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Learning; What is a Narcissist?

Those of us who have experienced a Boss From Hell are pretty much experts on Narcissism.   Those who are puzzled by the behaviour of the President of the United States may have encountered such a creature for the first time.

Narcissism is defined as  abnormal behavior.   This is exhibited in exaggerated feelings of self importance.  In the office one will often find all sorts of photographs and ‘awards’ posted by the Boss who has an excessive need for admiration, a complete ignorance that other people have feelings.   They spend most of the time focusing on  achieving power and success and how they look.

As they have this twisted image of themselves, they think they look good when they are clowns.

They always take advantage of everyone around them.

Those who have worked or are working for a Boss From Hell are nodding. Those who have been watching the American President are also nodding, because never before has the world been exposed to such a perfect example of a Narcissist.

Analysts determine that this twisted behavior is usually exhibited in early adulthood.

There is no specific cause or impetus.  It is a personality disorder and is fairly easy to diagnose.

In fact, one doesn’t even have to be a trained psychologist to immediately recognise the disease.  There is no therapy as narcissists believe they know everything and don’t need any help.

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It was first described in 1925.

Donald Trump is the perfect text book example.   He is a man who thinks he knows everything.  That he’s stupid, uncouth, ignorant does not register.   That he has had to declare bankruptcy on four different occasions doesn’t register in his tiny world view.

Narcissists are incapable of the basic logical deductions.   Their world begins with them and ends at the tip of their nose.   Everything else is environment.

As the typical narcissist  they wallow in grandiosity.  They so crave admiration it is amusing.  They talk about themselves as if they are superior and have no empathy for other people.

Of course they are arrogant and power seeking and expect to be treated as superior.   They can not toleratge criticism and  belittle others to validate their own superiority.   If in anyway they feel threatened they lash out with anger.  

As one can see, America and the World are in for what can be called a bumpy ride.


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