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Our little walk on the path of blood

I do not where this path may lead, but till the end we will go.
A forest opening is clear and a path of red like the blood from a head, the trees are tall a tall as the sky, with no leaves or life are visible to your eye and the sound of screams are far and wide.
We walk along a path quite fast till we come to a very old man. with a beard of white stained with dirt and old food you dislike. His clothing the same dirty and ragged like he has not a bit of water to clean. As we pass he spoke up in a huff. he pulled a knife a fast as a blink and came at us, as he is the guard of the forest no no one shall trespass. He attacks with persecution but with a flip of my foot, there goes Mr old man on the bottom of the the sink hole with the many he has killed.
So we walking the light slowly fading with the noises of a very large ravine, The sound is is loud and is telling us to “GET OUT!” The sky is black and we can not see but all we feel is the claws of it feet! Up we went 100 feet to be dropped to our death. With no thought grab the bird under it wing and cut till I fell toward the ground toward the water.
With a bit of luck we survive the fall then come upon the nastiest of the wildest Boer on the path back to shore. On the path the Boer has teeth as sharp as knifes, ripping into a humans spine.The image of the flames of hell coming through his eyes shoot out as her starts to sense the new meat to his surprise .Then with a whip of his head upward to the sky he throws the man in the sky and then swallows the him whole.
Now with the only path blocked by a Human devouring Boer a plan is need and was needed quick.The only way is to get him to come in and use the animals that may live with in.The first thing we get some vines to use as some rope,knocked you out sorry my friend this is the start of your part my friend, I tie you up nice and tight and cut you up so it will make him bite, and throw you in to see if the Boer will try. Our plan has worked out right he start to run into the water. he gabs your arm and before he rips you into I stab him in the brain. You live with only losing two of your limbs.
We come to the end of the path. where all seems clear I have you on my back , and we are almost there but then we came upon a bear. I sorry to say but we did not make it home that day. We are dead and you know why because we thought we could not die. In the End the lesson learned is to never go down the path of blood or you may die.

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