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Finding my “Kamuning!” Where’s My Cat?

This morning I kept calling for my pet cat, “Kamuning,” but I could not find her. She usually follows me when I walk or bike in the morning. She plays along the road or climb trees; but I did not notice she was gone.

We waited until this late afternoon if she might show up, but she’s still nowhere to be found. Her food which I left at the garage remained untouched. When we go out of the house to buy grocery items or food items at the mall or at the market, she usually runs to meet us when we arrive home, but this afternoon, still no Kamuning to greet us!

Missing the Naughty Cat

Am so sad, I looked for her at the laundry area where she usually sleeps all day. She used to sleep at our laundry basket, but it was empty! I missed her antics. She always try to open our window screen so she could get inside the house. I allow her inside the house for some hours only when she wants to play with me and with our pet dog.

Kamuning is a Good Hunter

If Kamuning would not show up, it meant a big loss for us because she’s a good guard and hunter. She catches rats around the house or at the grassland near us. And it is said that snakes fear cats, so I am afraid there might be snakes showing up again near our yard when Kamuning is not around.

Could Some People Hurt Her?

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I am afraid some people might had hurt her or done something bad to her. Kamuning apparently did not like her pellets (food), and maybe she scouted for fish or other food in some neighbor’s kitchen. They might get angry with her, so they might had hurt her. I pity her if they would do it to her.

They know someone owns Kamuning because she has a blue collar, meaning she is not a feral cat so they should not catch or harm her.

Will Get Another Cat In Place of Kamuning

If Kamuning will not show up, we will get another pet cat. I asked our neighbor if their pregnant cat had already given birth. She said it could be, because the tummy was already flat, but she could not tell where it’s kittens are. She said it usually gives birth at the nearby grassy area.

I hope the ground maintenance man will find the new-born kittens. I told him I will get one if he found it.

Do you have pets, or cats for pets? Are you also emotionally attached to it?

Note:Photo shows my pet “Kamuning.” Photo by acelawrites

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