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Why Sam can’t get a job

Sam is a professional.   He’s got a bag of degrees, diplomas and all sorts of on paper qualifications.   He has worked before and his resume’ is formidable.

Yet Sam can’t find a job.  Not a good job.

If we could drop twenty years off the calendar, Sam would have no problem grabbing cushy positions with great pay and benefits at top companies.

But, unfortunately for Sam, he is applying for jobs today.

The first thing most companies  do when considering hiring someone is to enter the name into a search engine.  And, of course, check that Facebook page.

And that is why Sammy can’t get a job.

If you go to Sammy’s Facebook page you’ll see a lot of images of him dancing with a woman who seems to charge by the hour.  The dancing they do  is one of those South America spread out dances, almost as nasty as what you’ll see at a dance hall in Jamaica.

This is not a romantic image, this is a nasty image.   The gal has her leg on Sam’s shoulder, or is lying on the floor at Sam’s feet.

Just looking at the image, unless you are hiring Sam to dance at a club or serve lunch, you don’t want him in your office.  Especially not a professional office.

The impression is simple,  if this is what Sam thinks is suitable to post on Facebook, if this is what Sam wants the world to know about him,  then he is not qualified to work in a professional office.

If he had images of playing chess, if he posted topical items,  and maybe one of these nasty dance things, well, he could be considered.   But image after image of this dancing, no.

So Sam applies, doesn’t receive the call back so makes his own call and is told that his application was declined. Does he know why?   No.   If he asks, he won’t be told; “We saw your Facebook page,” because if he doesn’t know what’s wrong, he can hold his note.


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    1. So be careful on what you are posting on Facebook. The world can see it!

    2. Dance is a skill, not reason to not getting job.
      I don’t get your point.
      That man posted nothing bad.

      • You see the photo at the top? Think worse. Think of more nasty poses. Then think if you want a man dancing like that to be your lawyer, your accountant, to manage your business.


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