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February 17, 2018 at 6:58 pm

America has always been a land of promise in a election year. So far, the newly elected President Donald J. Trump has been following through his campaign promises. Of course, we give credit to whom it is due— to the American people who voted a working promise-keeping president. And they have expressed joy and happiness for their choice of a president.

The only proper assessment we honestly give of the President must be on his achievements.

1. US withdrawal from Parish Agreeemnt. Thus, ensuring USA will have the world’s lowest energy costs, which with taxation and freeing regulatory¬† reform sounds economically resurgent for the great-again nation since President Trump.

2. Significantly reducing  illegal immigration. Again, ILLEGAL immigration.

3. Appointment of true Constitutonal judges. Not, politicians as judges.

4. Increasing budget for defence in military and police enforcement.

5. Recognition of Isreal’s Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

To sum this post all up:  President Donald Trump has been doing a great job (unpaid job) what his predecessors merely mouthed about without action.

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