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Like religion politics can be a extremely controversial issue. In saying this respect for others opinions should be just that.

What do we have going on in our world in respect to politics? Are we improving or is this world becoming corrupt due to the lack of the above; no respect for one another s beliefs, way of living, and etc……

Let’s start with a conversation on Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a mogul in the real estate business. After the death of Donald Trump’s father, he inherited somewhere between 40 to 200 million from his dad’s estate. From there he started purchasing football teams, beauty pageants, fashion lines, and television shows (Investopedia, 2016). Most of us know that he also owns Trump Plaza which is gorgeous. Not only is it a exquisite hotel but has a casino within it.

A vital question may be, is Mr. Donald Trump knowledgeable, educated sufficiently to be an advantageous presidential candidate? Does he have those in the field that are advising him or he is auto didactic (self-taught)?

Also why are there so many protests going on? Is this due to miscommunications? Those possibly taking information and interpreting it in various ways. Remember that old saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. What exactly do we want for our country? Is it peace and tranquillity or is it just the opposite?

There are so many issues related to politics and with it being debatable other things have attached to it like religion. What exactly does religion have to do with politics. Religion in itself is one’s belief in a higher power, a system of faith and/or worship that most of the time is not of this earth, so how could this be linked?

Some have said that they have completely let go of being associated with a specific political party and/or religion. This belief comes from some wanting this world to be united as a whole instead of separate entities. The above comes from questions asked of several different people from various backgrounds. There are beliefs that some have that can impact everyone positively and create that peace and tranquillity that some may be seeking but of course we know that that will never happen especially when there are mixed views that will not bring into existence that repose that few may be looking for.

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