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Art of Living- Happy versus Sad

I am a bit confused watching all the bad things happening in our surroundings including murders, crimes, rape, political disturbances, and anarchist activities by ruling and opposition political parties, students and even by government employees involved in corrupt practices.

I am not saying that there are no happy people around us living happy and comfortable life but they are too few in comparison. Probably they are the ones who know how to live a happy and satisfied life. Probably they know the art of living or they are brought up in the right manner with no negative feeling for life or the society they live in.

Actually you live a life exactly the way you feel about life and if you have a happy mindset you face no problem setting your problems aside or find something positive even out of a situation not so favorable. I am sure most of you might not have heard what François Gautier a French writer based in India married to a Sikh lady once said, “The flowers blossom naturally but we can help by watering them”.

A person has to decide which side he is on or what he choose for himself a happy life or a life full of unfulfilled desires, full of stresses. Life is full of happiness and worries but the choice is entirely yours which one you chose to nurture for yourself.

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Actually the reasons are not big or small but we make them look so. You see some of us are sad because we have a small family and some others are angry because they have a very large family. One is happy because he is successful while others are not happy because they are jealous of successful people.

However, most of us forget the basics of unhappiness that joy and sorrow are very much part of our lives and we have to deal with them. No one wants to think that most of the problems we face are self created and one can handle them with little bit of self efforts.

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