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We are stuffed into frames of life and death.

Do you realize that half of the human life composes an experience of loss and death, and the other half is constant renewal? This is the experience of your soul, and the soul does not die along with the physical body. This is the elixir of immortality, thanks to which we can use the experiences of past lives, constantly grow and evolve. Thoughts about death accompany mankind since time immemorial.

Each of us can remember our first meeting with death: perhaps your pet deaths, beloved grandfather’s funeral, maybe the news about a well-known human death. Do you remember the moment when they realize that it is inevitable? However, do you understand that our soul is divine, that it gives a person and his personality the flight to a larger space? It is said that understanding that we with our soul are a whole, associating ourselves with soul, we fill our life with all those   experiences.

Psychologists say that thoughts about death very upset those people who live their lives without seeing sense and not for the purpose, who are trying in vain to give purpose to life in material form – to accumulate wealth and seek only the best possible material well-being. This is empty existence, life without feeling of love and joy for each survived day. It is a constant balancing between life and death, without discovering yourself.

Each of us can make a very simple experiment: to think, whether you would like again and again to live the same life you are living now. If this causes many negative thoughts and memories of painful experiences, you should think about it as it gives you very clear message – you would like to live your life in different way. This encourages thinking what exactly you regret and what you would like to change in order to discover yourself and feel happy that after year or five years turning back would not feel again regret for what happened.

The fear of death not necessarily is destructive for life. Sometimes it becomes so powerful forward propelling force that person in a few months accumulates such experience, what other cannot suffer throughout his life. This only proves how much we can do, see, learn, if we want to. The face of death gives to life sharper taste, encourages to assess every moment, stimulates activity and does not let to delay the genuine and meaningful life for later time. Because comes the realization that may we have not so much time, that we have only one time – here and now.

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This world is neither our home nor ultimate goal. In this land we are only passengers, and understanding that we should live as passengers – diligently to create and learn, sincerely without waiting for any reward to help others, make the world a better place for us before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

While we can say that our life is stuffed into the frames of life and death, but most importantly is that we can unfold the vast secret – here we realize about immortality of our soul. However there are still people who still do not believe about immortality of our soul.


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