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March 29, 2017 at 3:32 pm

I have been observing this from the past one month. I do not know if is right to use picture images which have been used by others on their articles and whether Literacybase allows this use of images by other writers?

1) I have found writers who are writing blogs using this.

2) I do not know why they do not upload their image which is as per the article from the free images on google or other such places on the internet.

3) I have observed other members objecting to this as some are the photos which they have taken or they have loaded for their articles.

4) Some have used the images for their names and groups name which are again being used by the author writers doing so. Which is not correct.

5) Some are one particular image which had been uploaded by  other writers for multiple articles of theirs.

6) Many are not even giving credit to the source from where the articles have been uploaded which is not correct as they may face copyright issues and problems at a later stage.

7) I suggest writers who are writing blogs to upload their own images from the internet. And always give credit to the person who is the owner of the image.

8) Because others who have uploaded the image are also not owners and are giving credit to the image share to the site from where it is being uploaded  from google.

9) It makes me worried whether the person who uploaded first will be in trouble rather than  other author writers who blog. As the photo what first uploaded by me and others are misusing it without giving credit to the owner of the same which is not me.

10) If someone is new and does not know how to upload from the internet  then please learn to do so or ask someones help  and then do the same or you can even ask @support for guidance too.

Request members not to use  images uploaded by me or others from the image library which are being used. Remember what you find in the library is nothing but an image which has been uploaded by someone from the net or his personal one. There are no free images to share there. You have to do this from the net where there is a wide choice available. Hope the information is use. Awaiting comments and views  from others facing similar problems as me.


Cc: @support

March 30, 2017 at 11:47 pm

I have to go to blogs to see who is using what picture now. Do not know if some authors who use other images from the literacybase library are continuing to do so. I think this article has not been seen by many readers and writers. Those who are reading this please share your experience about this and what you have to say on this issue.

March 31, 2017 at 1:38 am

Thank you Krishna Kumar for airing this issue. It has been the subject of my two blogs here. When I signed up March 1 (or os ot Feb.28?), it was one of my questions, if we can use those photos in the media library though it was already used by a member or members here. I noticed different blogs of different members with the same photo/image.

Then I opted to use my gravatar, a red gumamela flower, then a yellow one which I shot from a nearby garden because it was so beautiful. Then when it was uploaded, someone used it, which is just alright for me. But when a “spammer” with numerous blogs with the same title used my photo of a beautiful beach here in the Philippines, I got annoyed. He used my photo for those spammy posts!

So I said, my photos or your photos must carry your name/or water mark it for identification so other members could not just use it. We cannot blame them from using images from the media library because it is available.

So it is the @support who should think of removing that portion (media library) or upload images there from the free photo sites instead of putting images that were already used by other members.

You are right, and it was one of my fears: if I uploaded a photo from the media library, I do not know if it was used freely (or if it is a free image), or who to give attribution to. I can not thank the original owner of that photo. Or was it used “legally” or with the consent of the original owner of that photo/image?

I hope this can shed some light on the matter.

March 31, 2017 at 2:52 am


As you have mentioned in the comment above it is only @support who can do something in this matter. As a writer I have raised a issue which not only you but many others too were facing a problem with. My only worry is whether it is right to do so. And if it is right to do so and if @support says it is not a problem then I have no issues. Tomorrow I do not want to face any copy right issues or problems of that kind for which  which I am not responsible.

As for each article I write I make it a point to choose one different image which is relevant to that particular article in the blog. This helps the viewer understand through an image what the article is about. We and others have done their job in highlighting the issue and there is now nothing more we can do. The sad part is the writers are not giving credit to the owner of the photos which is not me.

I only hope we do not have any problems and if @support is able to assure us about it it will be a great thing on their part.  Even today someone used a image which I uploaded from a site for my article.  Let us wait and see what happens. Sure @support is aware of this and will help us if we land into any trouble on this particular issue due to no fault of us.

March 31, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Free images on google using it on articles is a very bad idea. This could not only damage the site but also damages the adsense account if the shutterstocks image gets copied by someone.

Images from pixabby, snapstock, are free and open to use by all. Nobody owns those images. Anyone just uploading that on images library does not make free image as their own property. However anyone if using any random google image search image in their article, that could be damaging. I am surprised at some of the writers here who think that uploading pixabay and snapstock image in images library becomes their property. And for the record, pixabay, stocksnap, and some creative commons free images do not require attribution. Only creative commons “attribution” category requires attribution. 

March 31, 2017 at 9:59 pm


Please suggest some good way to upload a image from the computer as I do not do photography and I use a image which I upload from google free images and then use it  for the article and give credit to the person or company to whom it belongs. How does one go about it in a proper way without encountering any problems either for the writers or for the site itself. If you have a way or solution kindly share the same as it would be of use to all. Awaiting your response on this issue. Best wishes.

April 1, 2017 at 11:42 am

Here are some of the sites that you can check out for the free and creative commons images.

1. Unsplash : This is the best site. Just make sure to reduce the resolution under 860 x 640. This is because photos are high quality. And the size is also high. Free and no need of credit to photographer either. Also they don’t have no name for photographer either.

2. Pixabay : Another site which you can use to download free and creative commons images. No need for attribution unless sidebar warning says otherwise.

3. Death to stock photos : You can find that death to stock photos is a good place for some of the high quality images. It has some nice set of images.

You don’t have to worry about attribution when you are downloading photos from these places unless  creative commons attribution says so.

Your photos from media library gets copied by others, there is no harm. You don’t own those images either. You just uploaded it so that should not hurt you or the site in any way. it’s not stealing or cheating.

Hope that helps.

April 1, 2017 at 2:15 pm


Thank you for the clarification. At least there are three proper places where if we use images they are not having any complications and will not land us or the site in any trouble. Is Pinterest and free download images also similar please clarify and whenever you happen to stumble upon image which are similar to the ones you mentioned above in the comment. Kindly add the same to the list. This enhanced list will be very helpful to all the writers who are not aware of all these technicalities.

If some one asks for these details then I can advise them to refer this particular article and comments in it and will tell them to  check the list. It will help them a lot especially who are new to this and do not know the abc of this. Have a great weekend. Best wishes and regards.

April 1, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Actually I had a post on this twice already for there were four writers who used my photo images, so shocking after posting my blog someone also used the same which is very impossible the blog that person submitted did not qualify for the photo image,Plus someone also stole my personal photos taken from Auckland city, NZ.How come he had those pictures copy cut? So I reported that person as thief in this site and was happy and will be happy to tell you now that person was removed right away.My thank to Support for the immediate resolution.

April 1, 2017 at 8:17 pm

@Krishna I don’t see the way to verify the images from the pinterest and stumbleupon. The reason being they can be original and not without copyright. So using them may land us in trouble too. It’s someone else images. I think it’s better not to add them to the list. The reason being both the sites have commercial images hosted on them. That’s one reason why they are not worth using for image repository.

April 1, 2017 at 9:54 pm

@mahesh thanks for the clarification. Please do add some more sites from where images can be downloaded without problems to the list you have mentioned as and when possible for you. As told by you I will stop using images from stumble upon and pinterest. There is also a site freedownloadimages do not know about it hence thought will also let you know about the same to check whether it can be used. Thanks for the reply.

April 1, 2017 at 9:59 pm


Good to note that admin took action and removed the person who was using your photos from the literacy base library. But to tell you many people are new and are not aware about this copy right issue and other problems associated with the images. I think if once we use the image if it is locked for the article and is not to be used again by anyone including us then it will be fine. Hope the admin or @support looks into this particular aspect. As if one is not doing something like that deliberately then one feels sad for the writer as the mistake was because he was new and did not know about this issue. Thanks for the inputs.

April 1, 2017 at 11:45 pm

I have seen this issue in the past with pictures and my thoughts on this are that the admins need to set it up where no one is able to use other people’s pictures. Is this possible? Yes, it is. I have marked every picture I have uploaded on this site with my name but who is to say that someone comes behind me and changes what I have written on my photo’s? Admin needs to step in and do something about it. I have been away for a few months so I am hoping things have changed since then.

April 2, 2017 at 8:10 am

@evilelf ,Yes, that was me who told you that my photos were stolen by a writer here and I reported that person to Support and that person was removed here. It is a very critical decision to copy or steal my personal pictures I took in New Zealand.If he was there in Auckland, how come that we have the same photos taken? That was so devastating for me, that person can never have capture form there considering his location Nigeria, hahahaha, so funny man, stealing my photos.

April 2, 2017 at 10:35 am

I personally rely heavily on unsplash and pixabay. They have the best images and the quality of images is also good. So you’d find that reflected in their database. Some of the sites are however closing down though. I have found one site which was hosted on tumblr, whose photographer died. His family made the earlier images for free. But that being said here are some of the options out there.

1. Public domain archive

2. Web machine internet archive

3. Little visuals

4. Freely


If I find any then I’d write article about it in future listing all of them. That way people can find it useful.