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There’s a lot of Dramatics and There’s a Choice not to Engage

Of course we’ve all been exposed to some form of drama and some are quite addicted to drama. There are some who may be bored and feel that they need to witness some drama. That’s why some will try to start trouble in order to get some juices flowing. There are some who get their kicks out of seeing others react to their nonsense. There’s so many activities we all can engage in. Do we “really need” to be exposed to the dramatics everyday? Allow persons to live their lives as the persons see fit.

Not too many will mind their own business. Who really wants to be bothered with a bunch of foolishness every single day? Not (Tanikka Paulk) and I Tanikka Paulk won’t. I’ve become an expert in ignoring. Shouldn’t we all be trying “to live” better lives? There are some who refuse to engage in any positivity. Always causing some sort of disruption. That’s why it’s better to just shut down the devices and choose to not respond. Some people do not deserve the attention at all.

Imagine having to deal with a group of big babies everyday. meaning a bunch of adults who do not know their place. My business should be “my business” and not everyone else’s. My meaning (Tanikka Paulk). In order to keep from losing control, shutting down is necessary, there are some who continue to try and test the patience of so many. Mainly myself but of course there will be others who will have to deal with what I’m dealing with. Imagine being under a microscope. Yes, individuals watching my every move, there’s isn’t a day that they’re not watching.

It really does take a lot of strength to not react to some of the things but not all will need to receive a response. They may just receive an ear full. There are some who have lost their temper and some who have lost their mind. For so many they’re objective is to cause a person to lose their mind. I’m not going to allow such a thing. I (Tanikka Paulk) plan on keeping my mind. That’s Right! Certainly will. Despite what’s said and done. I’m continuing to move forward and really want to be in a place where there’s more than peace “achieved.”

It’s quite unsettling that so many aren’t living up to their potential because they’re too busy minding my business. Not even focused on what they can achieve. That’s why so many end up feeling regret because they’ve placed focused on areas which won’t offer any elevation. Why should we be so in tuned with every action a person makes? Not too many are living their own lives. Some are living through others. They’re following my dreams and not their own. Living through my experiences and not their own. Some are not only imitating but are trying to obtain every single thing a person has achieved. “I’ve already chosen to live my own life but not all think the same way.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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