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Why Windows Users Should Use KDE based Linux

Windows users are stuck with same old windows for years. There are not many changes with the Windows these years. In fact wiht each year, Windows is more locked down. You can see that Windows is perfect OS for many reasons. But it is paid. Also the support for the Windows cost some money. For that reason, you should consider using Linux. And in linux there are plenty of variety of desktop that you can use. IN case of Windows, however you have only one option for setting up a desktop. So consider using the Gnome and think about moving your effort towards better linux distro. In this article, I want to share you some of the reasons why Windows users are better off KDE distribution. And what you can do in order to manage the KDE desktop.

KDE Plasma

The plasma Desktop is one of the best thing that happened to KDE. It has now separate KDE applications and the desktop. With desktop you can do almost every single change possible out there. And with desktop being easily tweakable, you can see that it is one of the good desktop worth checking out. And with Windows knowledge you can use this desktop very easily. You don’t need more efforts to learn much about this desktop. Just download the distro and use it. But it may need some understanding for where things are and what you can do about that as well as time goes on.

Easy to Use

I think one more thing many people fail to understand is that it is one of the easy to use software. And people need a lot of such software in the market. You can find that like Windows even thee KDE is very easy to use. And if you spend enough money on it then surely you can expect windows to work. But often that does not work like that. And you have to put on some effort. such is not thee case with the KDE. And for the same reason I think it’s better to spend some time learning free software and if it does not work theen you dont have much to complain there as well and you can go ahead.


Windows is not free. Period. You just have to buy the license and theen use it for specific time peeriod. And after that another Windows release comes in. Like this things go on and on. And people just don’t understand what else they can do in such case. You can find that KDE is free to download and use. You don’t havee to pay for it ever. Just have to burn the eimage and then install with some linux distro. I think many linux users are trying that formula and for them this is working for sure. I think softwaree free such as this has more potential than any other free and open source software.

As you can see that desktop manager is going to be very easy in future. And consideering it is free it definitely worth using if you are serious about spending some money.

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Which Linux OS Flavor Is Best for You?

Let’s admit there are more options for linux distro than there are for underwear. I am not kidding, Linux distros are around 200 or more so. With more languages, it has almost language version coming out for each release. I think OS flavor is something we all need to understand as far as the usage is concerned. Almost every flavor out there has it’s own reasons to be out. Some of the versions of the OS which does not have decent features are not working with many people. And so if there are not many people using it, eventually such flavors are going down. So I think it’d be fun to discuss those type of linux flavors. In this article, I want to discuss some of the good flavors of the linux which you can try on and see if that works for you. I am going to list some of my favorites.


This distro is one of the popular. And it has managed to reach a lot of users over the period of years. And many people blindly trust ubuntu brand now. So this can be surely one good distro to download and distribute. I wish to use this distro and check out if it can apply in this case. I suggest using ubuntu if you are new to linux. I don’t think other linux flavors are any good. But I think if one invests good amount of timee to tweak the Ubuntu as per their usage, it would require no effort of any kind. It can be fun to seee how ubuntu goes from here onwards with the gnome setup in future.


This is another operating system distro which can be good to check out. It has plenty of active users. In fact it is being picked by many operating systems in the enterprise world. That’s one reason you can see how the OS can get popular. I have used the Suse plenty of times. In fact even NASA users prefer this linux distro. So you can get the idea that it has some wider reach. And with enough effort we can learn it lot quicker too. I think Suse is one good OS to start using the linux. And learning curve is not that easy. You have to understand that there are times when the Suse can be of good use.


It’s another linux distro that I often use. And with enough use of the OS, However there is onee more twist to this desktop. This is 100% free desktop. And there are no paid codecs and no paid work being done to port things. For example in ubuntu you have some paid codecs which you can’t find in trisqueel. Also there is no flash in trisquel too. Software has to bee 100% free to be usable on trisquel. So this process can be fun to use and reuse. I don’t think there is any other desktop that one can use with this flavor of linux. I just think that trisquel has lot better chance to be usable there as well.

These three are good flavors to be used. So do give this one a shot and see where you can find it much more usable.

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Learning the Skill of Writing Image to USB with Etcher

When it comes to writing the OS images to USB, it can be tricky stuff. By default Windows does not offer you this feature. Also some of thee linux distro don’t have this feature installed by default. In case of Mac you won’t b finding this option either. But what if you want to find out if you can write the image to the USB or the DVD? I think in such case you can make use of the apps out there which are meant to be doing that. I have found that Ether is one such tool that can let you do that. It is designed to work on multiple operating system. Also it has a nice set of interface which makes doing this task painless. Anyone who knows how to use computer can do this. In this article, I want to show you how to do this just with the use of the software.

Download the software from thee official website where you can do it free of cost. Etcher is very popular tool that lets you do the USB writing. And for this you can go to google and type etcher USB in the search box. And this should take you to the official page. At the bottom of the site, you’d find the download links. Depending on your operating system you can download the installer. It has the Windows, Linux and the Mac OS downlodable installeer. And then there is also ZIP file. If you don’t know settings for your linux or mac, then go to the github pagee of the Etcher. And then try to find out if you can write the image to the USB.

How to burn DVD to USB?

Let’s assume one scenario. Here I want to download operating system image to the USB. And that means you can easily use this software to burn the image to the USB drive. i think most of the USB drive are over 4gb these days. So you have to get such image which can have that size. And then connect it to the system. Then you have to download the software. Once you go through this process, you can easily use it for burning the software. Let’s assume you have downloaded the trisquel. And if you do, then you just have to run thee tool and let the rest work on it. Don’t forget to properly choose the image and show it up on the USB writing tool.

It can read both iso and img files. And it can burn almost every random files out there. I think if you find out the largest storage then you can burn multiple ISO with prtition. I think that way it can also be used for the USB HDD. I am thinking that tool such as this is being used for thee format and the partition option. There can be a time where you see how those USB options may be put on as well. This is indeed a good tool for anyonee who want to use the image writing option. I can tell you that with enough effort you can manage that in much more effective way. And also it can be used cross platform way. So you have more eoptions and also easy to burn thee image on any system.

Image by etcher.

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Code Editor Options for Windows and Linux

If you are into development then surely you’d find many code editors out there. Some of them are free and rest of them are paid. And this makes it easy for anyone to use them on different typee of operting system. You can find that code editors on Windows and Linux it can be easy to use. Code editors aree many out there but very few of them are common across different platforms. And by that I mean windows, linux and mac. You can see that those are the operating system that are the mosst common. Some people use BSD and few others but it may not be of much use. I think if anyone spends enough time then they can sureley see the difference in those IDEs for sure. In this article, I want to discuss some of such code editors that one can use for the development of code.

Sublime Text

I think this is the most popular IDE and many people are using it for plenty of reasons. And one reason is that it is free. Though it has the option for payment. But not many people pay for such stuff any more. And instead they ask the users to buy the license if they like it. And it can be a good editor if you are putting in some serious work. Also it can be a good IDE worth downloading and using if you want to for the company. So when you have a lot of people working for your business, it can be a good idea. I am not sure if this can be done in such case, it just makes me wonder if it is in any way possible.

NotePad Plus Plus

I think this is another IDE which can bee used for coding. You can use it for almost every type of the language. And with given enough time, you can surely add the IDE for your own use. I know one thing for sure that notepad can be good enough for many small things. It can fix a lot of things for you. Notepad plus can be good for many reasons, it is free and also lightweight. I have not seeen the port on linux though. But I guess mac version is there. But from different type of project. So you may not find this cross platform. But still for free and all the features it can be surely good IDE.

Visual Studio Code

I think this is another IDE which can be useful. It is free and it is from microsoft. And you can usee it for almost every language. It can also use GIT. So that can be one good addition that you may see. I think using many such editors can save you time. And their options of making it easier for small things goes to show you how it can be useful. I think Visual studio code, in itself does a lot of good if you are getting hold of that IDE. I have tried my best to learn it and get hold of this IDE. But in giveen time, you can see that visual studio codee can make a lot of good money in due process.

That being said, there are many good IDEs worth checking out.

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Why I am not into Mail Marketing
May 13, 2017

I am working as a freelancer. I have found that there are many people who are using the mail marketing. And they seem to be getting a nice result out of it. And it can be good option for those who are planing to make some good customers. And acquiring the customer through this means can be something we can consider. But it all comes down to technical and the offline limitations. And those are the limitations that are stopping me from making some serious progress. I want to find out how can I manage to get over those issues. In reality it can be really hard to understand what can be done in such context. In this article, I want to discuss why mail marketing is something I have not tried as of yet.

Paid Marketing

I think most of the mail marketing companies have the paid plans. I tried mailchimp and few others. And I have found out that it can be a good option to accept them. But they have around 12K per month limit. So this can lead to more of an issue. And with given time frame it would not be easy in such case. Paid marketing is a good option if you are making some amount of money. But for now I am not much making so it can be really hard for me to even get regular work. And for this reason I am working harder. And finding out if there is a way to use free mail marketing for acquiring clients.


Biggest problem with the mail marketing is that mail gets filtered. And in due time it can be really bad for many. And you may lose the customers in due process. You can see that spam is affecting many people. And that’s something we all have to manage as we speak. Spam is affecting many people. And I don’t want my freelancing offer to appear like that. So that’s one thing that I am trying hard to avoid on the user desktop. So this can be possible to manage if I don’t get into the spam filter. Because often the spam issues may lead to triggers that can affect as well too.


I think some of the time freelancing is not even done in a good way. So if we keep it properly managed then it can surely help in many ways. I think I have to make a lot of changes in due process. And if freelancing done right you can surely make changes in process. But we all know things can go bad. And we just have to deal with those things. In context those things appear to be solving some issues there. I can tell you that freelancing may not always help. I have tried my best in that process but there can be times where people have that issue as well. So you have to watch that out.

As you can see mail marketing requirs a lot of technical and financial efforts. And if done right theen it can help to some extent.

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My Experiment with Kindle Ebook Writing
May 12, 2017

This month I have managed to sold around 12 books. And all of them were sold for 30 cents. I know it is not much. But I have managed to put on the price of 99 cents. And Amazon has the cut for the rest of that amount as fees. And this makes the ebook price go really low. So you can see that experiment is not going to work out in such case. Ebook writing can be serious in many ways but these days it is not easy to sell your ebooks. Most of the people out there are not much looking for the ebooks and stories. And they are doing the apps and other audio books. And for so that is the reason ebook writing can be really hard. I think many people are not sure about the way kindle works this out. In this article, I want to point you to some of the things about my kindle ebook experiment.

99Cent Ebooks

I think the best part of the ebooks is that low the cost it is going to be easy for them to buy. Many people buy the ebook if it is priced under 5$. And that is what makes the ebook lot better. I have seen many people make some decent money this way. So it all comes down to how much one can afford. And how many people can read that book. 99c books needs to be easy to read and also it should be a good option. I have found that these books can make a lot of money if you can get around 1000$ or so in a year. And I think with given eough time it can surely a good time in the process.


I think writing is the hard part. You just can’t jott out 5000 or more words. Because in this process, you can’t really make that much money. And you need to do that a lot. You can’t just get things done easily. Some of the authors these days are hiring the other people. Some are outsourcing this to make real money. As you can see writing is not easy. Often many people have that issue with the writing for the companies. And the inspiration is something that many people lack in the process. I think real writer is going to have it’s set of issues in the process around the time there as well.

Consistent Earning

Promoting the ebook and making the money is no easy joke. You can see that you have to work harder in order to make money. And with consistent money earning you will have to do things that can make it easier for you to outsource. Without outsourcing you may not do much in this process. So it is safe to say that consistency is what makes and breaks the system. You can find that most of the writers who want to make some decent money are using editors and other authors for writing. This way they are saving a lot of money in the process. All of this takes time so you have to pay attention as well.

This is what I have learned so far. And with more learning from the ebooks and writing world, I have many other lessons to share with you in future.

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Ubuntu, Suse Inside Windows Operating System

We all want to use linux without leaving the Windows. And some of the time that can be hard. Also the amount of things Linux can give you makes you want to switch. Linux has plenty of uses that is something you can easily manage. In such case you have to understand that Microsoft is doing this under the policy of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It is one of the good things that are being released by the Microsoft. And with enough more research, it’d be possible to run the Linux inside Windows without having to work hard much. Also in future who knows you can have the GUI and other apps too. In this article, I want to discuss what are some of the updates that Windows 10 has and how they are changing the way things are being updated.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) App

As you can see the Windows Build conference is coming up with lot of updates. And they are adding the changes into the operating system. One change they did is adding the Linux OS as an app. Though they did not add any specific kernel or so. Instead they added distributions on their Windows store. And this makes it possible for anyone to run command line programs on the Wndows 10. So this may not appear as the most biggest change out there. But it can be safely a good change for any developer who wants to manage the Linux based app on the Windows command prompt.

Windows 10S

I think this update is going to be available with Windows 10 S. And with enough updates coming around. They may offer to many other people who want to get hold of the OS. For example Professional and the Enterprise edition may get more updates for now. And this may include the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). You can see that the home version of the Windows 10 does not have that. I think we should check out how the update is going to bring changes in the way linux can be used. I would love to see the way windows allows linux to be part of their system in future.

Apps In Store

I think the free apps that contain ubuntu, suse and fedora can be a good option. You can definitely make use of those apps in the store. You can surely change the way you used to work in the windows with the virtualization. Because in past such changes have surely made the progress. And with more people doing this it can be worth checking out how it can be good enough for the most of the people out there. I would like to say that this Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) App can be a good source of development for many linux users who want to use windows. so it’s a nice thing.

Have you tried ubuntu or fedora in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) App? I am sure it can be really good for many developers who want to test small apps on both the ecosystem there as well.

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Why You Should Not Use Yahoo Mail

These days many email services are coming around which are more secure. However people still open the mail account with Yahoo. And the reason for that is because it is easy to remember. And many people are still signing up for their service. There are chances that Yahoo mail can be one good service to subscribe for throw away address. But let’s not think about it in that scenario. Let’s think of scenario where people aree genuinely opening their mailbox for online website. And that can be bad considering the yahoo has plenty of issues. So in this article I want to discuss some of the issues that you can face while managing the yahoo mail.


I think last year in 2016 there was big issue with the yahoo mail passwords. All the passwords in yahoo network were open. And they forced the users to open new accounts or change the passwords. The passwords which were leaked were real. And that in turn made it harder for many people to keep up. Many good people lost their data too. So it can be bad considering the way yahoo keeps the security. Just like gmail they have improved on many points. But all in all, there are not many good reasons to use it anymore. In fact very few people are choosing to use it over a period of time.


You can find that almost every single mail address can be spammed. This is because the database people spam the email address. You can find that people who are into spamming the email address. So you can find plenty of startup pitches and the shopping cart links in it. So this sort of method in the spam can be really hard. You just have to deal with the way spam happens. It can be possible that spam may to some extent can be controlled. But with Yahoo mail that is not easy. And for this reason many people who are into the mail management don’t prefer this. And this should be avoided at all cost.


You can see that security and spam are serious issues. Even for free service that is not acceptable. You can use it for throw away email. But given time that is going to affect you. I think i personally using them for this purpose is another same reason. But you can guess that some of the time it may not be a good idea to use such services. You have to choose to open another services mail account. And from there you can decide if it is any worth to use their service if you want to just get spammed with such mails and also facing some security issues. That;s the thing to watch out as well.

That being said, make sure to try the outlook.com and gmail.come instead of using the Ymail adddress. You can see that these days secure and encrypted emails are also out there with protonmail and openmailbox. So that’s something you can get rid of and use instead of using the yahoo mail address. See if that works for you.

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How I Get Traffic for My YouTube Channel Videos Online
May 11, 2017

Promoting youtube channel is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort. And you have to work harder as you go ahead with the content. YouTube channel can be hard to get views to if there are not many regular videos out there. For example, my channle has the 1000 videos over 3 year time span. And with enough time such as that, you can find that it’d not be easy to get the views. So I think I am spending a lot of time to get some views towards my channel. I do a lot of promotion and to some extent it does work out. But requires more effort from my side to promote every single evideo out there. In this article, I want to show you some of the ways I am using to promote the youtube channel.


I am subscribed to around 10 or so forums from various niche. I think it can be really good option for anyone to promote their forums. I know some forums can drive lot of that traffic on consistent basis. You can develop traffic with these videos and then use diffeerent types of ads on those channel. I have done it with many such videos and got many views on different types of channel. But you have to be very careful with the type of videos that you linked to. Because often such forums have different type of traffic that may not end up being good for your case. So you have to adjust to that.


Another site that I often tell people to join for traffic. Most of the people on this site are mature for the content. And may have adblocker. But they do view the videos. And you can use them for your traffic. So promoting the videos through the quora is another good option. Quora has a lot of traffic that can be easily monetized. You can find that quora has plenty of such people who have reach. And if they promote your answer then that can bring another stream of revenue through video in youtube. You can find plent of people on quora doing this and making a good business with their content.

Facebook Groups

This is another place where you can promote your Youtube videos. You can find some good people going through traffic patterns. You have to find good groups where you can promote the videos. I can tell you that facebook groups can earn you some nice share of views. Also they can comment on the videos which can be good way to get the feedback. I have tried this method and inside the group it always works. So make sure you use the facebook groups for your benefit and make the most out of the content. Promote your videos on regular basis. This way you can make some nice amount of views too.

These are some of the ways with which I am doing the traffic promotion for the youtube channel. I wish to do this on regular basis and see what happens.

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What Things Are Important in our Life

There are many things that makes up our life. You can see that each of those things in itself makes a life lot more happy and good. You can see that often ignoring those things in itself can make things lot easier. But then again without these things we can’t be any happy. You see those things do in fact make things better as we move ahead in life. I have tried to understand how this works plenty of times but every time I try to come to conclusion I find it harder to acclimate to those facts. In our life the priority changes as we move ahead in life. You can see that many of those things in themselves make us wonder about how difficult life can be these days. In this article, I want to put on different perspective on how the life is going to be in different parts of the world.


I think there is no denying fact that money is very important. And we can’t simply find our way out of it. Everything is moving because of the money. You can’t really go ahead without it. So never underestimate the money. Life goes on only because of the money and the things that we can buy with it. So it’s basically what makes us or breaks us. There are times when you can’t do anything without having much money. So you should understand that money is something you need as long as you work towards those things. So make sure you never ignore the money while you are making progress.


You have to keep some people around you. Those people can be parents or friends or someone you can trus. Though these days you can’t really trust anyone these days. And it can be really hard to be around people who are not trustworthy. So that’s another thing that you have to watch out. You have to understand that people who are going to be around you helping financially are the people worth being around. You can see that these are the people you should be finding yourself towards. That being said all of this takes time to understand and you have to learn how to manage people.


This is another thing that you have to watch out for. Health it not easy to manage. And you have to work harder to understand what are some things that you can manage. Health takes a lot of time to balance itself out. How you manage yourself and how you deal with small these such as these decides how your health is going to be in future. That being said, lot of those things are surely stressing many of us out. We have to learn how to adjust with those things eventually. So health factor should be always considered if you wish to get hold of your life. Because it has the power to change things.

As you can see lot of things in life are good and they can come to us if we work harder. So we have to consider what we can do with it.

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