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Stratis:Provides More efficiency and Flexibility for Blockchain Development
September 14, 2018

Blockchain, bitcoin (bitcoin currency), and ICO are the hottest words of the past two years. It seems that people all over the world are talking about blockchain. But at the same time, we found that the blockchain is mainly used by individuals as a substitute for traditional paper currency. As a technology, the blockchain can provide more things, especially for enterprises, but the adoption rate of this technology by enterprises is very low.


Why the blockchain adoption process is slow

Although the blockchain provides more efficiency and flexibility for the organization, its adoption rate is still very slow, mainly due to:

(1)Too many additional expert staff required to develop and maintain the technology.

(2)Need to buy specialized hardware.

(3)Existing software is not compatible with blockchain.

(4)Retraining staff requires a lot of time and effort.

All of these reasons combine to mean that many organizations tend to avoid using blockchain technology and continue to run their current technology because the cost of moving the blockchain outweighs the efficiency it provides.


The solution – Stratis (stratis coin)

Stratis’s business model is clearly reflected in their slogan: we will make the blockchain easier for you. The team provides a variety of services to businesses and other organizations so they can turn to this technology with minimal resources.


The stratis platform provides enterprise solutions that allow any company, from financial technology companies to IoT companies, to adopt blockchains. Simply put, StraTIs is a blockchain service provider, and any system that might run on the blockchain is available from StraTIs. You must have seen how large is the stratis market and may be interested in the stra stock price. Calm down and take a look at some cases of it first.


Display of the Cases

Product Verification: Since the blockchain is immutable, it is the perfect technology to track product authenticity. A QR code that describes the characteristics of individual products, such as date of manufacture, facility address, and even source materials and distribution channels, means that consumers always get an authentic product.


The Internet of Things: decentralizing and collecting data through millions of devices, only available to researchers and other organizations, without the need for intermediaries.


In the short term, Stratis coins have left a mark on the industry and are growing steadily as more and more organizations realize the benefits of Stratis. All forecasts point to stable and good growth. Overall, this is a good investment. Do not forget to analyze the stratis price chart if you want to invest it.

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