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Content Locker to Monetize Your Blog Instead of Ads
April 24, 2017

I am thinking about this for some time now. I have plenty of ideas to monetize but not all of them are coming to the fruition. And this makes you wonder what can be done in such case to keep thee revenue going. I think ads are something that many people want to avoid. But they don’t want to tell you about what you like and dislike. You have to just understand the fact that not everyone can block using the readers who are running adblock. Most of the web requires some sort of a way to make money. As they are running ads on their blog, they will understand how hard it is to make money when adblocker is on. So let’s take a look at some of the alternative ways one can use for monetizing the blog.

Content Lock

Many people who want to make money are locking their content. So they ask users to either pay or use some ways to help them recover the effort. There are some who make you complete the survey. Some type of content lock make you complete the registration. Some even make you buy stuff. So you can see you have to give something for that lock to open. Otherwise there is no way it can let anyone have access to the lock. And that is in itself makes content lock a good option for people to make money. I have seen a lot of blogs going in that direction. And usually it does work out if the content is good enough.


Getting people past the content lock is not an easy task. You have to find desperate people who can do just that. Finding traffic that can fill out the forms is the hardest task. And more people spending time on such leads is even harder. I wish to find an option just for that. I havee tried content locker such as leadbolt and all. But with time, such content is harder to block and also it’s going to be not so easy to bypass them. So lead generation is going to be one of the hardest part about the content locking. And you need to surely work on some of such aspects in order to generate traffic and respectively make money.


I think content locking definitely has some future. With more and more people use the adblockers, it’s safe to say that there are going to bee paywall for content creators. I think apart from the regular passive income, you have to consider the possibility for the people. I am also sure that going through content locking is the only way people are going to pay for the stuff. So one has to consider the possibility and then decide themselves what can be done in such condition. I am sure with time there are other ways to monetize your hobbies. But for now,it seems the content locking is the way to go.

What are your observtion about monetizing? And what you think is a good idea? Share in comments.

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My Hosting Experience with BlueHost
April 24, 2017

During the off hours I work as a freelancer and work on WordPress projects. I work on many clients hosting projects. I try to design and upgrade and do the other development modifications. I have managed to do a lot of editing with the WordPress. And for this I am using many cpanel hosts with the clients. Bluehost is one such host that I have a lot of experience with while working with clients. 2 out of 10 clients have it as host. And so my experience everyday is increasing. I wish to add few of my observation on the hosting part. I want to explain why I am not suggesting this host to many of my clients.

EIG Takeover

Ever since bluehost has been taken over by the EIG, their servers are acting funny. And they are not much worth going towards. Most of their hosting are from single data center. And they have the backend of the Indian call centers. You can see that their customer service time is also increased. The amount of time it takes for the arvixe and the bluehost is also high. Almost every hosting company which is owned by them has now the service given through Indian call center. And this way they have made a lot of mistakes. I wish that in future they avoid such things and treat customer with some seriousness.

Data Center

The moment the hosting companies are taken over by the EIG, the data centers were united. Your bluehost server is in same location to that of hostgator. Also all brands are pretty much serviced the same way. And bluehost has more data center issues. I have found that they may offer some value to the affiliates to get more sales. But it’s just not worth going forward with. I don’t promote those affiliate links on the blogs anymore. I am going to recommend linode and few other hosting sites. The reason being data center costs are high and the EIG is going to reduce that so surely that has to come from mediocre services.

Pricing & Tech

I think in terms of technical side there are lot of issues. But the pricing is good. You can find like most of their brands, this brand too have good pricing on hosting packages. You may find that in between the hostgator and bluehost you have a good pricing there. You get the cpanel hosting. You can also have your own control panel on backend, if you are on VPS and managed hosting. You may find that bluehost has good support on the SSL side. You can see that pricing and tech wise there are not many issues and the site is doing good so far from what I have learned about it. I’d say for anyone with one pager website, this can be a good option. There is not much of loss for one pager website.

I think in due time you can see that there are some of the options which may be good for going to get your website hosted. Like say hawkhost is another alternative worth checking out.

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Cooking Skills Always Come in Handy
April 24, 2017

I think many of us should learn how to cook. The reason being that we can get into situation where such skills may affect us the most. You can find that cooking skills require a lot of efforts to learn. But once learned you are less likely to have empty stomach. And this skill can also help you in time when you have money issues. And you can also learn how to make use of the leftover food. This sort of experience always pays off to many of us. And though it does help to that much extent, we don’t really pay attention to such skills. In this article, I want to review how the cooking skills have helped me in the past. And learning them can be helpful to you too.

Leftover Food

The biggest waste in our house is what we have kept leftover from yesterday. So we should consider avoiding having the leftover. You can see that in such case, such leftover food may be reused. And we have to take the recycling type mindset here. For example yesterday’s noodles and rice can be cooked again and you can eat safely. Just make sure after 3 days no food remains. So you have to use the leftover food in time. You have to make sure that you care about health as much as wasting the food. So make sure to only reuse the food which can be easily reecooked if possible.


I think if you depend on others for any form of skill, then you are going to have issues. Be it cooking or anything. You have to understand that staying independent with your own skill is definitely going to help your survival. You can make yourself lot stronger this way. Your cooking skills can make yoou avoid hiring someone. And this may also help your salary or the savings. So try to make sure you learn atleast the basics to keep yourself going. I think many people learn such cooking skills which come in handy. And that being said, being independent with such skills is a need in modern times.

Learning to Cook

I think skills such as that can be learned from youtube. I know many people who learn to do things through the youtube videos. And they have made some good progress. Skill such as that can be useful for many. Cooking can be learned by watching others cook too. I have seen many people doing that and making better recipes. So it all comes down to what you choose for learning. And in due time such skills do pay off eventually. My personal experience is learning from videos and there are many people who can do the same. But only thing that may require some change is your ability to adapt to the change and learn what to cook at what time.

As you can see cooking has helped me in many ways. And this skill surely has turned into requirement for many. For starters I suggest subscribing to the youtube channels which can show you some good tips on how to cook. There are many such as that and lot to learn from those set of videos.

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Reading Inspiraional Content is very Helpful

When you are under depression or somee sort of anxiety, you can find that people reading inspirational can be a good option. The reason being when others show you the way of coming out of depression through working on small things, it can be really helpful. I have read inspirational content of steve pavlina, rhonda byrne and many others. I have found that a lot of reading in that direction is always not necessary. But doing that definitely helps you understand what needs to be done and what else you can do for the better focus towards the life. I think there is a lot of things that can be learned with changing society and circumstances.

Self Help

I think a lot of inspirational content often have repeated theme. And you may find that there is another angle towards the things that can make you avoid reading it all the time. You can find some people are preachy into the content of inspirational content. Like they often recommend you to follow one method for doing things. And that may not work for you. So in that case you have to try another approach. You should consider reading other reading material instead of the preachy. You can also try audio books and the video content. I think video has worked for many people and that’s definitely good option.


Another thing about inspiration is that you have to avoid being purposeful into it. You have to push yourself harder to do things. You can’t expect to get things done. And you have to push yourself on many counts. You can see that you can get inspired but you have to do something after that. Because unless you do something there is not much you can gain out of it. Some of the times you have to calibrate your life to adjust with the inspiration. After that what remains most is the efforts where you have to take action. The lack of action part is where you are going to see changes in your life. That is how inspiration needs to be converted into action.


What good is self help if you don’t take action? You want to lose the weight then you have to take actions. You have to work harder on the efforts there. I think gary varynerchuk also inspires people for taking action. So you can guess the more effort we take the more comfortable we get with the life. And another part with this is that action requires some focus. So the focus building is always maintained in this process. You can see that inspiring yourselves takes time and you have to take efforts. And every action you take towards this is going to build your life. So keep working on your skills. Make sure you don’t fall pray to negativity. And you build small skills into something tangible. So that is going to help you get ahead with most of your efforts along the way.

Again this is just my journey towards the self help and a lot of things to be learned in the process. That’s what I have learned so far from this experience with self help content.

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Microsoft Launching Cloud to Compete with Chromebooks
April 23, 2017

I think Microsoft’s OS sales have gone down ever since the chromebooks are out. I think many people who wanted to use the chrome OS for the regular work, this has surely reeduced the use of the Windows. And this is something that is not in favor of Microsoft. This was one reson many of the Windows users were upgraded for free after some time. That being said, it can be bad to see how the Microsoft is forcefully launching the Cloud campaign. It’s not going to be a new OS. But it is going to be somee addon to peoeple who want to have faster upgraded boot for the laptop. And they also have better plans for the laptop in order to compete with the chromebook. So in this article, I want to discuss how the cloud OS is going to be around chromebook to generate more sales.

Faster Boot

I think this is one of the benefit of the new Microsoft Cloud. They want to make the system boot fast enough so that they can do it lot quicker compared to the chrome. Also the amount of time it takes for the hibernate and also the sign in is going to be improved. They want to make all of this under 15 seconds. And that is something impressive. I think the amount of effort taken by the microsoft on this point are definitely worth noticing. And Microsoft should consider those efforts carefully. If they can deliver such product then that would surely be a good option for many to adopt.

Education Sector

The biggest benefactors of this projects are the education sector. They want to make changes to the current education landscape. And they want to retain people on the WIndows platform. This way they are trying to keeep people out of Android and other open source operating system. This means in due time there are going to be some changes with the way microsoft approaches the cloud project and the laptop. I am not sure how the people are planning their laptop project initiative. But considering how the chromebooks are going for, it’s worth noting that cloud may be sold for cheap price for educational sector.


I think another war that is going on in between the two companies is the price. I am not sure how microsoft wishes to handle that. Because pricing is not something they can compete with google. As they have managed to reduce their cost with open source software. And with due time, there are some things that can be easily done with the chromebooks which may not be easy with the Windows 10. But this new SKU is priced low for the chromebook version type laptop. You can find a lot of debatee on the prices there. In due time there are going to be some price changes that may affect the price for many.

Lot of exciting things are coming our way. And with Microsoft if dropped the price, that may surely help as well. I am looking forward to that development. Hope we get to see the development.

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Free Office Based Software Suite on Windows
April 23, 2017

Most of us are using the Microsoft office on desktop. This is the case on both office and home computers. And for this reason, there are plenty of options out there for you. There are some of the office based suite which can be used on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. At first there was one project named open office. But later on with lack of contribution, you’d find that project eventually got axed by the Sun microsystems. It was one of the good project which had some decent contributions. Also it had some nice set of uses for the office suite. I think the calc app from the office suite has helped the people to have office usage applications free of cost.


This application set is based on the Libredocs. But they have developed their own version of the office suite. And they have nice set of features too. It has lot of improvements which are not part of thee libredocs. And the amount of efforts taken by team can show you where it stands. I have found that collabora has been in use for many ways. And it seems to be shipping with many other small distros due to it’s small size. And this can have some potential to replace th typical google docs and the office suite. I think it being free and also offering good features makes anyone wants to use it.


This is currently the best option one has for the free office suite. The documentation foundation for the documentation standard makes use of this application. And people are spreading these set of file format for the better readability. So that being said, let’s just say if we choose to use this then there is no money to be paid. And also you can make some decent money out of this if you teach such apps. I have found that it is replacing some of the schools with the free software. Not many of the shcools want to use the paid software. And that is the reason i guess Libredocs is in demand.

Google Docs

Don’t expect this to be desktop friendly. But the package is designed to be online use alone. And there are features which can be really useful. Some of the features like ability to use docs and spreadsheet and share it online. That can be one good way to manage the documents. Also it comes with google drive. And this makes use of the storage feature of the site. You can see that it is free upto 15 GB but after that you have to other features.


They seem to have both spreadsheet and the document processor. And they seem to be doing a lot of things good. They have it released free of cost. Though not a lot of good features. But some of the good features that you can use with them. You can use the abiword for many things. It can then later export the format of your choice. Like say excel and few other formats. It can work just fine with those formats. I have found that some of the formats for documents which are open source are possible to use with the abiword. I am guessing that abiword can make some good money out of this if they get crowdfunding.

These are some of the apps that you can use on desktop and web, if you don’t want to pay for microsoft office.

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Monetizing Your Blog When Readers use Adblockers
April 23, 2017

I think one of the issue many blogs are facing lately is the adblockers. I am sure a lot of people are going to have some issues with the monetization of the blog. You can see that adblocker softwares are basically stealing the money from webmasters. And they are making it harder for many to make revenue online. I am sure with time, it’d be surely worth checking out if you are trying to monetize the blog in such situation. So let’s take a look at some of your options that you can use for monetizing the blog. Do note that people using adblockers for many reasons. So instead of going through that argument. Just take a look at what you can do to make money.


I think instead of giving free content to the people on YouTube, you should have an adblocker. You can make some decent money if people buy the courses from you. Most of the courses that I see online are from the genuine people who want others to learn some things. And that can be done by posting regular content on the website or blog. Just make sure you add the content behind the blog. You should take up the course which teaches others how to learn some stuff.

Sponsored Post

I think this is another most popular way to make money through blogging. The reason it is more useful is because this sort of sponsored posting can be helpful with many small things. You can see that it can help make some quick bucks. You get some publicity by thee brand too. And another thing is that if they allow the affiliate linking then that can make you some money too. So ovrall a good time investment for you to make money with sponsored post or listing. I think for me it made some random money if not regular and it has worked out on so many ways for the website. I also got some traffic with it as well.


It is really hard to make money by relying on the donations. Because people don’t tend to help others with that. Most of them just spend the money on other things instead of helping others. So that’s one thing I learned by keeping the donation option out. You may find that donations are not the way to make money. But you can keep it as an option because there are some good souls out there. And they may make it easy for you to make money. I have found that some people who are using the patreon are more successful with that option for now.

Premium Content

I think membership based projects can make some good money. You can find that they can seriously earn you good money too. You can put on monthly or yearly pricing for the premium content. There are times when the premium content can be helpful in such context. You can see that people who trying to build such type of income are going to make recurring money. So that’s something I’d recommend if you are into serious consideration for this skill.

So these are some of my suggestion for making money. Though not all of them beat ads as of yet.

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Plotinus Command Palette for Linux Operating System
April 23, 2017

I think many of us know the famous sherlock command palette on Macintosh. It is one of the best command palette that helps you find files and settings. Some of the apps also integrate with the sherlock. And this makes it easy to do some settings. So for this reason finding the options of menu can be easy. You may also find that it can help you save your options with the mouse. And with this many times you can save a lot of time. So consider using plotinus on your Linux operating system. I have tried this little feature on the KDE and for me it works just fine. And I am hoping that this feature may work with other linux based OS and the distros without much modification on the part. So in this article I want to discuss how the plotinus works and what can be done about it.

Human User Display

This concept was first started on linux by ubuntu team. They added HUD into their ubuntu unity. And the systems was going on just fine with it. I am not saying it was the best feature but at that time it was not offered by any other linux distro. Also gnome and KDE did nothing new. I mean Unity scopes accessible from the HUD and other features too. That being said, it can be really good and worth checking for the same. I think features such as this are worth checking out. But not a lot of poeple get into the development of such operating system stuff. Mostly they worry about the over the top stuff. And that makes you about things that don’t matter.


I think unity and the HUD was a good combo. And you had to do a lot of things for the HUD to work properly. I have found that HUD works just fine with the unity. I have found that unity desktop is a good option but it was discontinued. So you have an option to use Yunity. In future there will be more desktops like these and they may add the HUD. That being said, in case if any distro wishes to upstream this to the gnome or KDE desktop then that is also possible. I have seen this happening with many small desktops too. It can be not so easy but it is definitely possible for some type of desktops if there are active maintainers out there.


It’s easy to install plotinus. Most of the repositories are out there with version of deb and RPM. You can also install from source if you want. You can then just use the keyboard combination out there. For example do the Ctrl + Shift + P after installing plotinus. And then it will take your command. You can type in name of the applications. This way you can slowly make the commands to open certain apps. And then you can also make them have save the settings or do some file exports. That is something may work for many users. You have to use it regularly in order to understand the better control of the program.

That being said, try using this and in time you;ll understand how to use this effectively in due time.

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How to Run Android Apps on Windows
April 23, 2017

I think Android has gained enough popularity that many people want to play those games on Windows. But a lot of people can’t do that anymore. In fact using the Android phone in tablet mode is the current only good option. Because by using the native apps on the device that has dedicated Android OS. It can be good enough for you to run the apps and then decide what you can do with it. I am thinking about using the Android for many reasons. However do note that there are some of other ways to use the Android apps on the Windows. And you can easily run the apps in such way that you may just have to run the installer and let it use. This may not be exactly effective, so you may have to use the device instead.


I think bluestack app is usable on Windows, Mac and other operating system. You can then run the apps on those operating system. You can then install the app inside the bluestacks. Go to official bluestacks website. Here you can find the installer. I am using Windows 7. So there is one version for the Windows. You can install it and run the installer. Once done, it will ask you to run through the wizard steps. And then you can easily install the apps. But before that you may find that it may ask you to setup Google play store email. And this is possible by connecting it with your gmail account.


I think ads are the reason this project is working fine. You can see that ads if run properly can make them money and this will keep the project floated. Here you may not run the adblocker. So that’s one thing that may upset some users. As they want free product. But keeping all those issues aside, I think you should consider having the Android apps properly installed on the platform. I personally find the bluestacks very useful. You should consider using this on Windows if you want to run Android apps on Windows.

That being said, for now only way to run the Andorid apps is through bluestack so until we get other option, you may also want to use Virtualbox or VMWare.

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Why I am investing into Mutual Funds
April 22, 2017

I have found that investing money into gold does not give much gains anymore. In fact a lot of value of gold is going down over the years. And that’s something not worth considering if you are buying them for any future security. I have also checked the mutual funds option for the same reason. I think out of all the options out there this seems to be the only option that I am finding it worth using. I have also tried the real estate sector and for me that has worked good so far as well. I am not sure how many other available earning options are out there, but something tells me that in future the mutual funds are going to be good enough for most of the part. So I want to explain you why I am considering the mutual fund for the investment and why you should to if you are thinking long term.


The biggest issue with the bonds, gold and deposits is that it does not stand with the inflation. You may find that some of the time inflation makes the returns harder. And bank too have issues with the money of the users. You can find that these days banks are charging some charges on almost everything. So you need good assets to make money. And you have to pay attention to what you are holding during this inflation period. You can find that it stands for longer if there are not many active jobs there. And so you should consider inflation as one point where you need assets that stands against it.

Percentage of Return

When the market is bad, you may find that percentage of return makes a lot of difference. Percentage of returns makes sense because as you age, you have to invest more for the retirement. And that’s something you can’t consider. You have to make sure that percentage of return is something you have to think twice with. You have to consider how much you are getting through debt and how much through equity. This way you can decide how much percentage of returns you can get for your assets. I think that’s where most of us are going to be thinking for the set of investment options.


Another thing that you may want to think here is the risk. You can see that equity has a lot of risk. And when you are investing into the equity funds, you are asking for that risk. So this all adds up and you should consider reducing such risk. And with mutual funds that risk can be reduced to a lot extent. I am not sure how much such risk can make changes most of the time. You have to consider some of the time risk is not an easy for many of us. We should be considering risk and then take action. In real life most of the issues of inflation are not easy to avoid. I’d be however thinking in that set of direction if I were to reduce risk.

That being said, I am going to do more research on the mutual funds. And may select the funds which are good for my investment option.

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