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How to make Candy Floss

Candy Floss


When we were kids we would see this candy man as we called him peddling around. The sound of his voice was like music to our ears.

All neighbours’ kids got together and bought the stuff.

Looking at the size I always thought it would fill me up but it barely did that.

The joy of eating it and sharing it around  provided enough happiness.

I always thought it stuck around my face as I was eating it but that was just a feeling. 

The best place to eat it is when one is at the beach. The crowd around makes this activity all the more pleasing.

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I remember going for  fairs where the ‘candy man’ made his presence felt. 

I always marvelled how this colourful  candy floss was prepared. But now thanks to the Internet I was able to search for information on this.

There is a simple machine that costs just around 40 dollars. You just put some sugar in a ziploc bag with a few drops of colour and shake it till the colour spreads well in the sugar.

Put a spoon of this in the candy floss machine and switch it on. The mixture will turn into floss which you need to collect on a stick quickly as the machine revolves which it does pretty fast. One needs to have some practice to get the best result. .

Back then and that is years ago there were no such machines but I never took the trouble to find out how those guys produced it. We as kids were only interested in rushing when we heard the voice of the candy man and crowd around him waiting  patiently.   We thought the candyman used a magic wand to produce candy floss. .


All said and done I still wonder whether we as kids would have been happy seeing the floss being prepared on machines than  thinking it was the magic wand that did it. 

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    • my mom used to buy candy floss for us too, either the candy man on bicycle, with the bell ringing or at the store
      It was a perfect candy treat and it did brought cavities to my teeth too.
      The pink stain, stayed on my tongue !
      I also love another tidbits, white nuts called kacang putih, coated with white sugar

      • I have not eaten candy floss for a while now. But as kids it brought us happiness not so much that it filled our stomachs. (lol)

    • I was wondering if what they use in making candies, At a time i thought one just have mix colors and sugar together and that will do, but now i have the perfect idea. Thanks.

    • We never call it candy floss in our place. It has a different name. It is a cotton candy for the kids. Kids love to eat that. My wife and I haven tried eating it. Once it gets into our mouth, it easily melts by the time it touches with the saliva. It is often sold when there is a special occasion in the plaza, a special program. I once observed it how it is done. The ingredients are colored granules of sugar. It is processed by the heat as the sugar is poured into a receptacle which keeps on moving. The floss is thrown to the side of the machine. It is picked then by a stick.

    • Last April while at church one Sunday, I saw this man selling cotton candy. I observed how he'd do it. I observed he is using a kind of sugar putting it in a roller ball then the food coloring like red or blue or yellow, depending on what flavor. They make the turning and the cotton-like moss sprouting from that roller and then the stick catch it by turning, then putting it in the pack.

    • I remember the only time when I could buy candy floss was when we were in school there no one would have stopped me,because my mum wouldn't let me buy it because it was too sugary. Back at home the ice cream man would come around the neighbourhood and all the kids would come out and sorround him to be baught for ice cream. At that point most parents had no choice but to buy ice cream to avoid tantrums from the kids

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