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Mayourkun, the latest ‘bobo’ bursting Nigerian music charts
April 13, 2018

DMW act, Mayourkun has been making headlines ever since he released his single ‘Eleko’. Since then, he has enjoyed a steady rise with a string of hits. His currents songs, ‘Che Che’, ‘Bobo’, and collaborations are also on heavy rotation across the continent, thus making him highly sought after. His debut concert, ‘Mayor of Lagos’ last December, in Lagos earned his superstar status as many of his fans thronged the event to show him love. Friday Treat, brings you more information about the fast rising star of Nigerian music.

Real names Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, Mayorkun  was born in Osun State, Nigeria. Mayorkun’s mother is a popular Nigerian actress, Toyin Adewale. His background is quite artistic, as his uncle also belongs to the noble circles of Nigerian celebrities; he is also a musical artiste. It is said that his father supported his decision to quit his banking interests to turn to music, but his mother was strongly against such measures, she thought that banking was his calling. Everything changed when his mother found out about Davido’s invitation to join Davido Music Worldwide Music label. After this, it is reported that she agreed that he try to find himself in the entertainment sphere

His first track was released in 2013, together with his friends from GBO. After publishing one of his songs on the internet, he was asked by Davido to join his record label, DMW. Mayorkun’s songs are very popular. His song ‘Eleko’ became the top song in all the music charts in just 10 days.

I can make my millions through gospel music —Little Lizzy

How did you discover your passion for music?

I believe this is my primary call by God, because this is what I love doing from my tender age. My parents even told me that they noticed that I would have passion for music. I started singing at age 5 and I released my first album at six. So, I have passion for music to the extent that I cannot do without it. I see it as my hobby. On the other hand, I would say that I inherited it from my mum, because she used to be a singer.

How has it been since you started singing?

It has been wonderful through the help of God. The experience has been smooth and I am also impressed with the acceptability in the gospel music industry so far. I derive great joy using my talent to praise as well as winning souls for Christ. I am comfortable in the field of music and God has been faithful to me since it all started. The fact that I am not into pop music doesn’t mean that I cannot make my millions through music. Gospel musicians are also being blessed and I am confident that I will also be blessed at God’s time through gospel music. At present, I am paying my dues, contented and focused in lifting souls to God with my talent.

How did you manage to carve a niche for yourself in the industry so soon?

I have been able to create my brand and set a new standard in the game through hard work and above all the, grace of God. Though I may be seen as little, but the person in me is mightier. This is why I have nothing to fear about or worried about carving a niche for myself in the industry. I thank God for the grace to be a true gospel musician. The fruit that the music bears is gospel and the seed that produces the fruit must also be gospel.

How many songs do you have to your credit right now?

I have five works: I released, Lizzy’s Nursery Rhymes at age six; Victory Dance when I was eight. I released Victory Dance video when I was nine. I did London Praises, which consist of my live performances in London at age 11 and my recently released album entitled: Davidic Dance. All these works are significant to me and that is why they are tied to my age as I grow up. Putting my age to my albums is also a way to encourage other children.

It is a known fact that you still have a long way to go in the industry. How are you prepared for the task ahead?

I am very prepared. Ordinarily, I am in the game already and I have been able to gather some experience even as a teen age. I am not in the industry to compete with anyone, but to fulfill a mandate. I don’t think I can be overwhelmed  by any challenge. At present, I am facing some financial challenge. It is a major challenge any musician, especially the up-and-coming ones can face, but I trust God will have His way.


Who are your role models?

First, my mum, then my Mama Bola Are, Evangelist Tope Alabi, and Frank Edwards, to mention a few. I have had the privilege and honour to share stages with virtually all of them and I have been able to learn a lot of things from them. However, I still want to gain more experience from these great gospel ministers.


How have you been able to combine your academics with music seeminglessly?

They are not actually affecting each other. My parents, who are also educationists, have been wonderful in this aspect, because they value education very well. They have been very supportive and ensure that there is no clash. They have helped to achieve a balance. I want to thank them for nurturing my career since they discovered the gift of music in me right from a tender age. I have really enjoyed their support since I took to music professionally. I have been privileged to take my music beyond the shores of the country; my international engagements are during summer holidays and I toured the United Kingdom annually in the last five years. I have cancelled a lot of engagements that fell during the week, because I do not want to do anything that would clash with my academics.  At present, I am in SS2; Science class, because I have passion for Physics and Chemistry. I would love to become a Chemical Engineer. I believe with the help of God I will have a headway in both fields.


Where would you like to see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself in that high place I desire, a high place where the spirit of God would be flowing and people would genuinely be led by the spirit of God through my music. I also want to become a household name across the world.


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