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Native American culture and heritage.

Thanksgiving is a very important time of the year. Your family gathers together and give thanks just how Native Americans would.

Natives tribe would go out and hunt for their own foods and supplies.

Native american Indian is my culture. We have pow wows all over the united states. These pow wows is were all the tribe come together to share  and celebrate their beliefs.

You can by several items like clothing and jewels that represent these cultures. Native clothing is much more different than any other clothing’s. You also get to experience the foods they enjoy to. For instance I like the Navajo Tacos, its much like american tacos but their bread is different and they place chili beans on them. You can’t just pick them up and eat them that’s for sure its made like a pizza so it does require spoon and folks wear.

Going hunting is part of the natives Indians nature. They enjoy it alot, while it the same time there bring food home to put on the tabel.

Me and my family enjoy hunting season alot. We like to go deer, rabbit, duck, and squirl hunting. Yes I’m a country girl always has been. We enjoy going horse trail riding and riding four wheelers too.

Were I’m from we have land that is called reservation, which is land that’s still owned by the natives, these natives are free, which means they go by no laws but their own.

The history of Native Americans in the united states began in ancient times ten and thousands of years ago.with the settlement of the Americans with the paleo-indians.

Native Americans are not in the characterization with the stone age cultures. There was a bridge called “Land Bridge, which connected Eurasia and Beringra which is now known as Bering strait. This bridge is how the immigration of the humans from Eurasia to America happened.

There we’re 3 major migrations that soon spread throughout america, into hundreds of cultural tribe. Many based on the different language Americans had Been populated, which were by at least 3 waves.

The first paleo-indians migrated into north america. They were called “Na Dene speaking people. They were the earliest ancestors of the ahabascan speaking people. These Indians were known as the Navajo and Apache Indians.

The families would construct villages to live in but only for the summer so they could hunt and fish getting prepared for the winter.

The native Americans that flourished along the rivers in the northeast And Midwestern were called the term ” Hopewell traditions.

Many nations and tribes all had different cultural and political identities. Most of them shared the same pravtice, beliefs, and traditions.

These tribes would have events were they would choose their new chief or celebrate their cultures, which is a lot similar to the pow-wows we have now days.


Some of the major cultures

Iroquois culture

Mississippian culture

Adana culture

Hokokam culture

Coles creek culture

Ancestral puebloan

                      Iroquois culture

Known as “people of the long house” they were from around upstate and western New York. The leadership had a group of 50 different “sachern cheifs”

Mississippian culture

This culture we’re expanded out through Ohio and Mississippi valley. The Mississippi had the most finest ceramics North of mexico. The largest settlement of the culture was located at the tip of us state illinois.

Adena culture

This was a native culture that existed back in 1000bc  that slowly died off.

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Native population

The american population begin to decline from the 16th century to the 19th century. The reason for the decline were caused by epidemic diseases which were brought over from Europe.

Internal warfare, enslavement, high rate of inter marriage and violence played a big role in the decline of the native americans.

Native Americans would reorganize to form new cultural groups., such as the known native american organization ” seminotes” which were part mof Florida back in 19th century. Not to mention the mission Indians that were part of Alta california.

The Europeans would carry viruses which was known as chicken pox, and measels. The Europeans would carry small poxs, which could destroy the population of an entire village.

Many Native American tribes were involved in the French and Indian war.; also known as seven years war. A big percentage of the native Americans that located in the Massachusetts Bay were killed from the small poxs carried by the Europeans.

The high rate of fatalities caused a big breakdown for native Americans causing their societies to break apart and their generational cultures to disrupt.

The tribes would use horses to exchange goods with other tribes. Even to go hunting for supplies and fish they would use horses.

Many native Americans lived freely which were without law, without police, and without religion.during the American revolution many native Americans joined with the British.

Many of the tribe communities were divided. American Indians have always played a role in shaping up the history of nation.

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George Washington created a six-point plan for the civilization.

        six-point plan

1: impartial justice for native Americans

2:regulate buy the native lands

3:pronation for commerce

4:experiments to improve native american society

5:presidential authority to give presents

6:punish those who violate the native american rights.

The battle of little big horn was one of the native american greatest victories.

In 1817, Cherokee became the first native american recognized then in year 1831 the Mississippi Choctaw was the next earliest native Indians to get recognized.

After all the Indian wars in the 19th century, united states established native american boarding schools. These native american children were forced to stop speaking their language. They were even taught Christianity and denied their own native religion, in multiple ways they were forced to abandon their native identities and adopt the european-american culture.

Those ofmyoy that didn’t know, European american is were white people established from. These white people came to america and took the natives land and separate their tribes.

The whites became owner of everything and all things, they tried to anyways but most was ran of certain reservations.

By year 1970 , native owned their own schools and organizations. The tribes even founded colleges on their reservations. These colleges were operated by the native people.

As of today (21 century) native american tribes and individuals began to file suits against federal government over a number of issues, land clainms, and mismanagement of trust lands and fees play a big role.

There were a number of longstanding cases that were finally settled thanks to “Barack obama. He made a commitment to improve relations between federal government and the tribes.


Very year we have homecoming in Pembroke, north Carolina. First week of july. Thats were all the different tribes from all over come together and celebrates their cultures. Much like powows but bigger. They block all the streets off and you can get out and walk and buy items and learn about the different beliefs and eat all the different foods. Finishing the night up with fireworks. The homecoming itself last a whole week.

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