the consequences. It is not just the way the food is prepared that we need to worry about. It is also about how it is served.

wrapping food items in newspaper is bad for our health as ink used in the printing has multiple bioactive materials with known negative health effects and Wrapping food in newspapers is unhealthy practice and the consumption of such food is injurious to health, even if the food has been cooked hygienically.And thhe Food, Safety and Standard Authority said in an advisory.

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Printing inks may also contain the harmful colours, and pigments, binders, and additives, and preservatives. Besides chemical contaminants, and presence of pathogenic micro organisms in the used newspapers also poses potential risk to human health.We should think about health first.

Even paper cardboard boxes made of recycled paper may be contaminated with harmful chemicals like phthalate which can cause the digestive problems and also the lead to the severe toxicity.

All Older people, and teenagers, children also and people with compromised the vital organs and immune systems are at a greater risk of acquiring cancer related health complications, if they are exposed to food packed in such material.

Polythin bag was also banned in India.But still it is using by shopkeepers.Government is doing all these things for us.We should support them.

We can not imagine strolling through Park street in Kolkata without having the lip smacking ‘puchkas golgappe’ or walking through the crowded lanes of Mumbai without grabbing Vada Pav. When it comes to the street food, India is one of the proud nation where every state. Every city has its own specialty. And the Our wide varieties of scrumptious.
We should avoid this

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