There’s More to the Storms

Storms can produce more than debris. Storms can generate peace even the thunderous storms. There are some afraid of what… Read More

6 years ago

no more rain in my area in been raining for all most three month

rain rain my area had enough of it why I am I sick and tired of the rain? one it… Read More

7 years ago

warm weather today in my area nice for a change

warm weather is hear for today . Were am I ? I live in upstate New York less then a… Read More

7 years ago

Summer and hot weather every day problems

That awful moment when your computer overheats from time to time, and you have to open it let's say once… Read More

7 years ago

Only in Delhi; weather one day hot on day cold

Delhi is such a beautiful place to work at, I live here since quite somme time and I like it… Read More

7 years ago

Clean Up and Recovery, Stella

Stella hit us pretty hard. This was a historic blizzard that started locally around 2:55 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I… Read More

7 years ago

I don’t like summer season

Summer has finally arrived.I don't like this season. Summer is hottest, longest & in some respects, most tiring season in… Read More

7 years ago

snow storm, salt roads, pot holes, big box store

Some snow to come tonight kind of like a blizzard my area the weather report says maybe 18-24 inches of… Read More

7 years ago

Weather Alert for the Azores

It has been issued for this week a yellow alert for the Azores. Aound this time of the year we… Read More

7 years ago

weather in upstate New York is nuts

weather in my area has been crazy .nuts what ever you want to call it. I am in the upstate… Read More

7 years ago