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I am back for good

Hello my friends. Sorry I haven’t been around. Been trying to make money but I am to 4 cents here so far lol. I am still new here so I am still learning. I was on MyLot when someone mentioned this site so I decided to come back. I am also on a couple other sites. Slow but works. Making money takes time for sure. I am also a seller through Poshmark which is nice. Mercari don’t make me money anyways. I think I buy more than I sell there. Thought about closing my account there because of scammers but who knows anymore. The weather is decently nice now since it is Spring weather. MyLot I am earning okay on. That is my main site. How is everyone here? Any tips and tricks for me? I hope to possibly make a small income here just on the side. I forgot how long these blogs have to be. Anyone know? I am not be active here everyday but I sure will try. I have to go clean my house yet and take out all the garbage and what not so maybe I will be back lol. Do using hashtags work in here in our articles by chance? Just wondering is all. JUst so you all know, I write all my blogs and articles like journals. That way there is no plagerism. Do we credit our pictures in posts too? Just wondering that also. Well, I just figures out our blogs have to be 300 or more words which is fine by me.I now also own the iPhone 6-128GB and trying to get it unlocked but have to go through a third party to do it because Apple nor T-Mobile will unlock it. I bought a bypass sim card chip for it so I can at least use it temporarily until I get the actual unlcok paid for for a third party. I’ll post more later when I get the full swing of this site. (smiles) Later.

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    • Tips and tricks?

      - Sign in every day.
      - Publish a blog post at least twice a week.
      (My advice but I don't do it because I have lots of home biz projects.)
      - Be active in the groups and forums. They are fun!
      - Post to your own timeline. I usuall share a quote.
      - Share LB posts (yours and others). Sharing helps a lot!
      Check the blog posts I wrote about being an active member here at LB.

      Hope this helps! Welcome back! :)

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