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One of the unsolved mysteries about the Atlantic : TRUE OR MYTH?

They mention that Atlantis was as big as a continent !!

A great archaeological discovery at the bottom of Lake Van in Turkey again lightens the scenarios for the lost Atlantis.

Platonas say it was an island located on the seabed of Gibraltar The existence of the hidden city in the Antarctic “confirmed” according to the absurd theory of an ancient map, known as the Piri Reis map, which allegedly written in 1513 AD

The letter to Christians explains how Atlantis was created and because it was circular like a ring, with a sea and a small island in the middle (just like the ancient Thira just before the big blast). “When the gods shared the earth, Neptune received Atlantis and handed it to the sons of the demigods to cultivate it. One of them married Lefkipi and they made Kleito, whom Poseidon fell in love with, and he wanted to make her forever. Then he chose a place and protected it with circular zones of fertile land and sea to ensure her heavenly life (as if we were seeing Crete along with the ancient Kallisti). ”

The name Atlantis is probably derived from the mythical giant Atlanta, which held the whole earth and the sky on its shoulders. According to the discoveries of American geologists Haiken and McKoy, made in Santorini in 1990, they all refer to the famous fresco found in the western building of Akrotiri. Here we see a beach of ancient Thira with a wealthy life on a central island that was drenched by the sea around. Just as he described Plato the lost Atlantis. And this islet is claimed to have disappeared from a major explosion that caused terrible earthquakes and smoke. According to Plato, the fumes were projected into the sky, 40 km high. If that was the case, then it certainly seemed to be on the shores of the Eastern and Central Mediterranean. People watched the nature’s rumors bewildering, seeing that they were watching Atlanta himself holding the sky on his shoulders.


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