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Learning the Skill of Writing Image to USB with Etcher

When it comes to writing the OS images to USB, it can be tricky stuff. By default Windows does not offer you this feature. Also some of thee linux distro don’t have this feature installed by default. In case of Mac you won’t b finding this option either. But what if you want to find out if you can write the image to the USB or the DVD? I think in such case you can make use of the apps out there which are meant to be doing that. I have found that Ether is one such tool that can let you do that. It is designed to work on multiple operating system. Also it has a nice set of interface which makes doing this task painless. Anyone who knows how to use computer can do this. In this article, I want to show you how to do this just with the use of the software.

Download the software from thee official website where you can do it free of cost. Etcher is very popular tool that lets you do the USB writing. And for this you can go to google and type etcher USB in the search box. And this should take you to the official page. At the bottom of the site, you’d find the download links. Depending on your operating system you can download the installer. It has the Windows, Linux and the Mac OS downlodable installeer. And then there is also ZIP file. If you don’t know settings for your linux or mac, then go to the github pagee of the Etcher. And then try to find out if you can write the image to the USB.

How to burn DVD to USB?

Let’s assume one scenario. Here I want to download operating system image to the USB. And that means you can easily use this software to burn the image to the USB drive. i think most of the USB drive are over 4gb these days. So you have to get such image which can have that size. And then connect it to the system. Then you have to download the software. Once you go through this process, you can easily use it for burning the software. Let’s assume you have downloaded the trisquel. And if you do, then you just have to run thee tool and let the rest work on it. Don’t forget to properly choose the image and show it up on the USB writing tool.

It can read both iso and img files. And it can burn almost every random files out there. I think if you find out the largest storage then you can burn multiple ISO with prtition. I think that way it can also be used for the USB HDD. I am thinking that tool such as this is being used for thee format and the partition option. There can be a time where you see how those USB options may be put on as well. This is indeed a good tool for anyonee who want to use the image writing option. I can tell you that with enough effort you can manage that in much more effective way. And also it can be used cross platform way. So you have more eoptions and also easy to burn thee image on any system.

Image by etcher.

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