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Studying abroad – Breaking down the roller coaster ride

After long months of continuous wait, uncertainty, hard work, sorting out of documents and applying in various Universities, finally getting admissions into a college abroad may seem like a dream. Congratulations! We bet you can’t wait to begin your new life.

Studying abroad is definitely one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have and the most probable to change your life forever. However, the actual experience of studying abroad may be very different from what you have probably been day dreaming about since the last few months.

First of all, we would like to inform you about the various myths of studying abroad. Beware, we do not wish to break your heart or pull your morale down, but we do want to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Studying abroad is not a cakewalk. Most of the University brochures, websites and movies (read Bollywood) you have seen till now have created an image of perfection in your mind. Even Google images seem to repeatedly remind you of the beauty of that place.

Yes, this is all true, but not entirely. The city you will live in will not be as beautiful throughout, and you will NOT live in the most expensive, beautiful area of that city. The window in your bedroom may not have that picturesque view Google images had shown you and the locals around you may not always be as fluent with English as you thought them to be nor as helpful as you’d like them to be.

For most students, studying abroad comes with a lot of dreams. Having realistic expectations about the country you are going to study in is always a better option. Prior research on the culture, people, and University campus will help you a great deal. Getting to know about the local history, cuisine and sentiments of people will help you integrate into the society better. If the country has a language other than English, prior knowledge of the language is a great idea.

Many students go abroad with unrealistic expectations of traveling, partying and having a good time. Traveling not only requires a lot of money, but as international students, there are several laws and regulations that have to be fulfilled.Ideas about working and earning should also be realistic; these do not pay very well and require a lot of hard work.

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If you go with such expectations, the monotonous routine of going to attend lectures every day will seem very boring to you. You must go with a clear mind on these aspects.Now that your bubble is burst, we would like to familiarize you with the highs you will experience once youâve left home.

The first and the foremost are your freedom and independence. After so many years of living under you parents, that exhilarating feel of freedom will be irreplaceable. Of course, there will be days you will miss your family and feel homesick, but rest assured, the years spent away from home will make you independent and strong. You will learn how to deal with the worst situations on your own and you will finally realize that at the end, all is well.

At some point, you will find friends who will replace your family and make you feel that you are not alone. You will also find some very kind, empathetic people and will notice the feeling of responsibility every citizen has. You will suddenly want to make sure roads are clean and follow traffic rules!

You will build a life of your own and know all the streets of the city. You will finally be living the life you’ve always wanted to in the city of your dreams!

This is when you will find yourself so well integrated into their society that your home town will seem like a distant reality. Countless opportunities will cross your way.

And then, all too soon, there will come a time when your program will near its end. You will then you will pack all your memories and lessons and take home the new person you have become, leaving the old you behind.

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    • This is a very clear perspective of what studying abroad is,it is not really a bed of roses neither is it a meal of bread and jam!
      It entails experiences,enlightments and "exposition" to various odds in that sphere of life.I also agree with the fact that studying abroad brings about independence and self-reliance of who is involved.
      Being in such a privileging instance takes and needs alot of bracing up to scale through those ugly circumstances one may encounter.

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