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Ripple Joins Startups to Lobby for Cryptocurrency Regulators
September 30, 2018

Bianews on Friday this week, Ripple (ripple coin)and several startups announced on September 27 that they have set up an Internet alliance to ensure US value, to unite to lobby for cryptocurrency legislators and regulators, and plan to pay digital currency to supporters in Washington.


As the bills used by Congress and the US SEC for digital currency and blockchain technology are yet to be decided, they want regulators and legislators to recognize emerging concepts in the financial technology arena.


In August, there was a wave of cryptocurrency regulation in the community, and the global regulation of cryptocurrency and ICO projects began to strengthen. In this regulatory storm, the entire cryptocurrency market was bleak, bitcoin prices fell to nearly 6,000 US dollars, Ethereum prices even fell below 200 US dollars, Ripple is relatively stable. The market was once panicked, and some investors even lost confidence in the market, so there was a panic selling situation.


Ripple joins startups to form an alliance to lobby for cryptocurrency regulators is precisely to deal with the storm. Whether cryptocurrencies need regulation or not has always been a controversial topic. The party that supports supervision believes that if the cryptocurrency is not regulated, it will certainly disrupt the existing economic system; the party that opposes regulation says that excessive regulation will limit the development of blockchain.


In March of this year, a meeting of the G20 central bank governors and finance ministers was held in Buenos Aires, where the discussion on matters ranging from international trade to global infrastructure investment was held. Since then, the G20 has begun to delve into ways to reduce the risk of cryptocurrency markets and to develop regulatory rules that will not stifle the innovation potential of blockchain. While many entrepreneurs and investors in the field are concerned that government compliance will hinder future growth, the reality is that participation in cooperation provides the best way to turn for potential turning points, accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology by major enterprise users and more institutional investors, with far-reaching implications.


It is difficult to predict whether the regulation of cryptocurrency will have a positive or negative impact on the industry. However, despite the government’s increased control over the encryption market, I really believe that they cannot greatly hinder the development of blockchain technology.


I personally think that cryptocurrency regulation should not hinder the development of this technology, but it is necessary to adopt “fair” and “transparent” supervision of the new cryptocurrency industry.


Perhaps the August is not the best time to make important decisions, but at the same time, the continued lows also seem to indicate the beginning of a strong rebound. In fact, some countries and regions have expressed their intention to optimize the supervision of the cryptocurrency industry, and may receive a lot of good news this fall. I hope that this ripple news will give investors a little confidence in the market and expect ripple to bring better news by doing this.


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Latest Bitcoin News for Analyzing Bitcoin Development
September 29, 2018

At the end of 2017, bitcoin prices soared to $20,000, followed by a plunging trend. The current bitcoin price usd has been hovering around $6,500. Many people want to know if bitcoin prices are likely to return to $20,000. Whether bitcoin is a bubble or not. There are various sayings on the Internet, and I personally have doubts, so I want to find answers by long-term analysis of some authoritative news or Information about Bitcoin. So for the next period of time, I will focus on Bitcoin news.


1.Bitcoin’s monthly trading volume has surpassed Germany’s largest exchange

On Friday this week, according to Crypto Times, Bitcoin trading volume in a single month has surpassed Germany’s largest stock exchange-Deutsche Borse’s monthly trading volume, you can check the bitcoin trading price if you are interested. Ethereum trading volume in a single month is at the same level as Australia’s largest stock exchange. And the trading volume of Tether (USDT) is a single month has exceeded Switzerland’s largest stock exchange. In addition, the total amount of cryptocurrency transactions in a single month reached $386 billion, far exceeding the London Stock Exchange’s $140 billion and surpassing the single-month trading volume of the two largest stock exchanges in Europe.


This is not only a good news for Bitcoin, but also a good news for the entire cryptocurrency market. The encryption market has been in a bear market for a long time. This good bitcoin news seems to have made investors who have long been in a bear market see glimmers of hope.


2.American authoritative dictionary publishing agency added the word bitcoin to SCRABBLE

According to the news on Tuesday this week, Globe Swire, the US authoritative book publisher Merriam-Webster launched The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, the sixth edition of this dictionary, and there are 300 new words were added into it, one of them is “Bitcoin”.


Although this news does not involve information directly related to the rise in bitcoin prices, this news is sufficient to show that the popularity of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is going to be higher and higher in the future, and even become an indispensable element of everyone’s daily life, which reflects the potential value of Bitcoin.


3.Goldman Sachs and Google raise $25 million for a bitcoin payment company

Bitcoin payment network startup Veem claimed on Thursday this week that Goldman Sachs and GV became the main investors in its $25 million new round of financing, and other people involved in the investment also include Kleiner, Perkins, Silicon Valley Bank, Trend Forward Capital and Pantera Capital.


In the process of talking to the teacher Forbes, Veem CEO Marwan Forzley confirmed that it has successfully completed a new round of financing-$25 million, the most attractive since the company first started financing in May 2015. At a time.

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The Rise of Litecoin Could be Quicker than We Expect
September 28, 2018

With the development of Litecoin LTC in the cryptocurrency market, digital coins appear to have recorded long-term upside trajectories in the past few days, showing no signs of stopping. That’s why many investors and traders are investigating virtual currencies in an attempt to predict their prices before the end of the year.


Before we continue, it is important to understand that Litecoin is much more similar to eth coin and bitcoin than people expected. It’s easy to predict litecoin value and price only by understanding its shared attributes and capabilities.


Currently, despite the resistance of $70, Litecoin is on the rise, with signs that bitcoin and dollar prices are higher. The virtual currency faces resistance at the $77 mark.


Currently, Litecoin trading is at $63.64 after about 10% price increase over the past 24 hours. In terms of its market value, Litecoin’s transaction volume in the past day exceeded $587.7 million.


Although a lot of good litecoin news has sparked a market storm, the Litecoin has seen several price declines below the $70 exchange rate against the US dollar.


On the basis of litecoin history data, Litecoin depreciated at $65 support and further fell to a new important support level at $63.50. From the virtual currency chart, Litecoin found the offer close to the $63.5 mark and began to correct to higher levels.


Despite the unfavorable changes, the virtual currency still surged at the resistance level of $64.5, breaking the 50% Fibonacci retracement level and falling from the previous high of $68 to the low of $62. Litecoin also exchanged a level of $66 and a 100-hour SMA. Despite this, Litecoin faced a rebound of $70 and 66.4% retracement, respectively, from the high and low of $70 and $62. In addition, with a resistance level of $70, it seems that a key bearish trend line is likely to come. If Litecoin manages to break below its direct support at $64.5, the virtual currency price estimate may test the support area of $62.50.


On the other hand, if Litecoin managed to break the resistance level to $70, it could bring more positive news to the long-awaited $100 price level and higher positive litecoin news.


Virtual currencies can benefit from positive comments and comments, thus maintaining a rebound last month. Lack of positive news and comments can lead to another cryptocurrency downturn, which can lead to huge losses throughout the place. A cryptocurrency such as Litecoin should strive to maintain its green performance by giving cryptocurrency community members the reason to invest in and trade their virtual assets.

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Bitcoin and Ethereum,Who is Facing Greater Challenges
September 22, 2018

Due to the bear market, Bitcoin is currently dominant in the encryption market at 55.2%. The dominant position of Ethereum is 10.8% of the total market value of cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that the ethereum value is still unstable, many traders believe that digital assets may get worse before they get better. The decline of Ethereum is attributed to the following three factors:


ICO cashed in ETH during the ICO boom from December this year to the end of February this year. In a tweet on September 18th, Weiss Ratings said that ETH will grab 50% of bitcoin market share in five years. Mathematical calculations mean that Ethereum is dominated by Bitcoin in the market and will account for approximately 38%. BTC will be half of its current value, accounting for 27.6% of the total encrypted market capitalization.


The full tweet from Weiss Ratings will continue to explain why this happens:” Bitcoin will lose 50% of cryptocurrency’s market share to ETH in 5 years because it provides more use and is supported by the excellent blockchain technology. We totally agree – unlike BTC, this is A single pony, the application limit of ETH is the sky itself.”


When the value of alt-coins no longer depends on the value of bitcoin, Flippening is defined as a paradigm shift of the cryptographic section. Roger Ver predicted earlier this year that Ethereum will launch bitcoin coin by the end of this year. However, when Bitcoin remained stable, Ethereum had collapsed, which has not been successful.


One of the responses to the above tweets accused Weiss Ratings of being financially motivated to make such a request. Another person thinks that Weiss’s team doesn’t know the technical details behind each platform they talk about.


The tweet will continue to explain:“First, Ethereum has a greater expansion challenge than Bitcoin. High-end devices are now needed to synchronize a complete Geth node. As the DAO crash proves, it is difficult to write a safe and error-free contract for eth coin. Bitcoin is more streamlined and safer.”


From an observer’s point of view, every current news headline has bitcoin  that draws the attention of major Wall Street firms through ETFs and ETNs. It can be concluded that the flips specified by the Weiss rating will not occur in the next 5 year. We have Wall Street’s heavyweights, such as Bakkt, Nasdaq and the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and are willing to use Bitcoin as the next best investment option after traditional stocks.


The only way in which rollovers can occur is for Ethereum core developers to fix security vulnerabilities in platform smart contracts and address scalability issues. This will then allow the Ethereum platform to be used to issue registered securities in the blockchain and fund companies via IPO.

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What is the Investment Value of Bitshares
September 19, 2018

What is Bitshares

BitShares (bts cryptocurrency) is a global decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and Bitcoin users in any country in the world can conduct cryptocurrency transactions in Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitshares is a global decentralized stock exchange and de-sinitized asset custody. It allow individuals and companies to issue their own assets in the BitShares system.

Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency payment system with its own transfer function.

Bitcoin is a decentralized bank that can be borrowed by mortgage BTS tokens in the BitShares system.

Bitcoin is the infrastructure of blockchain finance and is dedicated to the use of innovative blocks of bitshares in every industry of the Internet, such as banks, stock exchanges, lotteries, music, auctions, etc.


Advantages of Bitshares

1.The transfer speed of Bitshares is fast

2.Bitcoin invented its own digital asset Smartcoin and solved the exchange rate risk of cross-border payment

3.Bitshares system can issue its own assets through smart contracts, the bitshares market is large

4.The BitShares system can recharge and withdraw RMB, USD, EUR, etc., but need to pass the acceptor.

5.Bitshares have the attributes of currency.

6.Bitshares will not go out of business, the BitShares system only needs 2 computers and the network can run automatically.

7.Bitshares account is a very important innovation


Disadvantage of Bitshares

There is no large-scale enterprise entry yet. This is an important direction for the BitShares community to make efforts to change in the future. As long as more enterprise-level applications can be realized, more users will join and continue to use the smart contracts and transfer of the BitShares system. The value of the BTS token will be reflected and the bitshares price will increase.


The Core Value of Bitshares

1.By pledge BTS tokens to anchor actual assets such as BITCNY, BIYEUR, BITUSD, etc. and can achieve 1:1 exchange, it can better solve the exchange rate risk of cross-border remittance.


2.Bitshares can issue assets in the bitshare system. For example, companies can issue shares of their own companies, and they can borrow from mortgage assets, such as borrowing digital assets BITCNY, BIYEUR, BITUSD, etc.


Bitshares transfer is fast, 3 seconds per transaction is confirmed, 100,000 transactions per second can be processed, commercial-grade applications can be realized, users have enough demand to complete more scene transactions in the system, and the anchor is strengthened. It can be said to be a better payment system, and it is no longer a simple payment system for small commodities, but a transaction management system for digital assets.

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BCN, Another Project of Nakamoto?
September 15, 2018

The lowest price of a digital currency is only 0.00000001 bitcoin. The trading volume is only 1-2 BTC for 24 hours. In such a bleak condition, BCN relies on thousands of miners to support it. It has survived for three years but still does not return to zero. What is bytecoin-the first digital currency that was born in 2012 years? Is BCN actually related to Nakamoto?


Bytecoin BCN is the first currency based on Cryptonote technology and dedicated to the anonymous anti-machine gun pool, which was released in 2012. There is a currency in the market with the same name bytecoin, perhaps because of this reason, it has not been known to the public. And now the currenct bytecoin to usd price is $0.001935. still very low.


Some people suspect that bytecoin is the second project of Nakamoto, because the author of the white paper of BCN is the person named Nickolas van Saberhagen, and the initials of the name are very similar to Nick Szabo.Nick Szabo is a virtual world god: he is an expert in digital currency and digital contracts. The concept of smart contracts was first proposed by him. Nick Szabo proposed and designed a digital currency similar to Bitcoin in 1998, which was called “Bit gold” by hime, and it is a decentralized digital currency. This is why Nick Szabo is considered by many to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Others say that Nickolas van Saberhagen, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo and the three people’s initials are the same (or simple reverse order), so by chance that Nick Szabo and even Nakamoto are inextricably linked.


After three years of silence and negative performance (which can be ssen from the bytecoin price chart history), by July 2017, BCN welcomed the first community leader, Jenny Goldberg. As a community manager, she specializes in social networking, marketing strategy, brand awareness and business development. From the perspective of the LinkedIn, her partner has recognized her professional competence. At present, the Chinese market is also responsible for the establishment of the person in charge of WeChat and the establishment of QQ group. The size of the fans is still small and continues to grow.


The official also changed the mysterious style of the past and began to actively promote. They prefer to use the Asian market as a key publicity area. The official website has specially added the languages of China, Japan and Korea. The development progress is further accelerated.


As for the prospects and risk of this project, I have discussed in one of my past article-<BCN: The Originator of Cryptocurrency, Develops after Silence for Years>. In general, BCN can also be considered in your investment plan, whether it is another project of Nakamoto or not, spend a few tens of dollars to buy bytecoin without affecting your normal life, What if it broke out someday?

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Stratis:Provides More efficiency and Flexibility for Blockchain Development
September 14, 2018

Blockchain, bitcoin (bitcoin currency), and ICO are the hottest words of the past two years. It seems that people all over the world are talking about blockchain. But at the same time, we found that the blockchain is mainly used by individuals as a substitute for traditional paper currency. As a technology, the blockchain can provide more things, especially for enterprises, but the adoption rate of this technology by enterprises is very low.


Why the blockchain adoption process is slow

Although the blockchain provides more efficiency and flexibility for the organization, its adoption rate is still very slow, mainly due to:

(1)Too many additional expert staff required to develop and maintain the technology.

(2)Need to buy specialized hardware.

(3)Existing software is not compatible with blockchain.

(4)Retraining staff requires a lot of time and effort.

All of these reasons combine to mean that many organizations tend to avoid using blockchain technology and continue to run their current technology because the cost of moving the blockchain outweighs the efficiency it provides.


The solution – Stratis (stratis coin)

Stratis’s business model is clearly reflected in their slogan: we will make the blockchain easier for you. The team provides a variety of services to businesses and other organizations so they can turn to this technology with minimal resources.


The stratis platform provides enterprise solutions that allow any company, from financial technology companies to IoT companies, to adopt blockchains. Simply put, StraTIs is a blockchain service provider, and any system that might run on the blockchain is available from StraTIs. You must have seen how large is the stratis market and may be interested in the stra stock price. Calm down and take a look at some cases of it first.


Display of the Cases

Product Verification: Since the blockchain is immutable, it is the perfect technology to track product authenticity. A QR code that describes the characteristics of individual products, such as date of manufacture, facility address, and even source materials and distribution channels, means that consumers always get an authentic product.


The Internet of Things: decentralizing and collecting data through millions of devices, only available to researchers and other organizations, without the need for intermediaries.


In the short term, Stratis coins have left a mark on the industry and are growing steadily as more and more organizations realize the benefits of Stratis. All forecasts point to stable and good growth. Overall, this is a good investment. Do not forget to analyze the stratis price chart if you want to invest it.

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Will OMG Token Appreciate in 2018?
September 13, 2018

OmiseGO is an impressive and mature project designed to deliver the initial promise of blockchain technology: transforming the traditional financial world. OmiseGO provides a wallet and payment network for all fiat cryptocurrencies.


As the omisego price has risen since it’s release, it has attracted the attention of countless investors. They believe that omisego currency will appreciate due to the following reasons:


  1. Cross-border payment without bank cards is a large market. There are a large number of users in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa.


  1. OMG is doing a complete cross-border payment ecology. To achieve this goal, it led to the development of Plasma, which seems to be slow but steady.


  1. OMG is the big killer on the Ethereum blockchain, killer dapp. Once the OMG is landed on a large scale, it will be the Alipay on the blockchain. and the dapp on the eth blockchain can be diverted from the OMG. If it goes well, OMG will have a bright future. OMG can be said to be glory with eth.


  1. The audience of OMG are all users who don’t have a bank card. The main function of OMG is wallet. The value of future wallet is greater than that of exchange. Wallet is the traffic portal of future blockchain world, and a large number of assets will be tokenized.


Although all of these reasons support the idea of appreciation of the omg token, the OmiseGO project is not perfect.


First, in the future, OmiseGO will face competition from strong rivals such as Paypal, Alipay, WeChat, social transfer tool Venmo, offline merchant collection tool Square, and Stripe, an aggregate payment platform for B-side merchants. According to it’s roadmap, OmiseGO’s mainnet will not be available until the end of 2018. At present, in addition to the planned distributed architecture and the characteristics of accepting the digital currency, OmiseGO does not show the characteristics of allowing customers to have enough power to abandon the traditional payment model in business models. To challenge those strong opponents, OmiseGO still needs much time.


This means that the appreciation of OmiseGO is difficult, which is directly reflected in the trend of omg price, and we can see from the omisego chart that since the beginning of May this year, the omg price has been declining dramatically. And just as I mentioned that OMG has a close relationship with Ethereum, who has a very depressing performance recently. So, I do not think it is the right time to buy omisego now!


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Aion-the World’s First Enterprise-Class Multi-Chain Protocol
September 12, 2018

There are currently 3 generations of blockchain projects. The first generation was an alternative currency project, led by Bitcoin (btc coin). The second-generation blockchain project is basically a platform for DApp, the current leader of this generation is Ethereum(eth coin). The third generation of products allows seamless interconnection between independent blockchain networks. The third-generation blockchain project aims to bring the Internet-enabled mobile phone to the blockchain. AION is the third-generation blockchain network pioneer.


AION blockchain is a project designed to be a bridge between all blockchain projects (both private and public), and AION will support different blockchain networks to communicate globally. It was being called the next cryptocurrency that will increase hundred times in value due to the advantages of the project.


Advantages of AION Project:

1.AION’s vision is to create the “Internet” of the blockchain world. Just as the entire Internet is now formed by different network interconnections, they operate according to the standard network TCP/IP protocol, connecting billions of devices around the world into a huge network of logical consistency.


2.The AION project is highly innovative. Regardless of the concept of “multi-layer blockchain network”, AION high-performance virtual machine and consensus mechanism design is highly original.


3.The basic function of AION as the main chain has been basically realized, the project progress is normal, the overall quality of the code is high, the developer has a high technical capability and successful experience in the blockchain field, and the code update is fast and the development heat is high.


Are you eager to invest in AION now? Want to get the information about aion coin price?Take a look at the risk rating report first! On June 29, 2018, the standard consensus released a general investment risk rating report for the blockchain project “AION”. The report defines the AION risk level as “B”, which is a “general risk” level and requires investor attention.


Risk 1: The AION project hopes to realize the vision of “blockchain internet”. It not only needs its own strong technical strength, but also greater uncertainty from the recognition of its cross-chain agreements by other blockchain projects.


Risk 2: The AION project is still in the early stages of development, and the main technical difficulties of the project have not yet been broken.

AION currently only implements the basic functions of the main chain, and the technical difficulties of key inter-chain communication and virtual machine parts have not yet been broken, and development is still in its early stages.


Risk 3: The concentration of chips is high and the risk of being manipulated is high. The turnover rate is low and the liquidity risk is high.


I can’t tell if AION is worth buying, but it’s really difficult for it to develop. It is recommended that conservative investors wait and see for a while.


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What is Status Coin-the Social Privacy Protection Tool?
September 11, 2018

Status (snt coin) was officially launched in May 2017 with the goal of being a mobile Ethereum client. The current status is a collection of DApp browsers, instant messaging tools, Ethereum wallet (currently only supports ETH and SNT transfers).


Main Advantages of the Status Project:

1.Status truly realizes the security, privacy and decentralization of social information, and the application is successfully implemented.

Compared to “semi-decentralized” social applications such as Whatsapp and Telegram, Status does not require any user’s personal information (such as phone number, email, etc.) to implement registration, and uses Whisper and Swarm protocols to achieve peer-to-peer transmission of user information. so that there is no third party who can use and steal user information and data.


2.Status has included 25 Ethereum DApps

Status as a social application, while providing users with DApp of Ethereum, is committed to becoming the traffic portal for all DApps in Ethereum.


3.SNT Has a Large Investor Base and Good Circulation

The number of currency holding addresses of SNT is 67,981. The transaction is active and the circulation is good, which means the status market is relatively optimistic.


This project, which is called a tool for social privacy protection and develops well, is really so good? Is it worth the investors to start? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the risk rating report of Status first.


On July 23, 2018, the Standard Consensus released a general investment risk rating report for the blockchain project “Status” (SNT). The report defines the Status risk level as “B”, which is a “general risk” level and requires investor attention.



The main reasons for obtaining the “B” rating based on the “Standard Consensus General Project Investment Risk Rating Standard are:


1.Status information disclosure is insufficient, missing product update online time and the foundation information

The Status project disclosed the product function update and improvement targets on Medium, but did not disclose the online time; the official website did not disclose the foundation information, introduction of the core developers’ experience is brief,which is not conducive to investors to understand the project deeper.


2.Status DApp Instant messaging function is not perfect, user activity is low.

Status’s existing instant messaging function only supports sending text messages. It does not support voice messages and add attachments. It can only be added to public groups. Users can’t customize groups at present. The user activity in public groups is low.


3.Status DApp transaction frequency is limited by Ethereum Network

Status is based on the DApp developed by Ethereum. During the use of the user, the wallet transfer speed and other functions are limited by the Ethereum network. The status user experience and user base are greatly affected by the development of Ethereum. And the recent performance of Ethereum has made investors very panic as its price fell below $200, which is bound to have a certain impact on status or status price.


In view of the above assessment report, I’m personally not very optimistic about the status, mainly because of the poor user experience caused by the imperfect function, and its close relationship with Ethereum.



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