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Jane and her way back home.

Jane is a beautiful woman at the age of 18. Five foot nothing with a athletic build, and wavy black hair that touches her butt. She is very smart but does not enjoy the company of most people.She was raise in a tower in the forest of the Dreadful volcano of death; where she has had not contact with the world around her sense her abduction on the day of her birth. The only interactions she has is the old woman the dressed in a black dress with a hood as though someone just died, and the random animals that came her way. She spends a lot of time looking out her window and just letting her mind roam. Down the tower and the volcano and over the hill flying right in to the sky, but no matter how hard she try she can never see anything other then what she can see. She needs to get out and she don’t know how but with that thought her book case fell down.Jane walked over to her bookcase and saw there was a book. She pick it up off the floor and saw that is was a brown leather backed book for writing in, and it had a lock. a Red ribbon held a note with gold writing on it. Jane untied the ribbon and read the note which said ” The key is in the back of the mind and all will be seen in a blink of a eye”. Jane had no clue of what to think of the note, so she picked up her bookcase and books, and rearrange her room for a feel of a new look. She never remembered falling asleep but she was in the sky looking a her self as a baby in the arm of a man. The man hand a very loving face with black hair and beard that covered mot of his face, eyes brown with the highlight of gold and silver making the speak out with out him having to speak. The word were calm and low almost a wispier and was talking about how the natural ability can be unlocked with a key, The key is in the place in our mind where we don’t do in any point in time. look this thing in the eye and you will unlock what was hidden inside. She woke up with a thump of a broom on top her her beautiful head, She fell asleep while cleaning and must finish before it is seen.She thought of her mind and what has she lost, how can she find it, and why is it lost? She eats very little of the cabbage soup she was given, as all she was doing was thinking about the most she can remember of the man and the room in her dream. The man was tall and built like a bull, his face is similar to Jane’s. Skin the color a caramel latte. Hair the black as the night sky,cut short,wavy as the water a the beach.Large Emerald green eyes that sparkle like the stars. Tall and broad as thought he could throw a building. The robe he wore was made of the brightest gold and a crown on his head with a set of three gem, red white, and green. The room is very Large and spacious with lots of books that are all the same as the book she has but in different sizes and shapes. The center of the room has a round table made from a tree trunk the free must have been a million feet. The table had a cloth of gold and a arrangement of flower with all the colors of the world.The room is a dining area where people come to eat. Jane start to feel very happy in this room and can start to see it as though it were a movie playing in her head. She can feel the love of her father once again, But the feeling as though she need to stop came very fast and she was knocked off her feet. She felt a lost when she looked out the window; all she could think is where is my father. It started to rain so Jane needed to shower. rain water made her mind be able to rest for the day ,and feel clean again even in her tower dungeon.

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