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How to Become a Champ
November 16, 2018

To be a winner, yo achieve, reach heights some could only imagine. There are many competitions and yes not all will want to compete but there are techniques which can be utilized in order to be a winner and achieve more than expected. Firstly thinking positively is the best and most effective step. Thoughts certainly make the difference. Believe that there is greater. There is more than the eyes can see. “Champions are made there is mastery of skills and appropriate ways to adapt.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There has to be confidence the ability to think confidently. The skills obtained in order to remove defeat are easily obtained by thinking properly. The noise has to be removed in order to incur effectiveness. Pursue and be “determined “to reach the goals and levels in which is desired. Strategize. There are many strategies to fulfill become filled with greatness. Making headway can be achieved but there has to be discipline. Search for the greatness reach up high. Think!

Where will the highways lead? One won’t know until there is the decision to begin. Champions are born, they’re discovered, they’re trained to become. Learning occurs only if there is a desire to learn. Gaining in ways some could only dream of. They’re unaware because they’ve doubted their abilities. To be “made” is to be great. There are way too many People lacking “confidence”. perhaps fear has entered into their minds. There has to be the removal of fear. Every person will be afraid at some point but there are many ways to eliminate the fearfulness.

Become an excel there are some searching for perfection there is no need to be a perfectionist but to want to be more than before. Rising up to levels in which some have tired to reach. they’ll wonder how. Look into the most positive outlooks. There are many areas in which have been overlooked. “Keep the eyes where the eyes need to be.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Reach higher than a Major. Become a true leader the truest. Find what will help with being apart of the greatest of circles. Release the negatives.

Champs concentrate on their set goals. The experience is gained but patiently. There should be activeness. The champ knows how to defeat his or her opponent. Champions are fighters almost as if they’re wearing steel. Once the mind is trained to think positively then there will be more conquering occurring. “Achievements are the focus.” Remove the thoughts of defeat there is no room to “become” less there should be more room provided in order to become the best. The best is greater and knows how to achieve in ways some have imagined.

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There are some of the most aggressive champ builders. Perhaps there should be consideration towards when to begin the journey to b ea champ. Starting right now would be a great choice. There is time to grow and there should be more willing to be apart of growth. There are many faces to face. There are so many objectives to adhere to. There is progress whether to big or small. There is the desire to unify minds so that there can be further achievements. To obtain, gain, and to remain “whole.”

There is realness within the confident champions. They’ve obtained hopefulness and are believers in their craft. what is to be discovered will be. There is the ability to increase the line of thinking. The upmost confidence is and shall be. “There are winners in all sorts of areas some are hidden until the competition is set.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is more but there has to be the decision to get there. Movements need to occur in order to reach the desired levels. Almost as if the person or persons are going up an escalator. “Movements are to be obtained rather quickly or at a slower pace.


“Achieve More”

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Sometimes all There can be is a Blank Stare
October 28, 2017

Some folks only deserve to just receive the stare. That’s right! There should be no reason to become consumed with stress over folks issues. There are some who intentionally try to be difficult. Perhaps some are entertained by trying to ignore others. For the ones who are trying to accomplish greatness. There should be no time to engage with the antics. In fact we should at least make attempts to be happy. There is joy in knowing that there is importance when there are so many trying to attack “One.” When we’re climbing higher there will be so many who are displeased with rising.

In order to get through the antics one has to decide to keep the confidence and to continue going on. For so many they’ve stopped trying to be great because so many will have tried to push down. It’s helpful to believe that succeeding is the way to go. To become even more “successful” can help others become inspired. Yes, there will always be the hecklers hanging around trying to cause interruptions, don’t give in. Too many become discouraged because a lot will certainly be said. Some will attack again and again hoping that their efforts are working.

Don’t stop and do not become hopeless. The words which involve negativity are used in order to distract. The words are thrown out there in order to cause a cease. The ones who are motivated and full of determination will continue despite what is said and done. I’m too fulfilled to allow the persons who are on attack to cause a breakdown. Of course there will need to be some “strength” in order to deal with the antics, hecklers, and the naysayers. So many do not understand that no matter what occurs there will be so many who will achieve despite what so many try to hinder.

I’m still blessed and refuse to allow the flesh to cause a cease. There are so many ways to discover what is needed in order to be apart of “advancement.”  I’ve heard so many claim how they’ve felt despaired because of what so many have done. Of course it’s quite difficult when so many are trying to cause havoc but there is no reason to believe that the journey should end. Don’t stop performing because of what’s said. Not all will be pleased about what occurs.

So many have faced a lot of adversity at one time. There will be times when the fatigue sets in. No matter how the arrows are projected. I’m still here to fulfill “my purpose.” Some days are filled with thoughts of how far I’ve come. There is still a lot to accomplish but as long as I’m here. There will be efforts to make it from here to there. So many are focused on what a person should do and not what they’ve been chosen to do. There will be times when disconnecting will need to occur. There simply are some who shouldn’t even receive a pass to come along.

The ones who try to sabotage should be removed from the circle and from the journey. There is no need to allow the individuals to continue to try to slow the process down. We’re in positions to conquer and some choose not to do so. The ones who are so determined to become whatever it is they’re trying to become are the ones who will succeed further. Do not even listen to the negatives. There are so many ways to stay positive although doing so may not always be easy. Feel the blessings and embrace what is in stored. “Still smiling because I (Tanikka Paulk) know what God can do.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Built to Conquer and Rise

Even if the whole world turns their back. There is self. The importance of self motivation in troubling times. Adversity will occur and there will be times when we feel so drained due to having to face so many challenges at one time. There will be times when the resistance will appear to be more than we’ve bargained for. No matter how difficult times are we’re are built to conquer. “Having the right mindset is important.” No not a defeated attitude.

If there’s a fall then there is a way to rise above. To believe that there’s are more than one way to get through the many challenges is quite helpful. Some may not like being challenged and to be frank some go way too far when challenging others. There’s no amount of challenges which are too much and yes may appear that way. Some become discouraged when they’ve fallen. Not knowing if they’ll be able to redo. There’s many possibilities.

We’re built strong and sometimes some want to see just how strong others are. May do some of the most ridiculous things to do so. There will be many battles. Some days feel as if we’re in the middle of war. Some days may feel as if there is little “progress.” No day is a wasted day. The key is to keep going even when there are many storms arriving. The storms will pass eventually. Gets easier and although some processes seem awfully challenging. There’s still ways to get through each challenge.

Just looking back on some of the situation in which we’d had to overcome seem like a miracle. When going through sometimes it’s hard to imagine coming out of the holes we’re in. There will be a lot of proving. Proving who we are, proving how much we’re able to withstand, proving that we’re capable. We’re all capable but some choose to not even try due to so much adversity. Not all want to face critics and be heckled at.

Of course going through such challenges can be frustrating at times. Some may not want to let up. A lot of the challenges may arise because some are too competitive. Not wanting to allow their competition to move ahead. Through determination any person who attempts to complete goals or has a “vision” can rise up. The obstacles are a given. There will be roadblocks.

Some may not have any hope in what’s being done but as long as there’s self confidence then there’s hope. The days may seem long and there will be some long nights. There will be times when it may seem difficult to get out of bed. Not wanting to deal with all of the chaos which can arise and probably will. When others are observing a rise there will be some who aren’t pleased with the “elevation.”

The pulling down will occur. That’s the reason why so many refuse to even start, Afraid of having to deal with critics and cynics. If there’s a desire to get anywhere at all then there has to be some “effort made.” There will be times when it appears as if a standstill has occurred and in some cases standstills will occur. Some unfairness will occur. Not everyone will know how to deal with others trying to elevate.

Through it all there is light. There will be bright days and of course there will days when it’s pouring. Anyone who has a vision will find that there will be many challenges along the way. Some will try to tear apart the vision and some will try to claim the vision. Unfortunately that so many feel the need to try and hold others back. For some, they’re just trying to see how determined a person is, and others they’re just trying to be difficult. No matter how difficult others become. “Rise up anyway.”

“Challenged Maybe? Able to Conquer? Yes Indeed.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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Continued Unfair Treatment Until Needed
February 11, 2017

When some feel as if they don’t need certain individuals they’ll treat the individuals like yesterday’s garbage. That’s how it is with certain groups. “Believing” there’s so many avenues until there’s only one left. Whatever shall we do? Don’t know. Some will always be treated unfairly could be because of their ethnic background or because some are just cruel. The best thing to do in such cases is to continue moving forward. When others try to make life more difficult for others. They’re actually doing an injustice to themselves.

“Break the Chain and Continue to Reach new Heights.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Just may find themselves in a fix. The reason why so many try to knock others down is envy. Not wanting to see the other one rise. They’ll try but at the end of the day. It’s up to the person or persons trying to excel and God. No person should give up just because others are trying to make things difficult. In fact that’s when one should go harder. Some may not realize when we’re doing wrong to others. The tables will turn.

Some will surpass whatever is placed in their path and others probably would give up. Adversity is a given. There’s no way of getting around the adversity but it’s so unfortunate when others work harder to try and cause difficulties for another when the energy could have been used to “elevate in some way.” Well, that’s how life can go sometimes, some go through the toughest of storms.

We’ll come in contact with the most difficult people. Finding the best ways to deal with their antics is important. If not then progress won’t occur. No amount of resistance should prevent a person or persons from getting ahead. There’s always away. There’s more than one solution. “Being persistent and remaining confident is key”. Not believing what naysayers and critics have to say.

No vision or dream should go unnoticed. Although it may be awfully difficult. Do so anyway. Trials are apart of life. The more we go through. The stronger we’ll become. It’s up to each individuals whether to stop or refuse to stop. Even when it appears as if the process is slow like a snail. Move on anyway. Breakthroughs will be near. One may never know if they’re considering giving up.

Some will continue to take jab at others in hopes they’ll give up. Perhaps some may want to retrieve the position another holds are claim the work another has created. Whatever the reasons are, never lose hope, never believe receiving better isn’t deserved. Some push on even when it appears as if there’s no “movement.” When others claim a person is going nowhere. There’s already something worked out for the individual and individuals.

Trying to cause problems for another doesn’t mean the tactics will work. It’s up to the person whether to “proceed” or not. We’re all equipped to handle complexities in life. To get pass the hate and the nuisances. Of course we’ll be challenged in some way. Imagine if what others to do another was projected back. How would the individuals deal? Some probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate what’s dished out.

Remain strong. No matter what heads a person’s way. There is a reason to proceed. No amount of adversity should cause one to just give up. Taking some breaks is necessary. Move on and continue to make strides. There will be days when it appears as if the problematic events will never fade. The problems will go away. The situation and situations will get better. There’s the conquering. “So Conquer.”

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