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On the path the the Center of my soul and the the path I took to get here chapter two. And the my first book.

The dreams were always there, sometimes I may be in the forest or other on a ship thin the middle of the ocean, but in the end I was in search of something and everything was stopping me from getting where I was going.
My youngest sister was born and my dreams where starting to speak to me as if I were taking to long, At this age the dreams have become more like I was looking for something that was just there and was meaningless.
I learnt was to not dream and it worked for a time, after a while I just started hearing and seeing things during the day when I was awake , My life was hard and keeping this dream from passing on this message I can’t even remember is going to see me to a nut hospital.
I started to try and remember as many details as possible about my dreams and what seemed to be the same in all and clues that will led me to the answer I am in search of.
at 6 I had a dream of where I was in a room with rows of books shelves that were as tall as the sky, the rows were lined up row by row. As far as my eyes I could see there were books. I was looking for there was a clue in the books and I needed to find it.
I up at the books, but the words made no sense to me at all, I looked around for help, but no one was there. All I could see was books, books, books. The room was dark and all I could see was rows of books. I was lost and had no clue of what to do.
I looked at the book as thou it were for years, I voice in a very low whisper, as if to be telling me a secret; it I said that I knew what I was looking at, but i just had to remember. I looked at the books and reach out to pick up a old leather bond book with a gold ribbon around it, as I did the words starting to change, But before I could see what the cover said; I fell down, down,down, but before I hit the ground I woke up………
End Of chapter two

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