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Has North Korea Punked Trump?

Let’s take a look from a far distance.

America is pretty busy.  Has a lot of things going on.  It has lots of resources, lots of educational institutions, attractions.   From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, to the Grand Canyon to Miami Beach and back to Hawaii, from New York City to Washington D.C., America has everything.

If everyone stopped trading with America they’d have to drink locally grown coffee and eat locally grown chocolate and use locally pumped oil and drive locally manufactured cars.

In short, what would be lost is diversity,  not the products.

North Korea has absolutely nothing at all whatsoever.   It is a horrible place of nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all comes out of North Korea.    Yeah, South manufactures cars and electronic goods, there isn’t anything in North Korea anyone could possibly want.

If someone drops an atomic bomb on North Korea, outside of people, what is lost?   And further, North Korea couldn’t care less about it’s people.  It would not mind at all cutting it’s population in half.

If someone drops a bomb on America, whether it lands on a city or a field, there will be a lot of loss.

You see the difference here?

A very pretty high school girl does not want to get into a fight cause she might be punched in the face.  An ugly girl, hey, she’s not backing down from a fight, what does she have to lose?

Many people assumed that the missile strike in Syria, the bomb dropped on Afghanistan were to warn North Korea.  That North Korea was supposed to see that sudden missile strike and then that super bomb and think, ‘oh, they are very powerful, I better not tease them…’  and sit quietly hoping to be ignored.

But that only works when you have something to lose.

Social Workers, Anthropologists, even Police will tell you,  that when someone has nothing to lose they are dangerous.  There is no threat you can use against them, nothing frightens them, for there is nothing one can take from them.

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North Korea has nothing to lose.  Provoking a war with America gets it attention.

North Korea, if it kept its mouth shut would be as thought of as Saint Lucia, Turkmenistan, or Cape Verde.  It is not a country people think of or care about, and with all respect, if it disappeared it wouldn’t matter.

The leader of North Korea knows what a swamp his nation is.  He knows that being top man of North Korea isn’t much high status than being the President of the Student Council at some nothing High School somewhere.

So, to pump his ego, he, as his father before him, and grandfather before them, goes after nuclear weapons. Why?  War with who?   Drop bombs on South Korea so the wind can blow the radiation over the southern part of North Korea?    And then what?  What does winning look like?

Go to war with America?  Yah.

There were Trumpies who assumed that The Donald would bomb the crap out of North Korea, blow up their nuclear facilities, and leave one big mess to be sorted out by whomever was willing.  It was and is perfectly in Trump’s character to do this.   After all, Trump is as rational as Kim Jung Un.

Yet, silence.  Nothing.

North Korea says it can fire missiles, test nuclear devices, do what it pleases when it pleases, and if America doesn’t like it, they’ll declare war on America.

And America says nothing.

And does nothing?


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    • I was expecting to wake up one morning and hear how xyz bombs were dropped on N. Korea or how the nuclear plant was blown up. Nope. Moving on to discuss other topics. N. Korea has made stronger threats against the US than ISIS... yet... nothing.

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