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having trouble getting started with literacybase

Here I am trying to figure how to get started with Literacy Base and I am struggling though. The how it work’s video only gave a very vague understanding. The links on that page do not work, I get an error message saying ”

This page isn’t working

Related Post didn’t send any data.


So I am spending a lot of my time browsing around looking for posts, groups, or forums that can provide useful direction to help me understand the best way to navigate this site and make a modest income from it. I have found a lot of newbie things to read, but nothing really provides any useful introduction as to the best way to monetize my time on this site.  Everyone says to post, post, post but I want to create meaningful posts and not just random ones.
I have searched for other members to try and get some guidance but it seems like everyone I come across is in the same situation as myself. I don’t mind making very little money for writing short posts and commenting on other posts. I do want to know how to do it in the most productive way.
I think we all want to make money on this site and that appears to be very difficult. As I am typing this ‘article’ I keep getting told it is too short. Perhaps I should look to see if there is a word count for me to reference as I type. Nope, I am unable to find a word count location. I don’t even know how long this needs to be. I thought it was a general profile post but it appears to be more of an article.
I am embarrassed by the low quality of what I am writing here and I apologize, I am learning on a steep learning curve.

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