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Now You’re Back! Welcome Home!

For sure, this would catch a mixed feelings of sorrow and happiness. LiteracyBase goes off in the Internet circulation due to indeterminate reason. The admin doesn’t make any statement for its closure. Even myself, I am surprised upon learning from other forum I am working with of the untimely shutting down of this site.

Those who have huge pending cash out to make are ranting and even making a statement that LiteracyBase becomes a scam. With this, it spreads like a wild fire in the big forest. We couldn’t blame them for it’s their right and they’re entitled for their legitimate works.

Possible Causes

Usually a website suffers closure may be due to the following reasons:

1. Mismanagement. This is usually permanent. The site owner had squandered the earnings from the ads and had used them to another investment.

2. Abuses of the users. Users tend to abuse the site for lack of strict rules and regulations. It has no control on those users who spam the site. Posts are irrelevant.

3. Scam. Due to fast increase of new members who are paying their registration for an instant making money. Paying some members a juicy sum of money invite others who have been allured of such payment result to upsurge of membership by leaps and bounds, the site decided to close the site.

4. Copyright Infringement. This could be permanent in nature. Many bloggers, online writers or site owners that their articles, posts have copied and pasted to other sites without permission or proper attribution. A copyright violation is filed against them and they’re ordered by the court to shut down and pay the required payment for indemnity.

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5. Failure to renew Domain subscription. This is temporary. It could be remedied and the site would be back to function or circulate normally when the subscription for renewal of domain name is paid.

6. Migration to a better webhosting. This won’t take long. It may take a day or so. Actually this is announced by the website owner/admin.

Anyway some of them may temporary in nature. Well we cannot guess what’s the cause or causes of Literacy Base site.

Now Literacy Base Is Here

As I mentioned earlier, varied feelings of sadness, happiness or even disgust are unavoidable. Anyway, there’s nothing to worry anymore. Everything would be back to normal. Pending payments would settled the soonest possible time.

Credits are due to those who comment to forums, create a new post or thread. They are automatically updated in their outstanding balance in their respective account. I have noticed in my own account for I have just come back.

Welcome back, Literacy Base!

image: Robtoto/pixabay/PublicDomain

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