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18 Reasons Why People Prefer Eating Out

Do your prefer eating out or eating at home?
Why are there more people eating out than having home cooked food?
Why is eating out expensive these days?



“To eat well in England you should have breakfast three times a day.” 
― W. Somerset Maugham





From the day I was born, eating out was considered a luxury treat that my dad used to offer when he was in good mood.

Hence, I always looked forward to dad’s good mood in order to choose my favorite restaurant to eat out since I am sick and tired of mom’s repeated recipes.

It was a luxury meal to dine out, being serve by waiters, order favorite food, awaiting for the awesome delicious meal to place infront of me, I was treated like a “princess”.




Reasons people prefer eating out

A single meal at fastfood restaurant with the combination of burger, fries and carbonated drink could cost you $10 excluding tax and service.

If you dine at local Chinese restaurant, a plate of fried rice would cost $6 excluding drinks.


  1. Nowadays, more single and married people are staying away from home after work because they cannot afford to have ample time to prepare home cooked food at home.
  2. Eating out has become a necessity solution for kids who are being taken care by nanny ,childcare center or with grandparents. Parents had to order take-away or bring the kids out for lunch/dinner due to tight schedules.
  3. Eating out is expensive but everyone could still afford to eat 3x a day with his salary. A person could eat $600 per month which is almost 35% of his salary. Luxury meals would cost more.
  4. There are wide variety of food available in every corner of the streets. The number of eateries are mushrooming all over the world in a huge amount, especially Foreign food restaurants.
  5. You can choose your favorite cuisine ( Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Western, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Portugese, Italian, etc)
  6. A wide choice of eatery outlets and shops in shopping mall that offer discounts, combo meals, membership discounts for dine in only.
  7. Cater different food to meet individual customer’s tastebud under one restaurant.
  8. More people prefer to eat out at hawker stalls and food courts for cheaper meals.
  9. People do not bother with the level of cleanliness of the eating premises as long as the food served is delicious, tasty and cheap.
  10.  Many Western restaurants offer “Free Kids meal” under age 5. If you have 2 toddlers , you will benefit in saving money.
  11. Now, you can buy food coupons online that valid 30 days from the date of purchase. You can save up to 70% discounts off your total bill. Most restaurants had included the tax and service fees into the offered meal packages.
  12. A new adventure. People who are stressed at work would love to try different types of food instead of the regulars. Tasting different food that one had never tried before, wouldn’t mind to pay expensive exotic meal for a change.
  13. Many restaurants offer FREE drinks or soup of the day for dine in customers. Hence, saving money too.
  14. You can sit and relax, watch TV, use FREE WIFI of the eating premises without the waiters chasing you out.
  15. Lazy to cook after work.
  16. Tired after grocery shopping for several hours.
  17. Lack of time because another schedule has to be accomplished after a quick meal.
  18. Lazy to wash the dirty dishes and cleaning up the messy kitchen.


My Opinion

Although I don’t often eat out on weekdays, I do eat out with my family on weekends in order to take a “day off“.

I prefer to home cooked food, where I could take control over the flavor enhancers and sodium intake on the food I serve for my family.




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  • peachpurple

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    • I prefer to eat slow food. It is definitely healthier than eating out. There are so many reasons as you had mentioned. The majority, they do eat out because there is no enough time to cook at home. It is convenient for them to eat out or order food online. However, it is not a healthy lifestyle.

    • Eating out breaks the monotony for me. My family goes out to eat 2-3 times a month and we love the quality time we spend together while dining out.

    • I also enjoy eating out with my family one day of the weekend, usually on Saturdays. For me it is a pretext to get out of the house and make a change from my regular eating habits at least once a week.

    • We also go out to eat once or twice per week. On weekends. During week days, it's my husband who usually cooks for both, our son and him. I eat close to my workplace, at a cantin, and I have to say I'm lucky, as everything cooked there is quite good, and the price is fair. I prefer to go out to eat to spend some time together and eat something different, but for sure, the best thing is eating at home. Not just because of the price, but also because is much more healthier.
      Finally, when we eat at home and either my husband or I cook to much quantity, we freeze it, and voila! you already have good meals in case you have days with no time to cook!

    • Eating out is no longer that one dresses up for. In the good old days when the phrase 'eating out' was heard around the house there was a lot of excitement. But these days as you have so clearly explained it is more a necessity than one does it for a joy outing.

    • Eating out can be costly. It all depends where one chooses to indulge in. Some dishes can become very costly. If one chooses the healthier route then they'll have to spend a lot more. Home cooked meals are cheaper but there's nothing wrong with dining out from time to time. Some may prefer to eat at home so they'll either get take out or order in. if there's days when one doesn't feel up to cooking a meal and there's extra income then eating out will be better enjoyed.

    • Cooking is not a easy task, always. marketing takes one hour, preparation takes another hour, cooking takes one more hour, cleaning takes one hour again.
      Total :4 hours.
      I salute to all the moms.

    • Eating out is not actually good but good in some aspect in the sense that it cures laziness or should I say hello the tired ones. But people are over doing it these days. People go out too much to eat in the restaurant and fast foods thereby increasing the number of restaurants in the world including hotels. Thus is economics, when people see the increasing number of people eating outside, they take to establishing their own.
      Sometimes eating outside us being caused by wives who cannot feed their husband the way he wants. These ladies are the main people who make men increase daily in restaurants and hotels. When ladies learn how to cook sumptuous meal, there will be no reason for the man to go outside to eat. Women should know the right time to cook so as not to starve their husband. The restaurant food are now expensive because the establishers know you don't have any choice than to buy them since you don't have time to go cooking for yourself. But when the level decreases, the price decreases. They follow the low of demand.

    • Well it depends honestly speaking i love to eat at home food which is cooked at home is fresh and delicious..I eat outside as well some time when i go out with friends.since i came abroad i have to eat outside because i am far from home and its hard for me to cook at home .I do cooking some time but mostly i prefer to eat outside now a days. Even though in my opinion food outside restaurants is not fresh and not healthy as compare to the good which we prepare at home.

      • My dear you are correct. I very much support your idea. Only circumstances can make me eat outside my house. Maybe because am not feeling too well or I travel to a far place.I can't even remember the last time I ate outside my house. My parents does not see it as being cool so they don't didn't train us in that way.
        Eating outside has more disadvantages than the advantage because of a lot of reasons.
        There is this woman I know who has four children though adolescents. She owns a restaurant but she operates from home to her restaurant as her restaurant is attached to her house. This woman is very unhygienic and the mehod she uses to cook is appalling. She washes her dishes with any sort of water provided the water can clear the dish. Her children as well are dirty. The smell of the women makes wonder. After seeing all this, I justify my action of not eating outside.
        What am saying in essence is that the food we eat outside, we are ignorant of how it was cooked and when food are being cooked unhygienicly, we tend to contract diseases after eating them. So my dear you are right in all but as circumstances is making you eat outside, just try to curtail it and never make it a habit. Cooking your meal us the best and it saves your money.
        When you go out to eat a plate of noodle and egg, you pay #450 but when you buy the noodle 60# and the egg #40 and oil #50,thats 150 thereby saving #300.
        So my dear, never forget cooking is the best.

      • I agree with you on that. When one is just living alone, during weekdays when you have to work and would be going khome tired already, it-would be best to to just eat out.

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