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Now You’re Back! Welcome Home!

For sure, this would catch a mixed feelings of sorrow and happiness. LiteracyBase goes off in the Internet circulation due… Read More

7 years ago

Hey Fools! You Ain’t Going To Be Paid!!!

There are a number of fools writing on this site. They are plagiarising, they are post garbage, and they are… Read More

7 years ago

Apparently “sky is the limit” on literacy base

I once read a line that said "if sky is the limit then why are there foot prints on the… Read More

7 years ago

Literacy Base – Writing Tips

If you're new to Literacy Base you may be thinking. "I don't know where to start or what to write… Read More

7 years ago

Haven’t been on MyLot lately

Ever since a fellow Mylotter reffered me to this site i have found myself more here than on Mylot. The… Read More

7 years ago

My Wishes For Literacy Base To Make This Site Easier To Navigate And Popular

I have been here since January of this year already. But still until now, I am still groping as to… Read More

7 years ago

Google Trends – Which topics are trending at the moment?

Browsing around other blogs for ideas is normal. Sometimes we can get an unusual idea for a blog by reading… Read More

7 years ago

One Month On Literacy Base And A Little About Me

Well, I started on here on January 31 and here it is the end of February. I have posted about… Read More

7 years ago

Can we Earn Some money online **Yes we can **

I think all PTC websites are fake and I think they never pay anything; actually earnings there are so slow… Read More

7 years ago

The Feeling Of Happiness When You Received Payment

As the title says, the feeling of happiness when you received the payment of your hardship is really fulfilling no… Read More

8 years ago