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4 Tips How to get your Child LISTEN to You

Every parent has been through this children problem.

“You don’t have to yell at me!” that is what my son yelled back at me.

Having a bad day when you children are not listening to you after you had told them umpteenth times your instructions what to do?

You are not alone.

I had been instructing my son to finish his school work for the umpteenth time. 

It is a bad habit for him to procrastinate, keep delaying his time with not important tasks such as playing computer online games, Android games and watching TV.

I had given him a week timetable, the tasks he had to do at the specific time from Monday to Friday.

However, he isn’t following the timetable and kept procrastinating all day long.

I believe I am not the only one parent with school-age kids, having difficult time to get our instructions into their heads.

Majority of my ex-classmates ( married) and neighbors lamented that their kids do turn to deaf ear when it comes to parents advice which they called NAGGING.

Reasons Why Your Kids Are Not Listening To You

There are many factors involved when talking to your kids.

Getting them to listen to you is not difficult if you apply the right methods.


1. Yelling and shouting definitely do not work on them. 

When you are emotionally in anger mood, your voice tone is harsh, impolite, commanding and demanding. In addition,your facial expression is unfriendly, sulking and anger. Nobody likes to look at a “witch demon “ face.

2. Using the hurtful words: 

You may say hurtful words that are not intentional but you did out of anger. Your child will feel inferior, injustice, unfair to be scolded or nagged. He would answer back to you without consideration.  Hence, argument occur, hurting parent-child relationship ,which could be avoided. Use simple words to keep your instructions short, brief and clear. That way, your child will not have difficult time to understand your words and will not fight back. Perfect instructions example: Please finish your school work before dinner time. Please clean your room. Please throw the garbage into the bin.Always remember to say Thank You” or “ You have done well.” as compliments. Your child appreciates your kind words.

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3. Try not to pick up a battle in words with your child. 

A clear and reasonable communication between parent and child helps to build up a strong family bonding than making enemies. If your child whether a teen or a  school age student, simply refused to clean up his room, reluctant to finish his school workgives you tons of excuses, try different ways to get your child cooperate obligingly. Offer your help, offer snacks and beverages, reward him something that is not related to money.

4. Offer Good Stuff: Nowadays kids are clever, brainy and witty. 

They would do anything for a pocket money or something in return. Although it is not a wise way to implement, what choice do you have if you cannot get your child to listen you. I made a deal with my teen daughter that if she cleans her room on every weekends, I will bake her favorite Marble Cake or Pineapple Cookies that she agreed readily. I had to give a deadline , which both of us agreed without any grudges. This worked out for both of us.


How did you get your child to listen to you?

What are your secrets?

Share with me

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      • No problem ab out the format, @peachpurple, the content is good! ;-) And, well, when my son was a little boy, the worst thing was starting a word war! For me, the best way was giving him relaxed and logical reasons, that worked perfectly!

    • It is really not good to shout or gives harsh punishment for the child to listen. The best way is to have an open communication and let them understand the wrongdoings done. Children are so rebellious nowadays. They tend to be hard headed if treated the old school ways.

    • An interesting post! You always write about interesting and engaging topics. Keep it up!

    • This is a nice post reading it gives one th3 motivation to do things right. The thing is kids nowadays are hard to talk to, but you have to be the one to put them in the right truck. Some may say that they have a right to whatever it is that want but you as a parent know what is best and which way is the right one to take. I have seen my mum and my brothers and sister do parenting and the best way is not try to please them with nice things. If a kid is being unruly th3 best thing is to take away whatever privileges that have until they change their behaviours. All the tips you have listed down are good except for the one of giving them the best things that will make them become worse so i don't agree with that part.

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