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New to this, need to know more.

Learning how to make earnings on Literacybase.com.  How to monetize my blog.  This is really something new and I am so keen to how find more.  Is this reward thing really true?  Hope to get some guidance from anyone is are experienced in Literacybase.com to give some tips and advice.  Wold be grate to hear from anyone with any piece of advice.

I will have a lot of thinking and planning to do on what to share at this place.  I have done a little research on this website and found a number of people saying good things about it.  At least this something that is worth trying and testing it out.  My first experience now is trying to write useful articles and get it post as soon as possible.  Many things to learn about and many opportunity to earn some income from this.

I believe people who will do well with this website, are those who have a lot of things to say, share and tell others about it.  I believe I can find something to talk about but this first article is really testing.  Guess I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I hope to get a lot likes for what I am writing and hopefully my stories will encourage and motivate people.  I will not write anything that is too negative and condemning to anyone.  Well it is depends on the number of likes that I will receive.

This is what I found from an Internet forum regarding Literacybase.com.

Someone wrote this:

“I don’t know if this site is known, but I’ve heard of it a few times.

The idea seems to me to be interesting, but reaching the value to receive a payment seems to be something very laborious and not very rewarding (which means a bad combination :oops:).

I mean… I don’t want the money to be easy (I know money online means hard working), but I don’t intend to “kill myself” to earn just a few dollars. :p

This was the response in return:

“The pay is considered quite low, and it depends on the word count too. The longer we write, the better we will earn. For example, 300 word post worths 15 cents, 500 word post worths 22 cent. For forum posting, it’s between 0.2 cent to 2 cent only. I prefer to write blog posts there.

It’s not a fast and easy earning site, but as I don’t have many other good earning sites to work on, this looks quite good to me. Most importantly, it pays. I have joined a few other better paying sites, but stopped paying and closed down.

It might requires lots of work there, if you have other better paying sites or work, of course it’d be good to go for them. I am only writing there when I have some free time and inspirations. :)”

Looks good enough as long as it is not some scam sites.


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How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog


Today, I want to talk about how to get more views on your word press blog. Blogging has become more popular than ever. An increasing number of today’s network marketers have at least one blog. In a way, it seems as if blogging has become a sport. The more active you are, the better you become. As bloggers, one of our goals is to get more views on our posts. The more views we get, the more popular our blogs become. Although I consider myself a student at blogging, there are simple ways to get more eyeballs on your work. The information provided will assist in getting the views you seek for your blog.

A good title: 

The first way to get more blog views is to start with a good title. Titles are very important because they are the first thing people see. Headlines dictate whether or not your reader will proceed further into your article. Your title needs to be eye catching and possibly tell a story in itself. 

Original content:

We all know the ole’ saying that content is king. Original content builds kingdoms. Network marketing success blogs require good quality content. Even if your content is not a completely original idea, it should be written with originality. You should include articles that offer encouragement and education. These kind of articles seem to resonate well with readers. Entrepreneurs are consistently looking for ways to improve themselves and their business. Good content that provides ideas and solutions work best. 

Blog syndication:

After you write your blog post, you want to get it syndicated through a social platform. Tribe pro is an excellent place to get eyeballs on your blog. There are a variety of MLM tribes that will syndicate your content so long as it provides value. Many six and seven figure earners have tribes of influence. Submit your RSS feed and integrate videos as well. You can add several links and even create your own MLM tribe.

Social media:

This one is a no-brainer, so I won’t spend much time on it. Hundreds of millions of people are on social media. So it only makes sense to leverage the platform to connect with visitors. You want to post on social sites such as Face Book and twitter. The key with Face book though, is not just posting on your timeline. You want to post in groups that focus on blogging so you can attract more targeted visitors to your word press blog.

Guest blogging and commenting:

I haven’t guest blogged yet, but I will. I have been asked a few times to do some guest blogging and an interview! I learned that guest blogging on sites that attract thousands of visitors is a great way to get more traffic to your site. In addition, liking and giving positive feedback on other bloggers sites, which I have done, is a good way to gain exposure.

In conclusion, the information presented above are great ways on how to get more views on your word press blog. If you would like to post on purpose and profit at the same time(who wouldn’t) my mentor is offering some free training that will assist you to make money even if you don’t have a website.

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having trouble getting started with literacybase

Here I am trying to figure how to get started with Literacy Base and I am struggling though. The how it work’s video only gave a very vague understanding. The links on that page do not work, I get an error message saying ”

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.


So I am spending a lot of my time browsing around looking for posts, groups, or forums that can provide useful direction to help me understand the best way to navigate this site and make a modest income from it. I have found a lot of newbie things to read, but nothing really provides any useful introduction as to the best way to monetize my time on this site.  Everyone says to post, post, post but I want to create meaningful posts and not just random ones.
I have searched for other members to try and get some guidance but it seems like everyone I come across is in the same situation as myself. I don’t mind making very little money for writing short posts and commenting on other posts. I do want to know how to do it in the most productive way.
I think we all want to make money on this site and that appears to be very difficult. As I am typing this ‘article’ I keep getting told it is too short. Perhaps I should look to see if there is a word count for me to reference as I type. Nope, I am unable to find a word count location. I don’t even know how long this needs to be. I thought it was a general profile post but it appears to be more of an article.
I am embarrassed by the low quality of what I am writing here and I apologize, I am learning on a steep learning curve.
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Now You’re Back! Welcome Home!

For sure, this would catch a mixed feelings of sorrow and happiness. LiteracyBase goes off in the Internet circulation due to indeterminate reason. The admin doesn’t make any statement for its closure. Even myself, I am surprised upon learning from other forum I am working with of the untimely shutting down of this site.

Those who have huge pending cash out to make are ranting and even making a statement that LiteracyBase becomes a scam. With this, it spreads like a wild fire in the big forest. We couldn’t blame them for it’s their right and they’re entitled for their legitimate works.

Possible Causes

Usually a website suffers closure may be due to the following reasons:

1. Mismanagement. This is usually permanent. The site owner had squandered the earnings from the ads and had used them to another investment.

2. Abuses of the users. Users tend to abuse the site for lack of strict rules and regulations. It has no control on those users who spam the site. Posts are irrelevant.

3. Scam. Due to fast increase of new members who are paying their registration for an instant making money. Paying some members a juicy sum of money invite others who have been allured of such payment result to upsurge of membership by leaps and bounds, the site decided to close the site.

4. Copyright Infringement. This could be permanent in nature. Many bloggers, online writers or site owners that their articles, posts have copied and pasted to other sites without permission or proper attribution. A copyright violation is filed against them and they’re ordered by the court to shut down and pay the required payment for indemnity.

5. Failure to renew Domain subscription. This is temporary. It could be remedied and the site would be back to function or circulate normally when the subscription for renewal of domain name is paid.

6. Migration to a better webhosting. This won’t take long. It may take a day or so. Actually this is announced by the website owner/admin.

Anyway some of them may temporary in nature. Well we cannot guess what’s the cause or causes of Literacy Base site.

Now Literacy Base Is Here

As I mentioned earlier, varied feelings of sadness, happiness or even disgust are unavoidable. Anyway, there’s nothing to worry anymore. Everything would be back to normal. Pending payments would settled the soonest possible time.

Credits are due to those who comment to forums, create a new post or thread. They are automatically updated in their outstanding balance in their respective account. I have noticed in my own account for I have just come back.

Welcome back, Literacy Base!

image: Robtoto/pixabay/PublicDomain

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Could this be true and trying to find out
October 2, 2017

After months and months of waiting I understand literacybase is finally back.  I have yet to see if that is true.  And this post is merely to check if what I have heard is true.

I always enjoyed writing for literacybase.  They were prompt in crediting me with earnings. I have earned many times and when suddenly they stopped being active it did disturb me.  I kept coming here for several days only to be faced with a blank board.

Today in another forum someone mentioned that this site is back.  I was happy and so here i am welcoming everyone who had stayed away thinkging that literacybase stopped being active.

Having said that when I checked the Blogs section I see so many aspirants writing relentlessly.  Hats off to them for not having lost faith in literacybase.

I only hope that this site has truly come back.  There will be scores waiting to get back and being active. Wish we were told why the site stopped entertaining their users by accepting their writings.  Even ‘support’ stopped communicating.  I had sent so many messages and they are there lying unanswered.  I hope all this will now be history and literacybase will be with all its strength and continue being active as before.

I wish literacybase a thumping success in their second attempt to get back.

Here is an appeal to all those who stopped being active, do get back with your writing prowess and blog away.  The forums platform also needs you.  Let’s get back and interact with each other asking and answering questions, clearing doubts and making each other happy.

If I do not get any reaction to this blog I will not get back until I see it happening.  Do get back and tell us where you have been all this while and how your online writing experience has been


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Hey Fools! You Ain’t Going To Be Paid!!!
July 23, 2017

There are a number of fools writing on this site. They are plagiarising, they are post garbage, and they are in rolls of rapture thinking that they’ll be getting their cheque!


This site virtually went down in APRIL. That is over TWO MONTHS AGO. This Site stopped paying in APRIL. The Administration, the Owners, all packed up and walked away, and all they do is collect any Ad revenue that may accrue.


This Site does not pay, does not do a bloody blessed thing. It has been in this stage since the End of April.

You can get 7 Million hits you will receive ZERO compensation. That is because this site has actually ‘gone down’ but has NOT been removed.

Unlike Bubblews went down, then was removed, as Triond went down and was removed, this site went down and due to complete lack of interest, has NOT been taken down.

Sure, we all expected that when we reached the 15th of July, the site, having been up for Three Years would naturally disappear, after all, who is paying the ‘rent’ for this site to continue to exist?

Could it be that the Fools who are posting their ugly little fingers off, plagiarising other people’s work, thinking at the end of the month they’ll get their ‘redemption’ are the ones who are producing ad revenue for the Owners?

That would be the most wonderful form of Justice.

Imagine, all the real writers who weren’t paid in May have retired their key boards. Some check in to communicate with friends. Some to copy previous work and rework it for other sites. No one is writing here, save and accept a bunch of plagiarisers who grab the work of other people, and post it here.

But no one who posts here will be paid.
Save the person who owns the Ad Sense account.

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time to post are money links so we can get some thing out of LB since they are not paying

Hi since litarcay base is not paying us any more. to me that means , we all so should not have to follow the rules what do I mean by that. most of us have some links that can make us money. the rules here say not to post the link or we will not get paid since this site is not paying I say let post the money making links this way we can get some thing for the work we did on this site.
for me I sell web site for resell when I get done with this post my link will be at the end of this post, the ws web site is world wide and it kind of like a dot com but it is a .ws this way people still have a way of get a web domain with there own name at a very low cost and this web site has a way to make money it kind of network marketing one of the lowest on the market
how did I get involved I read it in one of the main business magaize. most time if some thing a scam the magazine will not do s story on it the when I post this web site since it world wide it might pop up in other langue then English. I did post it on other writer comment there is two links one comes up not English the other link is English. this is the link www.freedom.ws/quacktrek2
I will put this link a few times so I can get to the 300 word point so I can post this. Yes I know this is nuts but since LB is not paying I going to find other way to profit from my writing and I suggest every one on here if you got some link that make you money post here make sure you still got to do 300 words to post. but let see what happens?

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the reason for no more post from me

Hi why I Have not made any more post ? I am waiting to

get paid if they do pay me then I do post again if they do not then no more activty on here from me, so after a few weeks in July I see what going on, No sense in wasting my time if this site no going to pay any one. I am on my lot and I am looking for other paid writing site that does pay , I know this take time to find other wrting site. but since the last writing site I was on I did save most of my post to a flash drive, with a litte tunine I will use the post again in a writng site that does pay , why am I waiting for july ? becasue I only cash out like the end of may or the first week of june so I have to see if they will or will not pay, By reading the article on here and my lot it look like this site not paying any more
if they do not pay. no post from me on this site but if you do like my post you can go to my lot that site does pay not enough but something .my lot is not site for doing stories it more of a comment site that how people over there get paid
and the plus is you do not have to ask for it it automaic if you haave money in there when the time comes you get paid with out asking for the money I like that.
so for the time now this is kind of my last post for this site .so if you want to know what am doing with my food cart go tomy face book page. OK that it for now

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Two Years, Three Hundred and Nineteen Days
May 31, 2017

Literacybase has existed for Two Years Three Hundred and Nineteen days.  That means that the Three year anniversary will be reached in Forty Six Days; that is, to my calendar July Sixteen.

I am virtually certain that on the Fifteenth Day of July this site will disappear.

Mark July Sixteen in your diary.

And prepare.

Those of you who have been members for a year or two know the change this site went through.

Moderation moving to very very slow moderation to prevent users from reaching the threshold.

False charges of plagiarism to have good articles kicked off the site, and again, slow down reaching the threshold.

The ponder for me has always been the very slow method of payment.  For example, in May we expected to receive our March redemption and put in for our April  sometime before May ten.

Of course, as we all know, Literacybase has NOT paid for May.  Further, the Admin has disappeared.

Amazing, isn’t it?

A site in which the Admin was obstreperous suddenly has no Admin, no Moderation at all.

There are those who are posting obviously plagiarised junk, posting in really poor English, if in English at all,  and nothing at all is happening.

The ‘automatic’ calculations, which are done by A.I. continue so that I can glance at my ‘Available Balance’ and see numbers, but lets be honest; I could have Ten Dollars or Ten Thousand, I am NOT going to be paid.

You are not going to be Paid.

Unlike sites as   Wikinut or Blogjob or even Niume, which informs its users that they will NOT be paid by X date, so that the User can decide whether or not to continue to post, the Admin of Literacybase tip toes off into the night, leaving us stranded.

As most of you don’t believe what I’m posting, mark the date of July Sixteen on your calendar.

On that day, you should log in to see some sort of 4O4 error message.

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were the ads on Literacybase, if no ads how does this site make money?

How does literacy base make money
I do not see any ads on this site. As you know a lot of writing sites make money with ads that people click on.If the sites do not use ads were does the money come from?
we know they do not have a membership fee which will not get people on here to join I will not pay to write. but time on the other hand is kind of a payment to plus a lesson one thing since I started writing my typing is getting faster ,A friend of mine notice I am not looking at the key board to write my post . How this happen? by being on the low paying writing sites that how this happen so on one hand I might be paid very little pennies but look how many people are on Farmville face book playing with fake money. Now the time I use to put on facebook farmville I now do the writing thing and make some money yes I know it not a lot but soon I get better at spelling and maybe then I can go for the real writing jobs for magazine that do short stories that were the real money for writing is I think this way I have more money coming in my number one goal is to get my spelling better then I rally be good I still like to learn copy writing yes I know it boring but it is good income that I was reading about does any here on LB do copy writing?If you do let me know. I think since copy writing is very comptive no one going to say if they do it or not . I know copy writing is other style of writing but if it can make me money then I do it. 

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