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Satisfaction, Happiness and Gratitude- Smile

What do you feel you need in life to stay happy and cheerful? If you ask me I have a simple answer for that, I feel I can manage to stay happy if I keep my smile intact and learn to be grateful. And here I certainly do not have religion in my mind but everything that counts in my life or motivates me to live a cheerful life.

I personally feel that smile has great power of expression. I use this power when I have no words for expressing myself then I give a hearty smile and that solves my purpose. The person whom I wish to convey my message of my gratefulness knows my feelings. I can go a step further and say that the words sometimes can be misinterpreted but smile is always at the right target. It never fails. I believe the smile is as important for human being as sun rays or air.

A smile is good not only for you but for your entire family that keeps them in good mood and health because a smiling face is always a sign that indicates the level of satisfaction of all the family members. I have a firm belief that a family needs money to live happily but if there is no satisfaction or family members have affection and love for each other money will work only partially. A smile is a good indicator of happiness level.

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You always see two different kinds of people in your surroundings one that keep smiling and when they come near you get a different feeling of happiness or you feel like a pleasing music is playing around you but when you see people ranting or yelling never satisfied types you feel you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Smile is a weapon that can win over your worst enemy.

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