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December 18, 2016 at 6:22 pm

I started reading bible at age 19 and was able to reach the revelation.I stop for few months reading the bible because of blog writing,but I promise to Lord that I will resume reading nxt week. I have to spare at least 30 minutes reading the holy bible. The first time I read it, I did not understand, but as I was so consistent of my intention to learn, I gradually feel the spirit of the Lord guiding me to understanding the words of God.

Well, I may not blame others not having a desire to read because they belong to free thinkers people. God has too much tolerance to His children,despite the entire wold we inherited from God’s creation, still others seem deaf and blind.They continue to do harm to humans and nature.

What we learn from the bible is truly a gift for we know more the wisdom of the Lord he wants us to know and follow. I enjoy reading the bible, it seems I am having face-to-face with our dear Lord. As a matter of fact, I always receive God’s miracle. He always answers my prayers.God listens to us even in deep silence and busy place.


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December 18, 2016 at 7:20 pm

Wow if i may respond to @ Mr Dilkington fi4st and foremost you can never get enough of the bible, the bible is there to TEACH, CORRECT and CONDEMN us. I dont know what you read that made you get so agitated about God and the bible. But i won’t judge you for we all will be judged by God himself. Back to the question yes i do read my bible everyday, and i always make it a habit to do my devition every single morning. I may not understand everything that i read but as i continue in my search for getting to know God more deeply and to have a relationship with him, i believe that he will give me the wisdom and grace to reach the heights that i so long wish or desire to reach. Like you say @cely the bible is a wonderful book, and it teaches us so many things. It teaches us knowledge, how to love one another with the love of Jesus Christ, it teaches us patience and how to act in the midst of storms. I love the bible stories and i know that once you start reading them and understand the morals behind them you can never get bored reading it. this is very inspiring thanks for aharing cely.

December 18, 2016 at 7:57 pm

@mr. Dilkington, I wanna share what I know about why God is a jealous God.

It is said that God is jealous because He do not want his Children to worship gods and godesses. It’s because He do not want His children to be away from Him. He do not want them to be lost in the darkness.

December 18, 2016 at 10:39 pm

I read the Holy Bible when I was doing MA English in 1985 with my whole heart and try to understand it thoroughly but read the bible as you are standing before God because all he holy books ate the gift of God on earth for men and the message of God to men.

We read the bible just to read the stories and do not get the message from the biblical readings. I say to the people read the end chapter of the bible to know the reality of men and the universe. The Revelation

December 19, 2016 at 5:11 pm

@Mr Dilkington,Well, all I can say is the Bible you read is not a bible hehehehe, bible porno,lo,.Mr.Dil, Yes, God Kills, that is why the laws on the land are also the laws of God.Death penalty therefore is not against the law of God for who are killed through death sentence are criminals, and who those God kills are criminals. And who are you to oppose what he wants to do? He is the owner of the earth and at a click of Hid hand, this world may turn void,get me?

That is why, don’t even oppose the laws of God for death is the payment of your sins. That is why we always see : FEAR GOD”. Yes, we have to fear God for when we commit a sin, there is penalty of your sin.It may not be right away, but gradually. That is why , those who do not believe and trust God will surely suffer earthly sufferings.

If you are only a good child of the Lord, you will feel the true meaning of life, love, peace and nothing more your heart desires for , but to live in a clean life. The reason why you do not understand the message of the Bible is, you lack faith. The Holy Spirit may not dwell on you as the representative of God the Father. Call His name and ask for forgiveness of your doubts.Tell the Lord to enlighten you for that is how God rules His earth and all the living and nonliving.God said: THIS EARTH IS MINE.”

Never question God for you are just nothing, but a mortal one, subject to death and when you die, you will receive the harsh punishment of God the Father. 






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December 19, 2016 at 5:37 pm

@Mr Dilkington, Yes , God said, ” I am coming soon to judge the living and the dead, and I am going to judge you according to your deeds.” Meaning if you are a good citizen, good guy, having all the qualities to be called humane, therefore, you might have a better judgment; however, God said: I am your God, do not worship other gods. I am your Savior, so in order for you to inherit the Kingdom of God, repent and have God as your only Savior. The meaning of this is, God is a loving God and He gives everyone sinners like me, like you and all the readers here since no one is perfect, a chance to inherit God’s Kingdom and to have eternal life in Paradise.

If you ignore God, you will surely go back to Him to worship, rejoice and praise.Let us always praise the Lord.That is what God wants us to do to praise the same way as our earthly father to praise him,Yes, do also praise your dad as semblance of the righteous God for like Him, He does everything to expand the earth.

You are exactly right, so many perished punished by our mortal God because those who were killed through acid rain in Sodom and Gomorrah are sinners.They no longer obey God’s laws. They were on the extreme of their carnal desires, regardless of their knowledge , of the taboos, of the sins, and the crimes .Those are the crimes punishable by death. That is how Powerful God is, so never fight God. You are just human ; nothing.

The ferocious storms, plane crashes, fire, tsunami, tidal waves, flash floods,war, are the effects of the disobedience of the humans, the children of God. We are sinners, violators.These calamities and disasters will be stopped THROUGH PRAYERS AND REPENTANCE OF OUR SINS. Only those who pray and repent will be saved even if you are in an inch of death if you only call His name. Amen.


Whatever you say,to fight me, useless, I am a Catholic faith defender, strong believer of God.Amen to this happiness I always feel in Jesus name.



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December 19, 2016 at 5:44 pm

Reading the bible requires us to understand in depth. Do not interpret it literally. The messages of the Lord through the prophets and the Saints need many days to understand them. At first, it is hard to understand, but as you read consistently and excessively and though the guidance of the holy spirit, we gradually understand. I feel the happiness every time I read the bible. I also feel the fear of those sins that I have committed. yes, no one is perfect in this world.

No one can escape the wrath of God, but the only thing that pacifies our Almighty Father is prayer and repentance for the salvation of our souls. Let us never provoke God for we are nothing. And if we have no God in our life, we will be noting.

December 20, 2016 at 8:27 am

Reading bible is compulsory for any every children of God. I did not know how a born again will grow without reading the world of God. Bible is an inspirational book of life which tell us the principle of Which God uses to deal with a man.
For me, I can’t do without reading bible, It is Book of Books. It contain every thing i this word. By reading the bible, we are known the mind of God for our life. Why won’t I read the bible? It core course for every children of God
It Is compulsory to do for us.

December 20, 2016 at 9:49 am

I can remember a song when I was in primary school, the song go thus
” Read your bible, pray everyday,pray everyday,pray everyday
read your bible, pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday,
If you want to grow,
If you want to grow o, If you want to grow ooo,
Read your bible, pray everyday,pray everyday,pray everyday
read your bible, pray everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday,
If you want to grow o o o
This is a good song we do sing then just to tell us that a good christian must read his or her bible.

December 20, 2016 at 4:31 pm

Daily bible reading, daily spiritual growth. I mean that anytime your reading the bible you are reading the mind of God. God expose Himself to us by His word. Nobody can study or read the word of God and remain the same.
The bible teaches us how to love God,it teaches us hoe to live our life. Any body that fails to ready the the word of God is no more alive because devil will torment such a Christian. Therefore I encourage the Christian to make bible reading as their first priority in any thing they are doing in life.
The bible is the word of God. The bible is the is the live. And the bible is the world itself.

December 20, 2016 at 6:08 pm

@Mr Dilkington, I write long discussions for I am a blogger for 8 years and I can write even 3,000 words in few minutes. If you did not read my discussions, fine, and whoever you may be, of course human without God, this is what I can say, I write because I am happy with it as my passion not money as the first priority. I just let you know that I have a better job as a univesty professor holding two  masters in Match and Physics and Ph.D in Mathematics, so never judge anyone if you won’t to be judged.

Just go on with your life without God and when you die, God will never entertain you.LOL. Just go on living life you believe you are happy. FROM THIS TIME ON: LET US MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS. I do not know you, and will never care to know about you.

December 20, 2016 at 6:21 pm

@Timothy, you are a very nice and good person for you have God in your life. I am terribly sorry for a spammer that joins our discussions about bible and God. He is an atheist. He must not join our discussion for he is not with us.We have lived with God in our life, while that spammer, none. How dare he blames God for the many killings of the world. He is insane. He did not understand what he rads in the Bible. He just imagines that he reads the Bible. He might read only those parts like Sodom ad Gomorrah and did not know why God sent acid rain killing all those sinful people, too the extreme that God’s wrath was upon Him. O told him that we have to fear God for God really punishes us if commit sins. ‘

All that person wants us to know is God does not exist. We cannot blame him for his shallow mind and family brought up, family  without God.

Just do what you believe right in relation to God. We need to have a very strong relationship with our Father  Almighty.

December 21, 2016 at 6:00 am

Looks like someone deleted my comments on this thread, im not sure who has the authority to do that, maybe the forum creator. Looks like people couldnt handle some truths

December 21, 2016 at 6:20 pm

Most people here praise God, know God, love God and you are the only non-believer. There are so numerous Christians here. Merry Christmas to you though you do not believe Christmas, sorry to your belief. Good bye…

December 22, 2016 at 7:46 am

When I was in high school years, I had read the Holy Bible cover to cover. I studied in a private Catholic school. It is a must to read the context of this book. During that time, I have some doubts why should I need to read it. There are so many questions that I kept on my Religion teacher. In some point, she is so irritated for all these questions lingered in my mind. So I managed to seek for answers with my own research. I must say things can be answered as you ponder the every verse of chapters of the Holy Bible.