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Steven Smith, from a leg spinner to one of world’s best batsman.
October 27, 2017
The Game of Cricket and its various formsImage Credit: Pixabay.com

Seeing the rise of steven smith is mind boggling. He is today one of the best batsmans in the world alongside Joe Root and Virat Kohli. But if you see where he started, nobody would have imagined the place he now occupies. If you see Virat and Root, both were considered as the future’s best batsman and skipper when they were in teens. The pundits had claimed that these two batsman would go on to become world’s best and that certainly happened. But no pundit ever said that Steven Smith would go on to become one of the world’s best and the Australian Captain. When he made his debut for australia, he was in the team mainly for his bowling and his batting was equivalent of a tail ender. He failed to make a mark as a spinner and batting was a disaster. And considering how Australian’s bench and competition is so strong, steven smith was immediately dropped from the team. He went back and literally transformed himself from a spinner to a specialist batsman. Clearly taking that kind of decision at such a crucial point of his career was a turning point but also a risky one. But it clearly paid dividends, he started performing exceedingly well in domestic tournaments and soon was drafted into the team. Rest as we say is history. From then on, he became a lynchpin of the team more often bailing the team out just like our own virat used to do. Michael Clarke being the captain of the team when smith debuted, slowly lost his status of the number 1 batsman of Australian team to smith. Does not matter which format it was, smith clearly ruled the roost. With a unconventional batting stance that is considered a risky one, he ruled over bowlers with utmost ease. I hate to say this, it was steven smith who took the game away from us in the Semi Final of World Cup. Who knows, if he was not there indian team would have as well bundled them out. Despite warner’s early dismissal and slowing down of run rate thereafter, smith counter attacked and took on our bowlers who were until then in a red hot form.The counter attack literally finished our hopes. After the world cup, clarke stepped down and smith who was about 2 years ago not even considered in team’s bench was appointed as the Captain of Australian team. Just remarkable the way he has scaled heights.Surely a inspiration for any upcoming cricketer.

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