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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, What Do Cravings Mean and Why Do You Have Them? 7 years, 7 months ago

    You’re at home watching your favorite Netflix show. You get the sudden urge to scarf down some ice cream, or maybe it’s French fries or chips that you crave. You may even think that life cannot go on without taki […]

    • Craving is the push of emotion to eat something anon and in such condition human becomes full saliva is called craving as the writer has said.

      We all experience cravings on a daily basis. At 10am, that donut looks delicious. At 12pm, that greasy slice of pizza seems irresistible. And so on.

      There are five causes of cravings as
      1. You’re dehydrated.
      2. You’ve got nutritional deficiencies.
      3. You’re hormonal.
      4. You’ve got underlying emotional issues.
      5. You have a yin/yang imbalance.

      Ask anyone what foods they crave, and most people will be able to reel off at least a couple of items without hesitation.

      Take me, for example. My name is JH Sayyar and I’m a chocoholic. Just about the only food I crave is chocolate (and sometimes cake and, about once a year, cream puffs or éclairs).

      I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. Surveys estimate that almost 100% of young women and nearly 70% of young men had food cravings during the past year. That covers most of us, doesn’t it?

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, Cancer & Alzheimer’s May Be Prevented By Doing This 7 years, 7 months ago

    The top killers in America are heart disease, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Want to know something interesting? All of these diseases are linked to insulin and leptin resistance. To put it more s […]

    • I have never heard of the ketogenic diet. But I am certain there are many illnesses we suffer in America that could have been prevented had our diet been different.

    • It means as progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the commonest cause of premature senility.

      Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In most people with Alzheimer’s, symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older adults.

      Cause of Alzheimer’s disease

      medication side effects
      chronic alcoholism
      tumors or infections in the brain
      blood clots in the brain
      vitamin B12 deficiency
      some thyroid, kidney, or liver disorders
      Parkinson’s disease
      Sleep disturbances

      Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

    • Wow I have heard about ketogenic diet and have seen many people claiming that they are cured of cancer by consuming this ketogenic diet. I think ketogenic diet can really cure a lot of diseases especially diseases like cancer and probably heart disease as well.

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Period 7 years, 7 months ago

    Ladies, ladies, ladies…there are some things that you may or may not know about your period. As much as you may hate periods, there are some things you may or may not know about your periods. Menstrual blood, f […]

    • Mmhh interesting who would have thought that periods are good for you. Before I started reading your article I was thinking maybe your going to talk about cleansing, as in when we menstrate the body is removing toxins from the body through the blood hahaha. But what you ha e said is actually true when you think about it deeply. Sometimes periods can be such a mess and uncomfortable but we cannot run away from them we have to face them as they come. You have mentioned that instead of using tampoons one should consoder using menstral cups how do those work i wonder. I have never heard about them and it sounds strange to me. The way I dislike the thought of handling pads how do you handle the cups? As for the tampoons right from the beginning I found the I found them weird, so I never used them even once.

    • Periods is the name of monthly cycle of blood flow from the woman’s vagina means ready for pregnancy relating to the moon cycles.

      When I talk about the benefits of our periods, many women roll their eyes, some laugh and others cry. While there are plenty of things I don’t love about my period, not everything about your period is negative!

      Your menstrual cycle is key to helping you learn, plan for, and make choices about your individual health, mood, exercise — and naturally, your sex life.

      What’s more, regular menstrual periods tell you that your hormones are in balance — critical when you realize about 80% of the women I see in my practice today experience symptoms relating to hormonal imbalance. If not addressed, it can lead to worsening PMS, fatigue and weight gain, as well as increased risk for more serious health issues. In missing early signs of hormonal imbalance, you may also miss the opportunity to find relief.

      Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important health benefits of your period:

      What your menstrual period can tell you

      Know when your hormones are in or out of balance
      Learn about your bones, thyroid, and metabolic health
      Identify your best days for sexual arousal and enjoyment
      Leverage increased energy for exercise and fitness
      Inform your health decisions
      Create emotional wellness

      For each of you, your menstrual cycle is unique to you. I encourage you to take the time to take a closer look at the benefits I outline below, to determine how your cycle affects you in each area. Remember, if you are taking birth control pills, your cycle is regulated by the pill, rather than natural hormones, so you will not experience these benefits.

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, The Secrets of Juicing: How To Heal Your Organs 7 years, 8 months ago

    Do you ever feel like you want to eat more vegetables, but don’t know how to incorporate them in your diet? Well, juicing is the answer, people. Juicing is a great way to add a boatload of nutrients to your diet i […]

    • One of my 2017 – New Year’s Resolutions – was to juice more. But I accidentally bought a blender instead of a juicer. I returned it. Still looking for a juicer I can afford. Gonna do this!!

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, What You’re Breathing In When You Sit In Traffic 7 years, 8 months ago

    Everybody who drives a car knows the perils of sitting in traffic. After so many hours of watching taillights and inching across the roads, it can take a toll on your body. With more and more people on the road, […]

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, 5 Tips To Help You Stop Drinking Soda 7 years, 8 months ago

    The crisp bubbly fizz, sweet taste, and that little caffeine buzz soda gives you can be hard to resist. You know it’s bad for you, but it’s hard to quit something that tastes so good. Well, stop drinking it, pla […]

    • I do not know if the soda tastes sweet. I prefer only one type of soda called ‘goli soda’. It is very nice and gives some relief after a heavy meals or dinner for some people . I think this number will be very less when compared to the tea and coffee purists.

      No one is preferring Diet soda nowadays. They are going for other varieties introduced in the market. They are not addicts. They drink and change their brands every time.

      Sportsmen and spectators generally love such drinks. But, nowadays no sports lovers are enjoying them outside. They are confining themselves to their houses and drink if they (kids) so want which can be restricted by elderly people

    • Mmhh soda that’s a hard habit to break I must say but it can be done if the willingness is there. It’s a hard habit to break. But what if I drink water regularly wouldn’t that help even if I took side on a daily basis? Okay am not an ardent drinker of sodas I seldom drink it but when I do it could be after maybe a month or something like that. I love soda but it wouldn’t take the place of my one litre of water everyday. There is a friend of mine who hardly takes water instead he drinks soda as his water. And I thought this is quite risky when it comes to his health. He actually went down with high blood pressure, hypertension and that really put him down at some point. He had to get off so many things he was told he cannot eat so many things no sugar, minimal salt, no carbonated drinks it’s was very hard for him, but as the days went by he started getting used to the idea of not having this sweet stuff, then the regrets set in and he vowed never again will be take things for granted especially when it comes to health matters

      • Drinking cold water as soda or any other thing is injurious to human health because any cold thing shrinks human veins and arteries and cools down human warm blood temperature that is why we get many diseases in our life organs. It is just to drinking cold water, soda…We must avoid drinking cold water.

        Migraine, heart attack, sugar, liver problems gad, problem, kidney pain… all diseases causes cold water and cold things.

    • LOL. It’s not soda I’m having a problem with. It’s coffee!! 🙂

    • I stopped drinking so much because gives you gas and not good for your teeth either

    • Drinking soda daily is dangerous to your health and brain. It creates gas and stomach problem and weakens the activities of it. Avoid taking soda.

    • These 5 tips are boiled down to one word and that is DISCIPLINE. As you can see, there are 3 I’s in the word discipline and one d, c, p, l, n and e. I is the first person in the part of speech which is the pronoun. It is no other person who is so concerned about others but the doer himself and that is I in my point of view. Nobody could effect the stoppage of drinking soda except to start with myself. I would do it by myself.

      Next thing is D which purports to DO it. If not, who else for I am the one who could benefit from it. Next is C which is referred to Christ who sets an example for me, for us. Then P as in pay attention to your goal of stopping drinking soda. Then l as loving yourself and n is nothing is so concerned and the last is E for endurance. Endurance in simple meaning is to finish it to the end. So be it.

    • I try to avoid and drink cold drinks and sodas rarely. Instead I try to have lots of water and regular green tea. Also its better to eat healthy and avoid heavy and spicy foods, as well as too much of sweets. Keeping healthy stomach is the best way of avoiding sodas etc.

    • I am suffering from the very same problem but I am afraid breaking this habit is not that easy rather it is a tough job and will require a lot of patience.

    • Like me I ydon’t Drink wine

    • Good day guys how are you doing today and how was your family and your work today, i tell you the truth i don’ t drink wine, but comsuming soda drink can be help in your health and i don’t think if soda drink contain sugar or not, but drink water every early in the morning when you wake up from sleep can be very helpful in your health, from now on begin to take some cup of water when you just wake up from sleep and see the differents in your health, begin to drink in order to flushed out your system, remember they said health is wealth take care of all that you consume all days and find out the effect. Thank you very much

    • A man & his wife quarelled, after the fight, the wife into the bedroom. A few minutes later the husband also trooped into bedroom only to find the wife busy packing her things, he asked; you are packing , where are you going? She answered, to my mum. The man also started packing his cloths, his wife asked where are you going? He replied i’m going to my mother. The wife replied: to your mother? And what about our six children. Who is going to look after them? The man replied, you are going to they mother, Im going to my mother our children should go to their mother too.

    • A guy was eating bread in the dream, after he finished eating it. He saw a cocount & decided to eat it too, but he didn’t see any knife to cut it so he decide to use his teeth only to receive a slap from the dad, you have finish my pillow and my head is now next target. Idiot the father said to his son

    • A robber orders his victim to surrender all his money, the victim fearfully obeys. After collecting the money, the robber ask his victim. If that is all he had. The victim replied’ yes” doubting the victim, the robber searches his pockets, finding some cash in the inner pocket. The robber slaps the victim face and says, don’t you know lying is a sin?

    • These are goals to be achieved within a long period. It could be within 3years, five or ten years and above. For instance you may set a goal for yourself, l shall be the first to discover HIV/AIDS vaccines” I shall obtain as in my WAEC examination. Must be planned and excuted with care and vigour. You must channel all that is required to achieve it with concern and perserance. I mean postive things and activities. If your goal is to obtain your school certificate through expo, is this a positive goals.

    • Good day to you all I hope you guys are doing well, If so let us all altogether God because it is not easy to be alive and to see a wonderful evening like this, am very happy because i know it by his intimacy that i have a day like today, for sure i know many people have died today but i still be alive is whats to thank God many times, i also hope you out they will see the same way i see, and thank God as many times as you wished thank him. Very happy for this day because it is the Lord has i will be glad in it.

    • Please guys there is one thing I wanted know about this literacy base since I have been reading peoples comment but I never hear were someone is giving testimony of he/ her paying about this atleast testimony matters a lots becaues a happiness of every company is when people are tesfying about them i think need testimony of people who are blogging to prove they not scammers.

    • Hi guys! How are you doing today and everyone around you? I hope you guys go to church today and if do happy Sunday today and how was church service today I hope all is well with you! Let us pray without season because no one knows when our Lord Jesus Christ will come, it be like the days of Noah where people in those days engage them self with a different activities and they did not understand until Noah finished building his ark, that water which sweep over earth come.

    • Life is governed by law and principle. Ignorant of these laws and principles will negate the complimentary rewards of life. Everthing in life has a natural process or secret code called rules, principles, laws to unlocking it.

    • Work hard to achieve the set goals. Continuebworking until you chieve your goals.
      You may have problems or distraction. Do you relent, moven on. You may change the process if the one are following does not work out fine. Persist until you achieve the set goals; be courageous/ positive, do not give up trying until you reach the joyful end. Note scientists have been trying for over years to dis over to discover vaccines for HIV/AIDS. They are still trying . one day, the will dscover it and they save millions of lives and they will get blessings from God. Kanu Nwankwo continued to try until he finally became the ulimate in the game of football.

    • These are goals you set to achieve within a short period. For instance, if your goal is to come 1st in the first term examination, all your activities will be geared towards coming first in the class, doing all class assignment, play, gossip and more attention in the class, properly, reading hard and regularly with interest and concentration, reading wide and seeking explanation when necessary, keeping friends whose ambition is to fall within the 1st five in your class or other classes.Note this ambition, focus and endpoint is for a term or for a session. This is a short-term goal.

    • Nigeria is one of the country with diverse culture, religion and tradion. These sometimes are the basis of discrimination, ethnic and religion crisis. This is not proper because of it’s consequences. It does not enthance development. We should appreciate individual differences and learn to tolerate. Usually those discriminated against on the of gender, sex, color and religion should seek redress from family, churches, all levels of govenment, NGOs and other agencis. To be a true nigeria. Learn to tolerate, be patriotic and contribute to make nigeria great.

    • Personal factors:

      All of us who are involved in one act of indiscipline or the other are self-centered, self-justifying, self-satisfying and selfish. We want every thing to be done in our favour. We hate to wait. We are impatient. We want to go/do things before others. We are arrogant, and we not know what indiscipline is and why we should be disciplined. We are arrogant of laws and even if you know them, we scarcely dare to keep it. We hate our environment, our neighbours, our coountry and ourselves, this hatred is manifested in all acts of indiscipline that we exhibit. For instance, we all are aware of the factthat we should not urinate or defecate in the streets, the school compound and in the opening. We should not litter papers or materials along the streets on our compounds both at home and in schools.

    • We should wait for turns anywhere and at any time. How many of us obey this? Do you know the school rules and regulations? What about the rules and regulations or contributions of your country? Do you really know the rules and regulations in your family? How often do you go contrary to them and how often do you obey them? The number of times you go contrary to them, those are the number of times you are undisciplined. On the other hand, the numbers of times you obey them are the number of times you are disciplined.

    • Who and where can we trace the gross act of indiscipline in nigeria and also in your own country? I think the first person to blame is you. What do you mean” may be your question. Do self-examination of yourself and you will know how greatly you have made nigeria and your own country an indiscipline nation. Now ponder a bit and make a resolution on being law abiding. Start from your home, the school and to larger communities. The school authorities contribute to act of indiscipline. They provide inadequate fund for running the school.in that case, the equipment and other teaching learning materials are indequate and insufficient for the students. This leads to struggling by the students to get before others. Toilet facilies are usually indequate, insufficient and in some cases not provided at all. This leads to students defecating and urinating iniscriminately around the compound. Schools are not provided with dustbin nor do they have central place for the collection of refuse. The students thus litter the school compound with papers and other rubbish.

    • To overcrowding and thus inconvenient and breads acts of indisciple.school are sited in places that are vulnerable to indisciplinary acts. Student when schools make rules and regulations to indulge in gross indisciplinary acts. When schools make rules and regulations and do not insist on students complying with it they encourage indiscipline indirectly. Teachers are not encouraged or paid regularly. They thus abadon their jobs and the students swim in indisciplinary acts. At times the classroom are overoweded. You can imagine school children sit on the floor for their lessons. School functionaries are selected and not elected and they are hardly given authority and power. They become weakn in carrying out their responsibities. These and more influence all the in disciplinary acts observed in our schools, communities and the country. Are you disciplined? Please, learn to be disciplined, take your turn. Are you struggling for things. Do not urinate or defecate carelessly. If nobody sees you God do. How hygienic Are you? Do you drop dirty any how and in unauthorized places? How do you feel about nigeria or your own country? How do you think we can build a better nigeria free from corruption and other social vices that present us in a negative way all over the world? Start practicing them now.

    • Why is it that there is no cultism in the northern universities? Is it that they know God more than we do or that they are more intelligent than we do? Are they better nigerians than we do? Have you ever wondered why they are more united than other parts of nigeria? Do you know that they have fewer cases of HIV/AIDS? Do you know that they fewer cases of drugs addicts? What about child trafficking? In which part of the country is it more? What about 419, robbery, bribbery and corruption? In which part of the country are they practiced most? What impression do you have about our muslim brothers and sisters? I think they are better nigerias than we do and probably that is why God is rewarding them by making to always determine the political will of nigeria. What about that? Think about that?

    • The base of indiscipline amongst the students may be traced to their homes. Some parents are perpetrators of indiscipline. Because the home is the first social contact of the child where behaviours are modeled, whatever standard and values the child intracts with, influence her or his behaviours outside the home factors that ignite indiscipline.
      Inability of the parents to care for the children by providing them basic amenties of life like food, clothing and shelter.
      Inability to pay children school fees as at when due. Some because they do not care and some becausebthey not have them.
      Inability to inculate the basic principals of morals in the children.
      Parents irrational interfernce in school discipline because of their assumed position in the society.
      Parents who exhibit all manners of indiscipline pass it unto their children. The way they eat, urinate in public, laugh, talk about others abuse, drive, respect themselves and others are factors that influence the behaviours of their children.

    • You have done well informing us about side effects of soda drinks. I hope many of us would benefit from this information.There was a time when I loved these cold drinks but when I learnt about my diabetes, I stopped this practice. But then I turned to diet type drinks which are also harmful. so I tried lemon water and lemon plus ginger tea, and used them within a limit. It helps me get rid of soft drinks.

    • You are right because soda is harmfull to our boddy. In the soda mainly substance co2 and they harmfull to body.

    • Drinking soda leaves dangerous effects on health. You lose water when you sweat, urinate and breathe. For the body to continue functioning properly, you must replace the lost water with ingested fluids. Sodas are often consumed in the place of water or other hydrating fluids. Many sodas contain caffeine,

      which acts as a diuretic, increasing urination and leaving the body with less available fluid to carry out important functions. Additionally, some diet sodas contain significant amounts of sodium, which may draw water from the cells and promote dehydration.

      Many soft drinks contain significant quantities of sugar. One 12-ounce serving of cola, for example, includes 39 grams, or 3.3 tablespoons, of sugar. Consuming such large quantities of sugar elevates your blood glucose levels and may increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. Additionally, many sodas contain high fructose corn syrup or HFCS as their primary sugar ingredient.

      HFCS may stress the pancreas and lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels. Consuming sugary sodas day after day can contribute to the onset of non-insulin dependent diabetes, or type 2 diabetes.

      Weight gain results when you consume more calories than your body burns. A 12-ounce serving of cola contains 140 calories, often called “empty calories” because they provide no nutritional value. Drinking one can of cola a day for four weeks is equivalent to ingesting 3,920 extra calories, or a gain of 1.1 pounds if the calories are not burned.

      Calcium is an essential mineral for strong bones and teeth. Consuming high amounts of phosphoric acid, a common ingredient in sodas, can deplete the calcium from your bones and decrease calcium absorption. Among women, this may lead to poor bone development or osteoporosis, a condition characterized by brittle and weak bones.

    • I don’t usually drink soda for i know its bad for the health. I always drink 8 glass of water or more everyday to get more fluid in my body and prevent dehydration. If you drink more cola rather than water there is a possibly to take your health at risk or get serious illness from it. Prevention is much better than cure. If you really want to take care of yourself, be natural in every drink or food you take. You can also drink bottle of pineapple juice, buko juice, calamansi juice for refreshment every morning to start your day just to make it different but good for the body coupled with your daily exercise routine while doing some activities your fond of doing so. Don’t forget also to have a positive attitude in life to achieve optimal and holistic being.

    • I would drink a Coke, maybe 1 to 2 times a month but even then, it is not good. I saw a report of the amount of sugar that a coke bottle contains and I was surprised. I was, also, surprised to see that you can use the leftovers of a 2 liter Coke Bottle when it goes flat. The flatness of the liquid can be used to help clean the strains of your dirty bathtub, so imagine what it is doing to your body, teeth and bones? Good article and well done.

    • I really become addict to soda drinks during summers. Anything I eat especially if I eat out it has to be accompanied by soda.
      I try my best to control my taste buds but end up badly giving up.
      No doubt I’m filled with all the guilt later .
      Sometimes I really wonder what good it did to me by giving up for a momentary pleasure.

    • good article and well writing, but break the habit and stop these drinks for sure is not really wanted, as these do help at times, when you need really carb for when you are dizzy or if you like to digest hard foods they do help.

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, Fermented Foods And Why You Need Them 7 years, 8 months ago

    Fermented foods may not be on most peoples’ radars. Even though they are readily available, most people ignore them. They may seem daunting because they have strong smells or flavors, but they are full of n […]

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, The Number 1 Surgery Women Don’t Need 7 years, 8 months ago

    So you’re in the market for hysterectomy, are you? Well, we’ve got some information that will hopefully steer you away from this surgery that women don’t really need. Women are lead to believe a hysterectomy is go […]

    • Wow that’s some good advice right there. I have always believed that taking natural remedies are the best way to go. One has to get opinions from different people to be able to make a decision on what she would do to curb the discomfort and pain that they ar3 going through. All you have said is true many doctors would opt for surgery as a first option without digging further to know where the problem started from. There are so many women who go through this problem of fibroids and many would opt to go have a surgery just to rid themselves off the pain.it’s not easy for someone who suffers from that excruciating pain to be told to try taking apple cider, or drink lots of water and so on and so forth. All they want is to just have some sort of relief. It may be hard to convince one to do that, but the end result is always surgery. The side ffects are many, but what better option does one have. I would recommend the home remedies but if only someone would heal totally for once would they take up the idea. Hard decision to make indeed.

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    Vinnie Stevens commented on the post, What Are The Dangers of Microwaves? 7 years, 8 months ago

    In reply to: Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, What Are The Dangers of Microwaves? Almost everyone in the US has a microwave in the kitchen. It is a convenient appliance that seemingly makes our lives easier. You can defrost, […] View

    Forgive me for this blunt question, but do you think microwaves are healthy?

  • Profile picture of Vinnie Stevens

    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, What Are The Dangers of Microwaves? 7 years, 8 months ago

    Almost everyone in the US has a microwave in the kitchen. It is a convenient appliance that seemingly makes our lives easier. You can defrost, reheat, or cook food in microwaves. Are we at all concerned about the […]

    • Even in the face of everything you have written, microwaves in US homes are here to stay. Microwaves are not just in the homes, they are in the workplace, in schools, in hotels, etc. We have a microwave. But it’s mostly for warming foods. Not for cooking. We cook on the stove or in the oven.

    • Excuse me, but can you tell me where you got this? You will not get any of these diseases unless you stick your head in a microwave oven. Electromagnetic radiation merely heats you up and pass through your body. You’ll need to be exposed to tons of radiation if you want to get sick. Also, I have never heard of microwaves reducing the amount of antibodies in breast milk. It is advised, however, that you shouldn’t microwave breast milk because it could scald the child upon ingestion.

    • I don’t believe any of this stuff.

    • These are some of the effect of microwave, amazing collection of information, so nice and so really and well mentioned in simple way, like you did a trial and microwave is dangerous

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, Is There “One Trick” To Getting Rid of Belly Fat? 7 years, 9 months ago

    Everybody always wants to know if there is one thing you can do to get rid of belly fat. Belly fat can get in the way of wearing certain outfits and can even lower self-esteem. The main thing is that you want it […]

    • your tips are useful, especially front l,oad meal.
      Now, I have changed our daily meals diet from 2 meats 1 veggie to 2 veggies , 1 meat, sometimes no meat at all

      Now we are healthier, but still hungry after meal.
      So we had sandwiches with ham , lettuce and tomatoes later.
      Fats around tummy had trimmed too

    • oh yes, my teenager had started off with her trimming belly off program on her own.
      Morning breakfast- oat meal with banana
      Lunch- Noodle soup
      Dinner- 3-in-1 beverage

      She had lost her belly and weight too in just 1 month

    • Belly get every woman’s nightmare. Your tips are really helpful but with all this comes discipline and the willingness to loose the fat, otherwise it will all be in vain. I try to loose the fat by doing my aerobics and incinerate it with a lot of walking. That helps me a lot because I know when I am relaxed I tend to put on weight so I try to do what’s rigjt

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, 7 Spoonful Hacks That Help You Lose Weight 7 years, 9 months ago

    Losing weight can be hard. Some people manage to shed pounds quickly, while it takes others weeks to lose a couple pounds. Whatever you do, do not resort to diet pills, drugs, or start a crash diet because these […]

    • i heard that apple cider vinegar with green tea and honey helps to clean the digestive tract, that means, to clean the colon, by flushing out waste.
      I don’t know whether it works for losing diet or not

    • I also know that apple cider is a detox never heard about it being used for weight lose. But i think it could also work given that it has some ingredients that lemon has. Anyway those are some good tips right there they could actually work just as well. For me loosing weight is not much of a struggle I realized that I loose weight so fast when am stressed out but now the problem comes in when am not stressed I just blow up even when am not eating much

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, 7 Natural Ways To Stimulate Hair Growth 7 years, 9 months ago

    Many men and women desire luscious locks that flow in the wind. Whether your hair is thinning, balding, or just falling out, it can be upsetting and lower self-confidence. People who are losing their hair try to […]

    • I love the stress part. Stress can hinder a lot of things in the body especially hair growth.

      But one can easily deal with this when learn to become better managers of our bodies and learn to give it proper rest

    • Thank you for sharing this information. I have been trying to grow my hair for the longest time but am just not getting the desired results. My hairline is giving in and although i try to give it all the attention it requores am still not satisfied its just receding i don’t know what to do. I use coconut and alma oil most of the time but am yet to see some improvement. I alos used rosemary to rinse my hair i noticed a change in the texture of my hair but i didn’t do it again. Another thing is that i tend to plait my hair every so often so that i don’t feel disappointed everytime i look at my hairline. Please maybe someone can give me some advice on what am doing wrong or what am not doing thanks for the help.

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    Vinnie Stevens wrote a new post, Fight Back Against Heart Disease With These 5 Tips 7 years, 9 months ago

    Heart disease is a complex and important topic, especially for Americans. Being the number one cause of death in America, it is optimal to be informed about ways that you can naturally prevent your risk of […]

    • Heart is one of the main organs that supplies blood to the whole of man constantly 2 4 hours. Human soul lives in human heart. Besides heart other life organs charge with the rays of planets that is why we donate our life organ to the needy after death that drawn out within a specific time.

      Heart disease may be a leading cause of death, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as your fate. Although you lack the power to change some risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are some key heart disease prevention steps you can take to reduce your risk.

      You can avoid heart problems in the future by adopting a healthy lifestyle today. Here are seven heart disease prevention tips to get you started.

      Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease. Two examples of heart-healthy food plans include the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan and the Mediterranean diet.

      A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help protect your heart. Aim to eat beans, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, lean meats, and fish as part of a healthy diet.

      Avoid too much salt and sugars in your diet.

      Limiting certain fats you eat also is important. Of the types of fat — saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and trans fat — try to limit or avoid saturated fat and trans fat. Aim to keep saturated fat to 5 or 6 percent of your daily calories. And try to keep trans fat out of your diet altogether.

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    As the summer nears its end, our relaxing days of leisure start to become hectic and stressful. Coordinating pickups to and from school, being on time for afterschool sports, or occasionally being summoned to […]

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    If you aren’t already reaping the benefits of lemon water, you need to start because it can change your health. We aren’t talking about the sugar-heavy lemonade that kids sell for 50 cents a glass in moves. No, […]

    • I started making hot lemon water when I worked in a hospital. The cafeteria always stocked lovely, fat wedges of lemon and I would put one into a coffee mug with the hot water intended for making tea. It’s still one of my favourite beverages! I like it better than cold-infused lemon water or lemon water made the way you suggest, with freshly squeezed juice. But I like lemon water, no matter how it’s made 😀

    • Many benefits indeed.

    • Indeed lemon is a healthy drink. I try to drink a glass everyday the only thing is that sometimes I feel like am taking too much lemon and that could cause a lot of acid in the stomach. Though as I read through your post you have mentioned that lemon is good for heartburn, I don’t know if I would agree with that statement because heartburn could also come about as a result of acid so how does acid and acid neutralize thas my delimma right there. But all the other benefits are for real because I have tested and tried and it actually works very well. It works amazingly with the immune system especially when you mix it with olive oil it boosts up the immune system. I have seen it work wonders on someone who was close to death and that mixture for them back on their feet. I will try as much as I can to takelemon each day or maybe three times a week to keep my skin and body healthy thank you for sharing

    • I knew it was good–but did not know all is good for you—i will be drinking more of Lemon water

    • Yes, you say right lemon water has more benefits for man’s health because it is full of mineral that are natural. It is also beneficial in summer season for all old and young.

      Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits, and particularly, they’re a great vitamin C food source. One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C — take that, oranges! Lemon juice also offers up a healthy serving of potassium, magnesium and copper.

      It is full of vitamin C is more useful for human health as What are the benefits of getting enough vitamin C? It stimulates white blood cell production, vital for your immune system to function properly. As an antioxidant, vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage. Plus, getting enough vitamin C helps the immune system keep colds and flu at bay. Drinking lemon water daily ensures your body gets a sizable amount of vitamin C daily.

      The antioxidants found in vitamin C do double duty in lemon water. They fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh. Getting enough vitamin C from your lemon water also keeps the body producing collagen, essential in smoothing out lines in the face. And, in one recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regularly consuming vitamin C led to younger-looking skin and less wrinkles

      We all should take lemon juice in water regularly

    • We have been using lemon water for the last about one year. we also use green tea with juice of half a lemon in one cup. It gives an amazing taste and has helped me get rid of carbonated drinks. use of lemon water is good for women who are always worried about their skin. Lemon juice can help them a lot.

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