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The Bird that Brings Death

Have you heard a bird that chirps like a gecko? Or something close to that? In the past years, people in my village were disturbed of that bird. I believe there’s only one bird in the area that flies around.

I was at first laughing at my mom and her sisters when they said that sound of a bird is a bad omen. It sounds as if it’s cursing someone. I tried to listen around but never heard such weird sound.

My mom said it chirps every time there’s an ill person in our place and that every time that bird comes around, it means the person will die. I was like “okay, this is another superstition” . I rolled my eyes. She tried to enumerate the deaths where she heard that sound. From my grandpa(her father), to my aunt (her sister), to my aunt’s husband and our other relatives. She can’t sleep at night being terrified by that sound.

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Last year, we have experienced a thread of deaths in our village.  Our neighbors.  From one house to another.  Then this year, almost every month there is death with different reasons.  Some were in an accident and in most cases, illness.  Every sad news is shocking, each death were too sudden.  People believed that it is the bird that brings bad omen to the place as it is not only my mom and aunts but the entire village had heard the disturbing sound of that bird.

We have a friend who died a few days ago.  Before he died, I heard the weirdest bird sound.  He was sick but is still very active.  He was still cheerful.  The bird continued chirping the whole night until morning. Then I saw on a Facebook page the sad news about that friend.  It continued to chirp at night  and the next morning here’s another death.

That bird is like a curse to the people of the village.  However, I have no proof that it is the one taking away people’s life.  Maybe it could be a coincidence and it just so happened that its chirp is weird and scary.  There are manifestations, though but not strong enough to prove this.  The people who died have worst illnesses and some were careless enough to meet an accident.  But my question is – Do you believe that some birds might have the ability to curse a person or detect a human’s death?

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    • Perhaps there is this kind of bird that really symbolizes a bad omen i remember my mom told me that there was this urban legend in their own hometown which leads to the death of many when a a black hawk bird is seen going around like a lion waiting for someone to devour.

    • I think that is just a superstitious belief just like a superstitious belief here similar to that.

      Some old people here in our province also believe of a certain bird here, that follows women who are pregnant.

      It is said that when there is someone pregnant in the house that bird who is actually a witch that eats the fetus inside the pregnant woman, would be on the roof to await for a chance to do so. It is said that it will have its tongue that can pass a small hole, into the pregnant woman's stomach to get the fetus.

      So, the husbands or the wife itself would surround their windows every evening with garlic which is said to ward off the bird.

      But it is only a superstitious belief, but there's no harm if we follow the antidote for that bird.

      • Here is a huge butterfly or sometimes a cat (that's why I'm so afraid of cats.. Lol!) Many would manifest that they had seen the creature they called "manananggal" .. when you see it flying around your rooftop it looks like a huge butterfly or a woman with an umbrella but without legs.. :-D

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