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November 11, 2016 at 10:24 am

Planning and preparing

Having a plan a most common of the human mind good or bad whether if it’s even right or wrong, as I said “it’s most common” anyway plans are varied in cases that differ in many a ways, volume and aspects in alliance with and how to get it all executed.

Nothing like a good plan


Ever heard a little saying ? “That the man who fails to plan is the man who plan to fail” sounds simple but it’s so true, biggest nation they say is the imagination, no nation bigger that the imagination,  It’s always good to have a plan.

Good results bad results of a plan

Planning is always something we as individuals do on overtime, mainly at nights or on spared and say leature times which can be good when getting it ready and you starting to see good results and can be frustrating in other cases as well, ‘ doesn’t mean you should get fed up and stop ‘ a mean apart from taking a break to get refreshed and going back on track when you planning out life or and other situations you have to be very much prompt and organized in doing so. 

Sometimes you plan but seeing no great results or no results at all, which means that is either its getting there and need some little adjustments or on the other hand it might not be a good plan for you at the moment. Plans come as the weather, whether if it’s from the head or from someone else’s plan/ idea but that’s how it typically is, this one of the reasons why you can see if when go to the store or out on the streets these varieties in business even though some are actually pulling the same string , singing the same song in the name of business.

Plan all you like buy remember to be precise In and when making decisions, Always have an open mind or thought on how to develop on higher level, think free and clean as that would be a guideline in furthering your steps and a true substance keep you posted firmly on your way in all your destinations.

That’s my thoughts on planning.

November 11, 2016 at 11:16 pm

Planning is a part of everyones life. I dont think you can do anything on this earth without planning not unless you are not serious and all your looking for is failing meserably just like the saying you have mentioned above. When you dont plan you plan to fail because everything that we do we have to plan for it to turn out well, otherwise you will be disappointed and frustrated. To have things run smoothly there has to be some kind of plan or strategy to get results. If i can take an example in our homes those of us who run homes you know that you’ve got to have aplan to be able to run the house, right? You have to plan what to cook at what time, when to do laundry when to go shopping all this requires some kind of plan, otherwise nothing will ever be done well.those people who dont have plan in their lives are people (if i may say this) who do not have a vison for their lives. All they do is just live whatever comes comes they really don’t care and that in itself is disaster in the making.

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November 12, 2016 at 9:01 am

Either good or bad result in planning, we need to stand firm and take full responsibility of this. We cannot blame others because it is oneself plan and decision. However, some people turned themselves to others and blame them for the misery in life. That’s not being sporty. We need to face all the challenges in life and continue to plan. It is just a cycle of life.

November 12, 2016 at 11:32 am

Disaster in the making, I like that term, and oh so true on the repercussions that follows behind and ahead if one don’t put in play or fails to practice analogies in perceiving results from perfect planning.

Everyone see things or say life in different ways, so as to plans, topic, idea it all come and go with how we think ( IQ ) likewise and the realm on how one sees things in their, his/ her views and prospects. Just like us here on literacybase as members of the same community, we share some of the same values, we have a plan, and even though we may have different ways means and attributes in life, having a plan is heart and founder of any any goals reached, every source achieved and for the many a  strength and skills it takes to leap over all the hurdles faced in all our endeavors.

Planning is key and it is true that it doesn’t require any Phd’s nor masters . Sometimes it takes a little time to fully get the idea of what you really planed out for and which for one, is not a bad idea of any good plan ‘it takes a lot of time and overtime if you really want to see any good resulting from all that overdrive and exhaustion’. And on the other hand speaking, some plan are just like on the jiff, day to day activities like some of which you outlined— house plans, shopping plans, vacation plans etc etc the list goes as far…

For everyone that read this blog I know you might find it interesting I hope so too as I do as one of the topics I raised here. My advice on planning  to everyone to is to first plan to be you, before you plan to be no one else, never trade your true values for nothing or no one else’s. Plan ahead of the time your heading towards, remember to think over and over before making or confirming your dession.  

Thank you



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