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June 27, 2016 at 4:38 pm

Hi guys hope you are all well, i don’t know if any of you has ever tried to use Apple cider as a detox method. there are many people who believe that apple cider is only used as an ingredient in cookery others think it is only for energy, but the other thing it is used for is as a detox and it works pretty well. Many of us try different ways and things to get rid of some ailments when we can only do one thing and get healed. Drink apple cider and kiss your troubles away. you can do it on a weekend by taking it in the morning and evening for two days taking vegetables only and see what happens you will see a difference on your skin as well. the one thing that we all forget is that all this ailments are in our system and its the system that needs to be cleansed first then the healing follows.