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Check your the full list of soundcity MVP award winners

Finally, the 2017 Edition of Soundcity MVP Awards was Held yesterday, 12th of January at the Eko Hotel and Suite, Hosted by the 2018 Big Brother Nigeria Host, Ebuka.
Here Is The List Of Soundcity MVP Awards Winners :















R2Bees (GH)













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Lists of the top 10 world richest musicians: up to 5 Africans

American business magazine, Forbes Magazine, has released a compilation of its top 10 African richest musicians.
The list was put together using factors such as endorsement, popularity, show rates, sales, awards, YouTube views, appearance in newspapers, investment, social media presence, influence and others.

See artistes that made it below:-
Akon has over 35 million albums sold worldwide. He has won numerous awards including five Grammy Award nominations and has 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs under his belt. He tops the list according to Forbes Africa.

The multi-award-winning artist’s real name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo. He was born in South Africa’s house music province, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and raised in the Eastern Cape province,
where Nelson Mandela hailed from, before moving back to KZN to study music.

Hugh was born in Witbank, east of Johannesburg. He has released more than 43 albums and performed with Marvin Gaye, Dizzy Gillespie, The Byrds, Fela Kuti, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and Miriam Makeba.

Don Jazzy is ranked fourth richest in Africa and also first in Nigeria. Like many artists, his real name is Michael Collins Ajereh, and he started playing music as a child in church before moving to the UK to pursue his career.

Tinashe was a child model by the age of three. The twenty-four-year-old sang before she could talk and made her first appearance in 2000 in the film Cora Unashamed.

Her voice also starred in the cartoon feature film The Polar Express alongside Oscar-winning actor, Tom Hanks.
By the age of 10, Jidenna Theodore Mobisson knew he wanted to do music but was afraid to tell his father who wanted him to be an engineer. He is ranked sixth according to Forbes Africa.

Wizkid is arguably currently the uncrowned king of African music. Grammy Award-winning artist, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz, danced to his songs Ojuelegba and Caro,
with Keys posting a video on her Instagram account with the caption, “This song makes me happy”. Kylie Jenner also posted a video of herself dancing to Wizkid’s music on Snapchat.

Davido has claimed a high status in just five years. He said it was people like P-Square and D’Banj who made him believe this was possible.
He became famous for his widely acclaimed 2012 debut album “Omo Baba Olowo”.

Michael Owusu Addo started out as an underground rapper and through the help of Duncan Williams, his former manager, his career was launched.
Staying true to his identity, he is a big advocate of Azonto, a Ghanaian genre that is said to have been born out of Kpanlogo, a traditional dance.
His first single off his fourth album, Mewu, sold almost 4,000 copies on the first day of its release in Ghana. He was also the first Ghanaian to win a BET award.

Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi has 65 albums under his belt, more than the legendary Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.
It’s a remarkable career stretching back 41 years with songs that have enlivened parties all over the world. He his ranked 10th richest musician in Africa.

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It pays to be nice: Deepa’s saga

A girl by name Deepa went to school in the neighbouring village where she wasn’t known well.

For three weeks, she came to school late and every time the teacher punished her.

In the fourth week, Deepa didn’t attend school at all and many thought she had *GIVEN UP* on school due to the everyday punishment.

However, Deepa reported again in fifth week and this time she came earlier than everybody.

When the teacher came to class, Deepa was punished for not attending school the previous week but the teacher was also kind enough to commend her for coming early that day, stating that the punishments had finally yielded some results.

Just then, Deepa asked if she could say something and the teacher gave her permission.

*She started :*

” _*I’ve been raised up by a single mother without a brother or a sister. Five weeks ago, my mother fell ill and was hospitalized. The three weeks I came late, I had to prepare something for her every morning and pass by the hospital to deliver the same. Unfortunately, my mother passed away last week and that’s the reason I didn’t come to school. We buried her last Friday. Today I came early since I didn’t have to prepare anything or even pass by the hospital. And now that she is gone, I will always be here early*_”

As she sat down, no one in the whole class was able to hold their tears, the teacher was not spared either.


How many times do *we judge others* for things we know not ?

We ask questions like :

– *Why are you not getting married*?
– _*Why are you not having kids*_ ?
– *When will you find a job* ?
– _*When will you buy a car*_?
– *When will you build a house*?

*Do we attempt to understand their situations* or do we just judge from the *case scenarios* ?

Some *situations are not relative* and what we think could be very far from the truth.

*Don’t assume* you know what others go through or that people move in the same pace or direction as you.

_*Life is far from that..*_

*Just be kind enough* to _*love one another as God has commanded*_, take time and kindly *find out* why your friend is not phoning, why your messages are not being replied promptly, *why someone is missing* in our midst as a colleague, friend, brother or sister even why someone is always late.

*Be kind*, always…… _*Be nice to others*_.

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The interviewee who hated me
January 7, 2018

Six years ago a guy looked at me face to face, and boldly told me; “I don’t like you!”
I immediately fired a response, I asked him that day; “Thank you for the honest feedback, but those that you like, how has it made their life better? How does your liking people pay their bills or take a bank loan? My brother keep your like, I need God’s like And that’s what guarantees my future.
Today I joined a CEO friend of mine in an interview Panel to recruit some new staff, it was a long session, as we returned from a coffee break to continue the hectic interview session, here was this same guy. He walked in with his grey jacket and CV coming for the interview.
Our eyes kissed by fluke, we immediately recognised each other; “the world is indeed spherical”, I soliloquized.
He felt very uncomfortable throughout the interview, one could clearly see the volcanic eruption ongoing in his whole nervous system, he even mistook his date of birth for his last date of employment. It wasn’t yet my turn to ask him questions so I allowed everyone to take their turns with him and deliberately opted to interview him last.
When it got to my turn, the first thing I said was, “I LIKE YOU so much, you look to me like a brilliant and intelligent person, but it seems you are not doing well now because something bothers you, true?”
“That’s very correct Sir!” He responded.
“Ok look at me straight in the eye, I was never offended that day, it is very normal that sometimes as humans you just don’t like certain people, but I wasn’t bothered either, because whether you liked me or not, it was inconsequential to my life and my success path – as you can see, fate has brought you to my lair”
I stood up and beckoned him to come and embrace me, everyone on the panel at this point were at sea – wondering if we had expeditiously recast an interview session to a Hollywood movie scene.
He hugged me so long and deeply that I felt it. Then I told him, “now get your confidence back bro and answer the questions like a Pro Shark that you are, we all burst into laughter, everyone suddenly liked him and the room became livelier – the interview became more like a discussion, well to cut the long story short, he got the job!
1. Be careful how you treat people when they appear to be in their vulnerable state, your next level may be hanging in their balance; somewhere in the future.
2. If you dislike someone, it is not their fault, it is YOUR FAULT, work on yourself to find good in people and reinvent your Mind to see everyone as likeable.
3. Don’t spew hatred vocally just because it came into your heart, you may say it to someone who will keep it forever and use it against you when you find yourself in your own low moments and need them.
4. Learn to forgive, overlook people’s dislike and hatred for you, dont punish people just because you have the position and privilege to do so, bless them rather – that’s how you court God’s blessings, favour and protection.
5. Share this post, someone needs it to heal from their past burdens of unforgiveness they have been carrying which has been hindering their promotions and inhibiting God’s blessings flowing their way.

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Like mother like daughter… by Tony from vangaurdngr.com


I’ve always had a reservation about the lifestyle of families living in one room. I mean, father, mother and children all living in one room. I still fail to understand how they can manage to manoeuvre in that little space and live a decent, respectful and meaningful life, without it impacting negatively on the children. I live in a suburban environment where this style of houses are prevalent and I see the resultant effect on both male and female children.

The chances of a large percentage of them making it out of these enclaves are quite slim. While one may be able to tailor their activities as toddlers, this becomes pretty difficult as they grow into their own being. Every night, these kids are forced to see porn movies with their parents as the star actors, and that is besides the other vices they are exposed to living in such proximity with all manner of people. The worst part being that they are usually forced to look for solace outside of the crib as soon as they attain their teen years.

Yet, we keep wondering why we have a high concentration of miscreants, young prostitutes and teenage mothers littered all over our big cities, especially Lagos. This peculiar lifestyle must be checked if we are to get  it right. The narratives of the young man you will be reading today has only further convinced me of my position. Steve, a 39 year old banker says he was exposed to voyeurism at a tender age. He holds his mother responsible for the way his sister turned out and affects the way he relates with her also.

“If you see a wayward young girl, don’t condemn her right away. Sometimes, when you investigate her background, you will discover that she is either a replica of her mother, or a refined version of her. What I’m trying to say is that the exposure and training a child receives in the formative ages will determine a lot about what he grows up to be. Again girls take after their mothers in most things especially sexuality. They look up to them for all the little details, so where these mothers are lacking, there will be  problems.

As a young boy of about four years old, my mother and father were separated. Till today, I cannot say precisely who was at fault, for both of them used to fight endlessly accusing each other of something I later figured out was infidelity. The quarrels were so much that my mother packed out of our two bedroom apartment to her parent’s house, taking my older sister and I along.

We did not stay too long here, as she soon found herself another man, a divorcee like herself who also had a child. All five of us lived in a room with one big bed which served my mother and step-father and any little baby born at any given time. My mother would later say that this was a better deal because my father’s two bedroom was rented while her new husband’s ‘house’ was his by way of inheritance. In her mind, he was a bigger fish though she was proved wrong years later.

It was in this little room that I had my first baptism of voyeurism. My sister who was two years older than me, our new step-brother, a year older than me, and myself slept on the floor on a mat in this same room. Night after night, we watched as the two of them tackled themselves in an endless bout of wrestling, it was not a funny sight.

It took me several years to find out what actually held us spell bound then, about the whole act. You see, it wasn’t that I enjoyed whatever it was they were doing, but we just couldn’t help not watching. It was a scary sight, yet intriguing and disgusting in an unexplainable way. My step brother probably already used to these dramas did not really find it interesting enough to lay awake for. But for my sister and I, it was an entirely new experience and we lapped it all up like dogs on heat.

I remember one night I’d woken up feeling very pressed, I wanted to get up and urinate, but they were still at it and after what seemed to me like ages without any idea of when it would all end, I had to do it on our mat. I couldn’t get up for fear that they would find out that I’d woken up. An incident happened which finally made me lose interest in the little game.

My mother lost her shop to demolition carried out by the government during that time, so our big room had to be divided into two, one served as the bedroom and the other her shop. Around that time, somebody gave me a gold fish and this became our little pet. Because it was kept in the shop, my step-brother and I moved our mats into the shop to keep an eye on it, and we soon lost interest in the game on the bed. However, my sister had become a captive of the act, she refused to move because of what she wanted to watch, and there I believe she formed her ideas about what her life would be.

I remember that I was about seven or eight years old when my mother informed me that I would be going back to live with my father and his new wife. They came to take me that same day, it was later that my father told me that he wanted to take the two of us, but that my mother refused, insisting that she could not leave two of us. Besides, my sister was of great assistance to her at the time. She had given birth to her second child for my step-father then and they too had started having problems. He was now forever coming home late in the night, half drunk and ready to pick a quarrel if queried. To say that I was glad to leave at that period is an understatement. Up till today, I hold my mother responsible for what my sister turned out to be.

She was in JSS1 when my mother brought her to our house one day, she said she wanted to report her to our father so that she would not be blamed if she was suddenly discovered pregnant. According to her, she found a male wrist watch in her possession and on enquiry she revealed that a man had given it to her. The man turned out to be one of the mechanic boys in the area. My father was so angry that she had the guts to bring such a story to him when she had refused to hand over the girl when he asked for her. He blamed her for what was happening, insisting that she was responsible for the girl’s behaviour. I did not realise it at the time but when I grew older it became clear to me.

My sister dropped out of schools two years later, barely managing to finish JSS3. My mother had found more money on her and in a bid to make her account for the money, my sister reportedly ran out of the house and was not seen for several days. She told my father that she did not want to report the case because it might cause a scandal.

After two weeks she was traced to a man’s house where she was staying. My mother wanted to create a scene but we were told that her husband intervened and my sister was taken home. She finally ran away to an unknown destination and for almost three years and was nowhere to be found. My parents were not on speaking terms because of the matter and we did nothing about her until one day, she came to inform us that my sister had returned home.

The story has it that a quarrel had ensued between my sister and her lover. Later in the night, he’d tied her up, plugged the iron and burnt severally with the hot iron. It was incredible, unbelievable, wicked. We all stared at her in disbelief.  She told us that her lover, a teacher had discovered that she was cheating on him with one of their neighbours and after endless warnings, decided to teach her she the lesson of a lifetime.

According to him, she would never be able to flirt around again by the time he was finished with her. It was the neighbours that rescued her from being murdered or fatally wounded  when they broke open the door. The story must sound as weird as it was to us when we heard it. But that was how my sister found her way home. My father paid the hospital bills, but he refused to allow her come to live with us as he was sure she would be a bad influence on the other children. My step-mother had two children too by the time, a girl and a boy.

At 16 years, my sister had been married and divorced or how would one describe her sojourn in the houses of her lovers? One would think that she would be through with men after her escape from hell, but we were wrong. My mother took her to her home town because she’d caused so much scandal and disgrace in Lagos, besides her mates had sat for their West African School Certificate Examinations that year, so she could not be enrolled in school in Lagos again.

She was taken to Abeokuta and enrolled in a secondary school. Yes, she’d expressed desire to go back to school that was why they took her in the first place. If she’d told them she wanted to learn a trade or something maybe it would have been better for her. Though, she later confided in me that it was our mother that insisted she must go to school because she hoped that my father would take her into his custody seeing her reformed and back in school. Unfortunately, our father refused and only agreed to pay her school fees. Anyways, it was here that she met an elderly man who impregnated, married her at the age of 16 and she had her first child two months after her 17th birthday.

When I remember how my sister finished herself, I blame it on our mother, because she introduced us to the act at a very tender age. You see, the psychological composure of each individual differs and it takes the grace of God for many of us to overcome certain events in our lives. You will see that some people will just say they are giving up an habit and in a few weeks they’ll be back at it, while some will never go back to that thing again. Take for instance, smoking.

The discoveries I made about my mother’s behaviours over the years have only confirmed my beliefs about her and I regret to say that it has even informed the way I deal with her today. You can’t believe that I cannot allow my children to go and spend the weekend at her place because I have this fear that they may imbibe one evil or another in a spate of two days. Our visits with the children do not pass more than an hour at any given time. If she is not satisfied that is her problem. My wife cannot visit her without me and that is the way it will be till her she dies. I have no apologies.

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Donald trump seen as a child by a defiant author
January 6, 2018

The author of a controversial book on Donald Trump says that all his White House aides see him as a “child” who needs “immediate gratification”.

Michael Wolff said his book was based on about 200 interviews, and rejected Mr Trump’s claims that it was “phony”.

But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has dismissed suggestions made by Wolff that the president’s mental health is failing.

The book has now gone on sale early despite Mr Trump’s attempts to stop it.

Mr Trump’s lawyers had tried to block publication of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, alleging it contained many falsehoods and saying they were considering pursuing libel charges.

The president has said it is “full of lies” and was being pushed by the media and others to hurt him. He added: “They should try winning an election. Sad!”

On Friday, he refused to answer questions about the book as he departed for Camp David from the White House. Mr Trump will spend two days meeting top Republicans at the retreat to discuss his legislative priorities for the year ahead.

Wolff said that White House staff described the president as childlike because “he has the need for immediate gratification. It’s all about him… This man does not read, does not listen. He’s like a pinball just shooting off the sides.”

Despite the storm over the book, the Trump administration has been pressing ahead with its agenda. On Thursday it:

What did Wolff say about his research?

The president said he had not given Wolff access to the White House nor spoken to him for the book.

But Wolff responded: “What was I doing there if he didn’t want me to be there? I absolutely spoke to the president… It was not off the record.”

He said he had spent three hours with Mr Trump in total, both during the election campaign and after the inauguration.

Hitting back in a television interview at the White House attacks, he said the president had no credibility and that “100% of the people around him” question his fitness for office.

Wolff said it was “extraordinary” that the president of the US would try to stop publication of his book, a move that “the CEO of a mid-sized company” would not attempt.

What is in the book?

The book cites former top aide Steve Bannon as describing a meeting at Trump Tower in New York between a Russian lawyer and Trump election campaign officials, including Mr Trump’s son Donald Jr, as “treasonous”.

Both Mr Trump Jr and his father deny that any collusion with Russians to win the election took place. However Mr Bannon is quoted in the book as saying: “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”

The meeting is being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of his inquiry into possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russians.

The book makes many other claims, including that:

  • The Trump team was shocked and horrified by his election win
  • His wife, Melania, was in tears of sadness on election night
  • Mr Trump was angry that A-list stars had snubbed his inauguration
  • The new president “found the White House to be vexing and even a little scary”
  • His daughter, Ivanka, had a plan with her husband, Jared Kushner, that she would be “the first woman president”
  • Ivanka Trump mocked her dad’s “comb-over” hairstyle and “often described the mechanics behind it to friends”

However, the accuracy of some excerpts has been criticised and questioned in the US media.

Trump harsher on Bannon than he is on his ‘worst enemies’

Media captionTrump harsher on Bannon than he is on his “worst enemies”

Still, even if only half of what the book contains is true, it paints a damning portrait of a paranoid president and a chaotic White House, BBC North America editor Jon Sopel says.

Presentational grey line

Will it actually hurt Trump?

Analysis: BBC North America reporter Anthony Zurcher

Donald Trump’s supporters have seen many a media storm over the past few years, and somehow their man always emerges (relatively) unscathed. The book may be generating considerable heat among the chattering class, but there’s little to indicate that its lasting impact will be much more than confirming long-held suspicions of Trump critics and re-enforcing the bunker mentality in the White House.

Outside Washington, in places where people don’t devoutly follow every permutation of the presidential Twitter feed, the Trump administration is compiling a boast-worthy economic record.

Despite some doom-and-gloom predictions following the 2016 election, the stock market has soared. Unemployment remains low. Major corporations are making high-profile moves to at least temporarily boost their workers’ paycheques. And the president can start pointing to his party’s tax bill as a tangible reason why the economy is humming along.

If the current trajectory continues, Mr Trump and his fellow Republicans will be positioned to make the case to voters in the months and years ahead that despite all the drama – the often self-inflicted fire and fury – their agenda is to help Americans where it counts the most, in their pockets.

That’s the kind of message that can win.

Presentational grey line

What will happen to Steve Bannon?

Mr Trump said Mr Bannon – who was sacked in August – had “lost his mind” after losing his White House position.

Reports suggest that more conservative factions in the Republican party have backed Mr Trump amid the fallout from the book.

Billionaire conservative donor Rebekah Mercer, who had backed Mr Bannon financially and invested in the right-wing Breitbart news website that he heads, cut ties with the former strategist, saying: “I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected.”

Mr Trump tweeted in response: “The Mercer Family recently dumped the leaker known as Sloppy Steve Bannon. Smart!”

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Have you heard about steemit? All you need to know
January 5, 2018

Alright Guys and Gals. Steemit is blowing up!

People are making thousands of dollars and if you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet that you want to be a part of this incredible new community too.

But (and it’s a big but) it’s super complicated and can be confusing as all hell!

Well fear not my fellow aspiring Steemers. I’ll break it all down for you.

And I won’t get too technical because I’m not an expert.

But I can give you the simplest version of everything that you need to know to get started!

What is Steemit?

Steemit is a social network that looks and functions a lot like Reddit, but with one HUGE difference:

Steemit pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.

This is possible because the Steemit platform is built on top of a new kind of digital currency. (Think Bitcoin, which is another kind of digital currency that has been around for a while.)

Every day, new units of the currency are created by the network and distributed to its users, who can exchange these digital currency units for actual real money.

And it doesn’t cost a dime to get started.

You can create a Steemit user account for free, right now, and be publishing your content directly to the site within minutes using Steemit’s built in blogging/publishing tools.

If you’re skeptical at this point, I get it. I was too.

But it’s definitely the real deal.

So let’s dive in. I’ll show you how it all works.

How does Steemit work?

In some ways, Steemit is similar to other digital currencies. For example, Steemit currency units can be traded, bought, and sold on the open market just like all of the other digital currencies.

With other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the actual currency units that are created each day are distributed to the people who run a special bitcoin software program on their computers that perform a process called Bitcoin Mining. The amount of computing power you have dictates how much money you get.

Steemit allows for currency mining as well, but it’s not the primary way to earn money. Every day, new Steemit currency units that are created by the network and distributed to the people who engage with the site. The more you engage, the more you get.

People who create content are rewarded for their content. People who upvote content are rewarded for helping to curate the best content available on the site. Commenters who add to the discussions are paid too.

The 3 Steemit Currency Units:

The first thing you need to understand is that there are three different kinds of Steemit currency units.

We have SteemSteem Power, and Steem Dollars.

Confusing right? It was for me. But it will all make sense in a minute.


Steem are the units that are bought and sold for actual money on the open markets. You can trade them as you would bitcoins or a company’s stock.

But you don’t want to hold on to these for too long because more Steem Units are created every single day. If you hold onto Steem Units for a long time, they will become diluted and lose value.

Steem Power:

Owning Steem Power Units is essentially like making a long term investment in the currency because you can’t sell Steem Power Units for 2 years. But there are a lot of good reasons to have Steem Power.

By keeping your currency as Steem Power Units, you will be able to make considerably more money in the long run because you essentially have ownership in the network. As the network grows, so will your piece of the pie.

And you’ll be heavily rewarded along the way. The way things are set up now, 90% of the new Steem Currency that is generated every single day is distributed to the people who already hold Steem Power Units in the form of additional Steem Units. (The other 10% goes to content creators and curators).

Half of the pay you receive for your content will be in Steem Power Units.

Also, the more Steem Power Units you have, the more your curation vote will count. You will have more influence on the site and you will also get paid more for upvoting other people’s work. (When you upvote someone’s work, they will get paid more as well.)

Steem Power Units also play one final and very important role. They prevent massive price swings and volatility on the open markets. Because everyone is locked in for 2 years, we can’t all sell our currency all at once if the market starts to dip, which would crash the price were it to happen.

Steem Dollars:

Steem Dollars are the third and final form of the currency and never get diluted or lose their value. They are designed to be a stable currency that you can sell at any time. When you create popular content, 50% of your pay will be in Steem Dollars.

And you’ll be rewarded for holding Steem dollars too. It’s not nearly as much as the rewards for holding Steem Power. But because it still keeps the currency in the network, holding Steem Dollars pays 10% interest.

When you earn Steem Dollars for creating content, you have three choices:

1) You can convert the Steem Dollars to Steem and sell it immediately on the open market for real money, essentially cashing out.

2) You can hold the Steem Dollars, which keeps the money in the network and pays you 10% interest. You can sell them at any time. If you think the value will go up and want to sell at some point in the near future, this is your best option.

3) You can exchange your Steem Dollars for Steem Power. If you want to invest in the future of the currency and reap the biggest rewards, this is the way to do it.

How are the newly created Steem distributed each day?

Every day 90% of the new Steem units are rewarded to the people who hold Steem Power Units.

10% of the new Steem units are paid to content creators, curators, and commenters.

When you create content that actually earns money, 50% is paid to you in Steem Dollar Units that can be exchanged for actual money right away (or converted into Steem Power). The other 50% is paid in Steem Power. The Steem Power Units are locked up for 2 years.

How to cash out your earnings:

Once you start earning Steem and you want to actually cash out, what do you do?

Well lucky for you, several other Steemers have created fantastic guides for doing just that. So rather than go all technical on you, I will pass you along to the people who can explain it better than I can.

Now you’ve been paid in steem dollars an What should you do?

BlockTrades adds support for directly buying/selling Steem

Where does the money come from?

Steemit user @Steemrollin has written a fantastic explanation on this:

Steem: Where DOES the money coming from?

Why you should start now:

The short answer is that you have nothing to lose. It is 100% free to join and you can actually get paid for your work!

Unless you are a professional writer, you’re not going to find this kind of action anywhere else.

Also, Steemit is growing at an explosive pace! Hundreds of new users are flocking in every single day. And even though it’s only been around for a few months, it’s already become one of the top five digital currencies in terms of market capitalization.

In the last 24 hours alone, the value of a Steem has increased a mind bending 277%!!! 

Remember, Bitcoins were basically worthless early on, but are now worth close to $700. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new currency without spending a penny, but also to be a part of an incredible new social network.

How to get started:

First things first, you need to setup your account. You will need to use your Facebook account or Reddit account as you do this to verify that you are who you say you are. Your account will be very valuable so make sure to set a secure password.

Your Steem account is worth money! How to secure it with a new owner key to keep it yours forever

Creating your first post:

To start publishing content, all you have to do is click “Submit a Story” at the top right of the screen.

When publishing content, it’s important to format your articles in a way that will make them easy to read. Use images, headings, and subheadings to break up long blocks of text.

Use the “” button in the editor to activate the quote feature when quoting someone. And give the quote its own line like this

(The quote formatting button looks like this

No one ever wants to read a solid wall of text, so taking the time to format your article in a way that makes it pleasant to read will be crucial.

Posting Images:

As it stands right now, there is no way to upload your images to the Steemit website so posting images in your articles will require a workaround. The easiest way is to use https://imgsafe.org. All you have to do is create a free account and upload your pictures.

(It seems like the serveres at imgsafe.org are down. Use https://ipfs.picsinstead. It’s a great alternative.)

Once you have an image uploaded, simply click it, and copy the URL for the picture. Imgsafe gives each picture its own unique URL that you will use in Steemit to insert the picture into your post.

In the Steemit editor press the insert image button and paste the copied image URL. (If the URL starts with HTTP:// change it to HTTPS:// when you paste it into Steemit.)

What to write about?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The best advice I can give you is to explore the trending topics/tags as well as the trending posts within those sections and see what kind of content people are responding to.

The introduceyourself tag is hot right now and a great place to start.

Here is my introduction post as an example.

This may be helpful as well: The Secret Formula to a Successful “IntroduceYourself” Post…And The #1 Mistake to Avoid.

Try to remember that it’s not about how much time you spend creating a piece of content, but how valuable/entertaining it is to everyone else. Try to create content that delivers the most value.

So my fellow Steemers, I have one question for you: what are you waiting for? 

Get out there and start creating!

As for me, I’m in it for the long haul. See you all on the other side!

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The Ultimate Guide To Killing it on Blockchain-Based Steemit or Anywhere Else
January 5, 2018

Recently a lot of people have been asking my advice on how to be a successful blogger on Steemit.com, the decentralized, blockchain-based social media site that pays its users to participate. I decided to just go ahead and write the ultimate guide to blogging on Steemit for those who are serious about it.


Know yourself and your strengths.

I chose three bloggers, @sweetsssj, @mynameisbrian and myself for very specific reasons: we are all very different and we don’t hide it. Perhaps most importantly, we are all prolific bloggers with idiosyncratic world views. We all live on different continents, too. We write a post at least every other day and sometimes two in one day. Each of us offers readers a different menu but we’re all very passionate and don’t really follow the worn-out self-help guru meme that still seems to be infecting the blogosphere.

Brain (@mynameisbrian) is mostly a comic artist now, but he used to write about other topics.

He also is a programmer who built the ultra useful Steemit tool, Dead Followers. But there are tons of programmers on Steemit, so creating hilarious comics was a wise move because there still aren’t a lot of active comic artists who are as good and prolific as Brain. At one point, during Steemit’s lowest point, Brain was about the only reason I logged into my Steemit account. I am most likely his biggest fan.

@sweetsssj documents her travels, cuisine explorations, social life, hi-tech toys, and gives us a peek into the world of the thriving and dynamic Chinese youth culture.

She has a sizable following on other social media platforms as well. My heavily robed crypto trader-muse in Steemit, Tuck Fheman, is convinced that Sweetsssj is a robot pretending to be a Chinese woman. I had the same hunch, and we both are still not entirely convinced that Sweetsssj isn’t some kind of android.

But the Steemit community loves her and she’s killing it with her blog (probably because she actually is an android). And the CEO of Steemit loves her, too. He actually met her in real life, I forgot what Asian city that was in.

Then there is me. My strategy is radical & creative experimentation, volume and authenticity.

I know exactly who I am and what I like. Svankmajer, Nikola Tesla, Vandana Shiva, Dali and Frida Kahlo are my heroes.

It took me 47 years to figure it out, but it’s clear to me now. I’m all over the map as far as what I like to create. I tend to focus on: crushing emotional pain, science, art, technology, decentralization, steemicide, shitposts, dark humor, communication, people, social media and how to’s. I created a video series with puppets, Steemicide Hotline, a decentralized service, Secret Writerfuncontestsand an interactive community thing called the Steem GnomeIn short, I’m a wild card and no one, including myself knows what I’ll come up with next. I love GIFs like they are crack cocaine, and I built a library of Steemit and Dash themed ones on Giphy. One thing I don’t do: filter my ideas. People rely on me to create something different and look at things with a passionate and critical eye. That’s the attribute I use the most: unfiltered ideas that get to be developed and tried out on Steemit.

For everyone who tells you to niche down and stick with one topic, I say, “Nope.” I’m a big believer in experimentation and the human imagination.


People will give you the feedback necessary to determine whether your writing sucks or not. There’s no need to hold back creative ideas anymore. Especially since Steemit exists. It feeds off of creativity.


Write every day and stop caring what other people think of you.

Two years ago I wrote a book. It is a lot like this pink pile of poop with a crown on it. The crown just means I finished it and now you can buy it on Amazon. It’s not that great. It kind of sucks, actually, because it was my first attempt. It was the hardest thing I ever finished, with the exception of giving birth to a human. But my life wouldn’t be where it is now if I hadn’t finished that book and self-published it. Why? Because it taught me not to be afraid of what other people think of me anymore. And it worked. I stopped caring to a large degree. It was my “radical self-acceptance” move.


Only write about things that make your heart race or you feel might expose too much of yourself.

I first heard this terrifying advice from James Altucher and it scared the crap out of me. But then I started doing as he advised, and it changed me, in a big way. Fear is telling you something you need to hear. Go towards your fear and let it spill out. People only want the good stuff, so if you feel that your writing is not tapping into something that makes you feel a certain something, throw it out. Only write when you have that nasty little urge inside your guts.



Let yourself go and read a lot.

Let your mind wander where it wants to go. Explore new things and read a ton of things that are interesting to you. I read constantly. I want to know what the future will be like today. So, I keep up to date on AI, Machine Learning, Electric cars, solar power, independent artists, global trends, new projects, systems, art and social movements. My primary concerns are: creative freedom, monetization of creative energy and re-wilding the planet. I have a global perspective of reality since I lived in Japan and speak several languages besides English.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, just dive deep.

For me, I love new technology that incorporates decentralization. I researched Nikola Tesla last year and I’ve also been on a lifelong quest to solve this one problem: how to turn creative energy into money in a sustainable, fair way. I’ve spent 7 years trying to figure this out, and it appears that decentralized ecosystems are the answer. I feel like the luckiest artist alive since I finally found a way to get rid of my gatekeepers. I’d like to share this newly found information with the world in the hopes that it can improve both humanity and the planet, both of which are suffering massively right now.



Comment on other people’s posts like your life depends on it.

Steemit is a community. It’s not Facebook, so your little stupid gripes about getting the wrong kind of latte at Starbucks isn’t going to cut it on Steemit. And superficial food porn shots won’t really help you gain followers either. If you write an entire soliloquy on a certain kind of food, or make fun of yourself for posting food porn shots, you’ll do fine. Take things to the next level. Steemit is Facebook 5.0. It skipped several versions.

When you first join Steemit, no one will know you. You must seek out people you like or respect and communicate a lot with them. Stroke their egos if you must. Gush about how cool they are but don’t bug them to read your post. Be creative, make a puzzle that your favorite Steemit blogger must figure out. Do something unique. Pestering people, begging and whining for attention are bad strategies. Don’t do them. It will get you nowhere. Lifting others up is the best way to get followers. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about anything. I did this a lot when I first joined Steemit and it paid off big time.

If you do these things, you should find success in Steemit.

Good luck!

This same article has generated $47 so far on Steemit.com:

Go here to see this same article on Steemit.com where bloggers are paid by the community: https://steemit.com/steemit/@stellabelle/the-ultimate-guide-to-killing-it-on-steemit-or-anywhere-else


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Love story: My crush with corper Kellz

Episode 3

But my nerves relaxed when he smiled reassuringly seconds later, turning on his bed so that he could get closer to me.

“okay but why?” he asked,

“becauseeeee,” I tried to continue but I couldn’t; I was too
distracted by his eyes.,”

“I,” I stuttered my words. “I … uh … like you.”

“I like you too,” he smiled.

“No,” I shook my head, my breathing so heavy I was sure he
could hear it.
“I mean, I really like
you.” i murmured.

“I know,” he touched my laps gently, I felt the heat radiating from his body.

“I like you too.” he repeated,

“What?” My voice raised a few notches, only seconds from being a screech.

“I have seen the way you look at me.” He smiled, moving back and sitting on the edge of his bed.
“After a while, I guess I started looking at you the same way. I’m glad it was not
noticeable though. If other students saw it, I could get into trouble.” he added calmly,

“Why?” I asked curiously. “I am a big girl?”

“But you are my student,” he frowned. “That is kind of a big no no in my ethics.” he answered,

“Oh,” I frowned, “I should probably go.”
I turned quickly, just ready to leave his room. {though very happy to learn that he was lusting after me as well.

“Judith,” his voice echoed in my head as i tried to stand, I felt his hand caressing my left knee, my entire body lit up like fireworks.
I turned around quickly, my heart
pounding so loudly that it was all I could hear. His hand had touched me.

In the last couple
months of being in his class, I could not remember a time in
which he had touched me. Even when submitting my assignment book, our bodies never once came in contact with one another.

“Yes?” I answered,
“Never mind,” he sighed, hanging his head down low as he took off his hand from my body.

“What is it?” I asked with concern, “Is
something the matter?”

“You should probably go.” He murmured, avoiding making eye contact with me.

“I truly don’t want to go,” I held my ground, resisting the urge to
slam my foot against the ground.
“I want to be here with you.” i added shamelessly,

“I can’t” he shook his head at me before breaking eye contact once again.

“You can’t what?” I asked, “Tell me.”

“I can’t touch you,” he answered with a sad look hanging in
his eyes.

“Why not?” I wondered aloud.

“You are a student and a little girl, you seem not to know what you are up against.” He looked up at me, trying to give a reassuring smile, but it was not working.

“moreover I can’t risk it.” he murmured under his breath, dashing my hopes.

To be continued.

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Love story: My crush with corper Kellz

Lot of secondary school girls at some point had petty crushes on male corpers, but what I had was not a crush; I lusted for this guy.
Everyone in school knew that corper kellz was sexy. All my {female} friends had a slight thing for him. We all prayed to be his girlfriend..

I truly wasn’t the best student in the class,
but really, how could any girl focus on learning, when six feet
of tall dark handsomeness was in her line of sight every

I was suddenly pulled out of my dirty thoughts as my Idol {himself} called out my name.

“Where was your mind?.” i heard him ask, while the entire classroom chuckled at
me, but I did not care. He had spoken my name. My name had
crossed his lips that were slightly hidden behind a perfectly trimmed goatee.

Our eyes locked for a brief moment and something clicked. I
could feel it and I knew that he could feel it also. I felt myself dripping wet into my panties.

“why are you lost in my class?,” he asked, but before i could give an answer, the bell rang for break, making everyone jump to their feet. Everyone except for me seemed to be in a hurry to leave the class.
I waited for the classroom to clear open before making my way up to him. I
seemed to have no control over my actions. My body did not want to leave, it wanted to stay and enjoy every moment with him.

We silently stared at each other, my heart pounding madly.

“sir, i really havn’t been concentrating in class, due to some family issues” I lied effortlessy, making my way to his side.

“so what exactly is the family problem you are having?,” he asked curiously, “perhaps I could be of help?” he added softly.

“it’s a long story sir, but I really was wondering if you could help me with special lessons after school, my parents will be willing to pay,” I asked with a sweet smile, while he shrugged and breathed deeply, staring at me as if i asked for something impossible.

“I am not the best at asking for help, But, if you can’t help me, don’t bother, I will
figure out another solution.” I murmured with a coloured face, before turning to leave, surprisingly he grabbed my left hand.

“alright I get off work at 2:30pm, maybe we could be meeting every 4pm at your house, i’m here to serve everyone who needs my help” he said softly, smiling calmly.

“nooo i think your lodge will be much better, i don’t want to give you the stress of trekking to my house every evening” i answered happily, while he shrugged again.

“That would be great,” I heard him say, while my eyes blossomed with joy.

“AT LAST HE IS ALL MINE” i reasoned.

What a silly naughty girl i was….

Episode 2

hours later @home
I spent the next two hours getting ready. It was harder than I had imagined trying to dress up for someone without it looking
like I was trying to dress up for him. I was sure I could come up with a reason as to why I looked dressed up, because I wanted to avoid raising suspicion.

By the end of my “getting ready” I was satisfied. My black skirt was just above my knees, not showing anything off. Over my skirt hung a long red sleeveless
shirt, showing off my firm arms instead of my firm stomach. My
favourite thing about that shirt was how amazing my 36C
b—–s were perfectly viewable.
You could not see the flesh, but you could see every shape they gave off.

Once I decided I was ready, I snuck out the back door and headed to his lodge. I had to sneak out because i hate lying to mum who would find it very strange that I was meeting my teacher, which made the option of sneaking out more preferable.
{Yea i know meeting with a teacher isn’t really a strange thing judging from a normal perspective, but it truly was more of meeting with my
teacher in that outfit which made it more weird, because my dressing wasn’t study appropriate}.

I panicked the whole way to his lodge, with my maths Text book and a note pad tucked in my skirt {pocket}.
I soon got to his room, breathed deeply before calmly knocking on his room door. I was so nervous and excited that i could hear my heart beating furiously in my chest. Knocking on his door was more nerve wrecking than i had imagined, Still I gained up my courage and continued knocking.

“Come in,” his voice finally called through the door and my entire body tingled. I loved the sound of his voice. It was deep and manly.
I took one more deep breathe and made my way into his room,
slowly pushing open the door. He was sitting on a giant mattress that gave his room a peculiar shape.

“Ah,” he smiled as our eyes met.

“Judith” he greeted,

“good evening,” I smiled nervously, shutting the door behind me. I was not
sure if shutting it was a good idea, but i gave it no second thought.

“Nice room” i murmured,

“I find it a little too stuffy,” he laughed,

“hmmm do you?”,
“anyway thank you for meeting with me”, “I really do appreciate” i said polietly before settling down on a plastic chair.

“You generally seem to have no problem with your school work until lately?” he added after a little silence,

“Can I be honest with you?” I blurted out, almost placing my
hand over my mouth.
I had no idea what my brain was doing, but I knew it was a very bad idea.

“I don’t see why not,” he smiled over at me.

“I was thinking about you in the class before you noticed my absent mindedness,” I confessed nervously, my face turning bright red.

“hmmm, please i need the truth, what exactly brought you here?” i instantly heard him ask. His face growing serious, his eyes searching me keenly like a policeman. I froze and cautioned myself. I really was thrown out of balance with his question.

“emm emm,” I murmured, losing my
voice which caught in my throat.

“emm I kind of just wanted to see you
outside of class.” i finally managed to answer. He breathed deeply, crossed his legs and held his jaw like an old man.

I LOST HOPE. I was pretty sure he would throw me out of his room after tongue lashing me. What an embarrassment. I felt very foolish.

“Am i not old enough to fall in love??, what is wrong with this corper?, why is he so uptight?, can’t he read my mind?, what is he feeling like?” i wondered as we stared at each other.

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