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Yes I Would Love to Keep my Peace
December 24, 2018

No matter how many times I’m told to give in to some of the most disrespectful People. My answer to the individuals is no. I’m refusing to settle and I won’t accept the type of treatment they’re willing to dish out. No matter what’s said there is no way that Tanikka Paulk will accept their antics. “When there are troubles it’s better to find the effective solutions and “to pray” peace is what I rather be apart of.” (Tanikka Paulk). What some have are confused about is that I’m suppose to be willing to put myself on a limb so that the persons are rescued. No person should.

Perhaps folks should consider how they treat others. Invaded upon and whatever occurs the invaders will have to handle. “Problem solving. I’ve tried, made attempts “o include,” and the behaviors have caused me to just proceed. There are some of the cruelest words said to me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m unwilling to accept the words. When the negatives are thrown at me=Tanikka Paulk there are the positives. One doesn’t need to many friends and especially if they’re unwilling to offer peacefulness.

Here I am continuing to move along my journey. There is hopefulness here and no I am in no way lost. Individualized seems to have offered me=Tanikka Paulk the most peace although what occurs may not seem as though there is any peace “generated.” Good! There is a smile on my face because I’m aware of where I’m positioned. Chuckled because some are unaware of where I’m headed. Although there were many trying to stop my purpose. God is still with thee and so is Jesus Christ. My faith and faithfulness remains.

There is a purpose and there are many attempts to reach my purpose. “Light is right here and right now!” by: Tanikka Paulk. The glory of what I’ve made and continue to make. Making is what I do. How many are willing to be peacemakers? Perhaps they’d rather cause disruptions. “Advocacy” doesn’t involve criminal aggressiveness. I’m pass all the cynical disruptive actions in which some are continuing to project. Meaning there are the negative actions coming from “People..” I’ve offered my self peace and the peace is offered to others.

If one expects to achieve further then they should move efficiently. Analyze the situations and proceed confidently. Think, be vocal when necessary, stand up when need be. There are many ways to achieve and I’ve found the best ways. There is a reason and reasons why “I’m continuing.” Yes a lot is said but how I react to my situations will make a world of difference. The adversities have built strongest of the strong. Smiling because there are glorious accomplishments. There’s greatness somewhere.

Be filled with joyfulness and the others should at least attempt to incur peace. Imagine having to constantly handle disruptive folks. Think offers peace and would rather “be peaceful.” My advocating is fighting without the physical actions. Punches? No. Weapons? No. What about some postives? “Let the ones be filled with the encouragement, hopefulness, prosperity. Gladness perhaps in the past there was some unhappiness but now there is the mission to proceed abundantly.


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Peaceful Is a Decision and I’m Giving Peace
December 22, 2018

I would rather be peaceful than to create wars. I’ve been invaded upon but no matter how many times they try to break me.I’m so strong and god has provided me with the tools to continues with a presence of greatness. Oh what joyfulness it is to see where I’ve came from and where I’m headed to. “Love and peace will cause the proper unity.” (T. Paulk). God knows all things what occurs and will occur. I’ve faced many battles and conquered some of the most challenging situations. “My description is written in the good book and I’ve claimed my title in which God has given to me.” (Tanikka Paulk). Oh great is me because God said so and me=Tanikka Paulk.

Where they’ve tried to ruin my journey God has provided what they are unable to see. My hopefulness remains and although so many try to disrupt my goals, my objectives, my dreams there is continuing because there are many reasons why. Greatness lives and will continue to live for eternity. “Eternal Life is thee.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are glitters of gold and silver connected together some unseen which is good. All doesn’t need to be revealed and what they’ve perceived they really have no clue.

Peace is what is so glorious. God said to pray. The watches aren’t going to stop watching “your” every move. The ticking of the hand on a clock shows how to unwinding occurs. There is a time when tears are shed but when peace is near there is gladness. The ability to be at peace when there seems to be noises is a blessing. Some haven’t considered how to generate peace. To “be peaceful” when others try to create war is a God given gift.

My attitude towards the individuals is pity. They’re lost and need to achieve their own sense of security. Insecure ones will challenges every often hoping to take down their prey. There is glory in knowing that God has favored me. The injustices which have presented themselves can receive their just. Justice is here and will continue because God said so and mankind always wants and needs it to proceed. “I’ve traveled many, many, hours away from where I am now and have seen great scenery. God allowed.”” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

You are important haven’t they proved such? Yes indeed the continuous movements behind thee. The disagreements in which some are unaware as to why. They’ve demonstrated that they are vulnerable. Human beings looking to obtain their attentions. They want credit for what I Tanikka Paulk has achieved. NO! I’m able to be peaceful but the warheads aren’t on my friends list. God said to pray for the enemies. To pray for your enemies. You=Tanikka Paulk are you=Tanikka Paulk and God has favored you!

Jesus wanted to has proclaimed that peace be with you. Peace is inside of me. I’ve been told how to move, where to move, and why to move but I’m my own person. I’m refusing to give my peace to any person. I won’t. No matter how the arrows are projected and when they’re projected. My “advocacy” includes “Daughter.” Thee has obtained peace and will project peace the upper hand is here. Right!

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God Knows Exactly When and how
December 10, 2018

god knows when the final hour will come. God knows what the enemies will do. God knows what we’ll say before it’s said. No matter what is perceived God already knows what will occur. I’m able to bypass what’s said because I’ve followed what God has spoken about. “Transformation of the mind.” When there is fear then there will be the actions in which can cause trembling. Jesus has spoken the red words are coming from Jesus Christ and He said that Daughter healed thy self by faith. There is faith and there is also the protection.To believe is what I’m continuing to do. The rages projected towards my path won’t cause my turning.

What is amongst me=Tanikka Paulk hasn’t caused my purpose to fade. There is a need to pray and a desire to do so. God knows and says what the enemies will do. Pray, pray, pray. That’s what I’m continuing to do. On my knees praying, praying with an open Bible when time, praying while there is silence. God said to pray for your enemies. There has to “be” for because of the forming. The enemies will flee. What has and continues to occur God has already spoken about. The mouths in which fools speak I’m able to block out.

There isn’t any defeat. There is so much joyfulness because I’m aware what is set by the Almighty. I’ve been through many storms and have faced uphill battles. There’s the tools to battle and the best way to battle is by spiritually battling. If there was nothing at all then there wouldn’t be any fight. My fight isn’t with the fist but with prayer and keeping the Armor of God on. Words can pierce the heart but when the mind is transformed then the words aren’t effective. “Love always conquers.” (Paulk) What does the haters say when perhaps they’ll said what tehy may regret they’ve said.

Anger could cause chaotic situations but a calming spirit will cause melodies. There isn’t always a need to speak. Proceeding will demonstrate how “effective” a person truly is. When there are the negatives God has supplied the positives. Reacting to every word spoken won’t create solutions which are needed. If enemies want to bring down their competition then they’ll have to come get it. Cowards won’t face but the bravest will climb higher and see their competition fret. There is peace and the peace was told by Jesus Christ. “Peace is who I  They rage, they are afraid, they can’t compete.

God already knew what they would do. Counteract what is spoken by the unwise mouths. Their verbal attacks are thrown away by praying faithfully. What’s said isn’t what is unless what’s said is. God already said that it is so. I’m still living because of the Lord God. He’s provided what some haven’t appreciated. Just think about the actions. Their desire to try to prevent what God has declared and to try to pull great down. Most would probably want to stop but there is way too much determination. “Here I am and I’m at peace.” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is myself. If I’m only she then my grammar wouldn’t be fitting. Myself, self, that’s how my purposed walk is. I’ve haven’t invaded another to alongside me=Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to sabotage then I’m unwilling to send the invitation. I’m my own friend and I’ve allowed Jesus Christ to become one of my closest friends. The word of God has helped to continue when the foolish speak hatefulness towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps they too should go to God. “Praying” is what I’m going to continue to do. Prayer certainly is effective.

The ones along are but there isn’t any desire to have a woman beside my path. I’m woman and I’ve been chosen. I’m firm and won’t accept the  disrespect in which God has seen. They already know that I’m powerful mediocre wouldn’t gain their attention. I’m my own person there isn’t any desire to become another. Myself because none have really demonstrated that they’re friends but they’ve demonstrated the enemy qualities. God loves and always will but God also disciplines. God isn’t pleased when His children come up against the anointed and Daughter daughter is anointed.

God and Jesus Christ are my friends. God nor Jesus won’t forsake. If they’ve demonstrated they’re enemies then why would I want to connect? “Don’t want to. Won’t. I Tanikka Paulk don’t need a lot of friends it’s better to be “surrounded by” visionaries then to be surrounded by the foolish minds and hearts. My armor remains on my body. My own body. Hatefulness won’t overpower love. Love conquers what I’ve declared was removed. God and Jesus has described my truth. The nights continue to come after me=Tanikka Paulk meaning that they are behind me=Tanikka Paulk.

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The Time to Meditate is now
November 14, 2018

The power of meditation what can meditation do? Meditation can relieve the stresses in which can occur when having to handle many problems. There’s the everyday stresses meditation is a great way to help heal the mind and the body. There many forms of meditating. In a quiet room perhaps dimming down the lights and concentrating on the positives. To escape towards solitude will help the mind be at peace. incurring peacefulness will help with better moods. Advancing to the land of “peacefulness.” To meditate is to generate relief. The mind and the body needs to unwind.

Meditation is a Great Stress Reliever

Listening to gentle music playing in the background or perhaps focusing on the past events which incurred happiness. A few minuets of meditation will be very helpful. There are many busy bodies and perhaps they’re unable to set aside some time in order to unwind. There should be moments of relaxation. Relaxing will also assist with functionality. When the mind is “freed” from negative thoughts there will be more room to think effectively. Putting the mind and body at motion. Allowing solitude in and pushing the negativity out. “Freeing the mind from the junk which can occur in extremely stressful environments.” (Tanikka Paulk).

A silent room filled with freshness and the soothing sounds of classical music. Whatever genre selected there should be enjoyment. There is peace but there has to be the wiliness to obtain the peace. A focused mind can create better outcomes. What is to be said about the benefits of meditation? According to How to Meditate . Org, “Meditation is a method for acquainting our mind with virtue.” Therefore meditation can help the mind excel, improve in many ways, “become” relieved. Some could choose to mediate at a meditation center. There are other areas in which one can choose to meditate.

The mind needs to receive decreased stress, the body will become more mobile when there is less stresses, meditation will also help with increased memory. There are many awesome benefits to meditation perhaps there should be more focus on the most beneficial ways to meditate. I’ve meditated often and can surely say that meditating has helped with pain control. There’s less painful episodes when the meditation is obtained. I’m a happier person when there is relaxation.

Meditating by reading is also a great way to relax the mind and the body. Reading scriptures has often helped when there seems to be stress. There should be time set aside in order to allow the mind to unwind. Having to deal with many problematic events will cause the mind and the body to breakdown so therefore is essential that persons select meditation. Some visit yoga centers in order to generate relief. “Elevation of the mind can occur but there has to be a decision to allow the mind to experience solitude.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Listening to the Soothing Sounds of Peacefulness

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How About Going in Peace

How many consider where they’ll go after they leave here? I’m planning on going to my Heavenly resting place. Oh yes indeed my goal is to make my way to heaven. Just think about how hell would be because there is so much humidity here and imagine hell. Oh no to burn for eternity, I’m not willing to go there go. “God said that Daughter is Eternal Life.” Amen! Although there are so many continuing to believe that they have the ability to decrease my faith. They are wrong. My faith continues to be strong.

Yes I’m aware that my progress here irritates so many but that’s their malfunction. There’s way too much to accomplish and I’m unwilling to be bothered with foolish behaviors. Continuing with the goal achievers. No matter how many times the individuals try to come at me=Tanikka Paulk. God is allowing my journey to continue. Amen to that! There is so much “focus” on  what can generate prosperous meaningful and gratifying abundance. Gosh. I’m so thrilled to be at peace although there are some cynical beings trying to cause disruptions.

My confidence hasn’t wavered and I’m joyous because there will be so many surprises. God has already ordained my path and I’m certainly not going to allow the human beings to ruin my journey. It’s funny how so many are in tuned with over competitiveness instead of focusing on their own elevation. “It’s my journey and I’m going to live my purpose God said so and it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to take credit for my work and tried to cause mounts of stress but glory to God Tanikka S. Paulk continues to live out her dreams.

Oh the competitors are probably strained because they’re confused about how I’m able to move forward when they’ve sent out their targets to cause a downfall. My dreams aren’t suppose to be every person’s dreams. I’m thrilled that the ones agreeing to unify are and there can be further building. How special. There’s some wanting to hang on to my rear. Why? Shouldn’t the individuals have their own dreams? There are chuckles because I’ve faced some of the toughest adversities.

I’ve overcome tragedies and God and Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk. God has allowed the passing down of the “key.” What does the special key open? I’m sure continuing to seek will allow this visionary to find out. Although there has been some setbacks there is also continuous progress. There is peacefully movements in which some aren’t too thrilled about. They probably expected me=Tanikka Paulk to parish. God allows “Tanikka!” to still be here on earth doing God’s work.

I can wave my hands thanking God for all He’s done and continues to do for (Tanikka Paulk). My journey has been filled with what some wouldn’t dare to tackle. Oh my “goodness” the adversities have thought me=Tanikka Paulk so much. I’m continuing to advocate and continuing to experience the wonders. Glory! Where are the angelic folks? My faith, my determination, my motivation will continue. Smiling I’m free to be exactly who I am even if they want to pretend as if I’m a million People. I’m still you=Tanikka Paulk me=Tanikka Paulk.

“Hope has faced so many adversities hope will continue to believe in building, achieving, and the receiving.” by: Tanikka Paulk. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker and I’m very respectful of peacemakers. Rather live surrounded by peace then to live surrounded by war.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The joy of Finding Peace Through Spiritual Meditation

When one comes across chaotic environments there will need to be outlets in which peace can be found. In order to keep sane there should be areas in which peace is developed. So many could be having difficulties obtaining peace due to having to deal with so many problems. No person should have to deal with problematic events everyday. There are some continuously finding that they’re experiencing storm after storm. “There will be problems while here but problems can fade and there must be patience while going through the trials.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are so many without understanding, and that’s why they’re without peacefulness, perhaps the line of thinking should be transformed. I’m finding peace through “The Word of God.” Praying and continuing to understand my path helps to generate peacefulness. Although there’s the chaos. I’m still continuing to smile and proceed with my purpose. God has planned and designed my purpose and although mankind continues to try and disrupt my journey. “I’m proceeding gladly.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

Yes they’ll try to disrupt the journey I’m on. My praises go to God the Father of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ. I’ve found my peace and hoping others find theirs. There is hope and I’m continuing to make progress because of God/Lord which is the same. No man can defeat God or become God. There are so many continuing to take God’s place and they’ll find that they’re unsuccessful. Peace can be found by transforming the mind. The “Love” (Tanikka Paulk is here.  “What are so many disturbed about?” (Tanikka Paulk). What a good question.

Perhaps some are having difficulties accepting and without the acceptance and understanding. The persons will continue to find that their minds are disturbed. I’m a believer in God and Jesus Christ. I’ve found that mankind can create many wars but how willing will mankind be when it comes to creating peace? There will be a time when the problems will come to a complete cease. There will be moving on to another place. While I’m here I’m going to continue to find what God has offered me=Tanikka Paulk.

There is joyfulness knowing that God has declared my purpose. God has already spoken but how many are listening? There is fulfillment. My hands will clap singing and praising because I Tanikka Paulk know that God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be justice and God will see that the path comes together. What is said about me=Tanikka Paulk holds no weight. I’m too determined to move backwards. i’m focused on the ahead. Claps because I’m anointed and there has been the confirmation and confirmations. So many have felt the need to try and destroy me=Tanikka Paulk.

I’m still here and proceeding because God allows the movements. My prayer continues and the praying in a room will continue as long as I’m here on earth. The time has come when there will be the voice of ministering. The words spoken coming from my voice. What so many have done they’ll have to live with. I’m Life, Love, Time and so much more. Glory! Certainly I’m feeling victorious. What they though they were wrong. The challenges haven taken me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding because that’s what I’m suppose to do. That is me=Tanikka Paulk. God has spoken regarding this and that both Tanikka Paulk.

Yes I’ve been duplicated but I’m still finding the peace deserved. There are a lot of words spoken about me=Tanikka Paulk. The words can either create a stronger person or create weakness. The insults haven’t taken away my peace. There is hopefulness which so many have removed. There are reasons why so many feel the need to project hatefulness. Even when there’s the negatives I’m going to project love. Love, love, LOVE and love! Gracefully huh?

Life, LIFE, life. Life! LIFE!= Tanikka Paulk

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To Live Peacefully Amongst a Troubled Society
January 12, 2018

God has spoken to His Children referring to how we’ll have to experience troubles. There’s no person without adversities. There will be  some having to deal with more than others but we’ll all go through the storms. So many faced going through hardships and for some they’re unable to cope. In order to remain within peacefulness one will need to find outlets which will assist with obtaining “peace.” There will be wars between Nations and so many may not understand why we’re exposed to such difficulties. For so many they’ve come across the evils within society. There seems to be a disconnection of humanity. Mankind continues to try to destroy what is good.

What Will we Face Tomorrow

One may never know what tomorrow will bring. There’s a lot to discover and perhaps tomorrow we’ll discover more than we’ve discovered today. The challenges faced doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. Challenges can incur more strength which is needed in order to  transform from one point to another. If we’re being exposed to lots of adversities then it’s important to pray. Prayer will help get through the troubles. There are so many troubled each moment in time. They’ve forgotten how to conquer. Society needs more loving individuals. “Love” will and has conquered. “Love has allowed what some insist on contributing in order to see the good and discern what may be viewed as troubling. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Yes there has been fatigue when having to deal with so many troubling events. There has to be a decision to move forward despite what I’ve faced. What so many have perceived they’ve been found to be incorrect. We’ll find what is necessary in order to produce a more sound Nation. Society has certainly caused destruction. In time we’ll incur what is needed to put together a more stable environment, community, and society. There is peace when we learn to tune out the distractions. If so many are more focused on causing disruptions then they’re adding little value to what society really needs.

There is “purpose.” Not all will generate what will help society become whole. There’s so much to learn. Have we learned? Perhaps we’re too bullheaded. There is “light.” The light continues to move ahead. No matter how broken society becomes there will be persons willing to m proceed. There will be sorrow, tears cried when the pain reigns in, there will be thoughts of how long will the troubles continue? Going to the word has helped in so many ways. There is peace within the word. The Full Armor of God continues to remain in tact. I’m continuing to keep on the armor.

Day has arrived. There will be completeness and although there has been many adversities to face. God has allowed the journey to continue forward. Continuing is what I’m thinking about. There is a smile knowing that I’ve been chosen to adhere to a path in which God has felt that I’m equipped to face. “No matter how many negative words float about. I’m filled with joyfulness and believe that I’m victorious within my path.” By: Tanikka Paulk. So what mankind projects there is hope. Being filled with the words in which God has spoken has really helped deal with the matters in which society continues to project.

The problems aren’t reasons to give up or to give into what so many continue to project. Timing is important and when God is ready to intervene He will. God has sent His son Jesus Christ to die for every persons sin and He continues to demonstrate just how much love He has for all of His children. There is protection by wearing the “Full Armor of God.” There is hopefulness when meditating on the word. There is peacefulness when tuning out the negatives which can cause setbacks. “To think positively continues to generate further developments.

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Allow Peacefulness to Take Place
July 3, 2017

There’s so many issues on earth which can generate lots of stress. If we’re not careful the mind can go to places the mind simply isn’t suppose to go. It’s best to avoid long periods of time with toxic individuals and to quickly find positive words to replace the negative words which can be viewed often. It’s better to engage in healthy communications and to engage in activities which are loved. Reading “informative” and positive material can help reduce any stress which may arise.

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There will always be some who will try to cause disruptions within the mind. Some may not be pleased with the way things are and are trying to create a change not so easily able to be created. That’s why it’s so important to take sometime to “relax, to ease the mind.” to experience solitude. For some vacationing is a great way to reduce stress. There has to be some outlets in order to remain in tact. If we’re busy trying to please every person in the world then we’ll certainly become burnt out.

No matter what’s said there is no person who should have the power to breakdown the mind. Some will continue to use words to try and alter perceptions. There is certainly evilness here on earth. “Some of the best ways to be at peace is to pray, praise, and continue engaging in a vision or whatever causing joy.” Positivty is important and of course we’ll also come across negativity but there are so many ways to be engaged in peacefulness.

There can be a lot of interruptions and disruptions online. That’s why some have chosen to spend less time online. There are some areas online in which there is nothing but negativity going on. Chaotic environments. Some trying to cause upsets because they’re not accepting a position or just not accepting anything at all. Not a lot of happy people or at least appears that way. Some wasting time, “valuable” time, some not minding their own business and continuing to cause their own misfortunes.

shutting down all devices and computers can help relieve any tension felt while being online. That’s the thing. One can easily turn their devices off and engage in another activity. Sometimes there will be thoughts of where humanity is headed. Some are in so deep perhaps not knowing just how to come out of their runt. If any person has a desire “to elevate” in someway then there can be no time to bother with the disruptions which so many try to continuously supply.

My smile will continue despite the present circumstances. I’m still hopeful and will continue but know when it’s time to take a break. I’m no robot and shouldn’t feel the need to want to please every person in the world. There are some who just son’t comprehend or at least not wanting to comprehend. No matter how disruptive a crowd becomes. The efforts projected will not discourage a disconnection from “the vision.” Too determined to stop now and the words are quickly replaced by the word of God.

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Disconnecting and Shutting off From the World
February 7, 2017

Romans 12: 2 will explain about not being conformed to the world. It’s important to renew the mind. Renewing is to transform. Remove from the world. Sometimes we’ll have to disconnect to shut off. What occurs in the world stays in the world and not within the mind. All the worldly happenings must be removed from the thoughts. In order to grow there needs be some transforming. The “transforming” can include the disconnects of certain individuals.

“The mind is powerful.” The thoughts which embed within the mind can cause disturbances. Thinking negatively can cause one to react negatively. Listening to negative communications can cause one to believe what’s being said. That’s how so many end up with feelings of insecurity. By taking in what others say and perceive. What the world thinks of a person doesn’t mean they’re correct with their line of thinking.

An opinion doesn’t equal a fact. The world can be cruel. Placing distance in between the toxicity is very important in order to keep the mind healthy. That’s why it’s important to spend less time in unhealthy environments. When there’s a lot of chaos it can be quite difficult to generate any peace. Without the peace there will instability. In order to complete certain tasks the mind needs to be clear. The removals of toxins.

Thoughts which add no value can hinder “growth.” That’s why meditation is recommended. Time of releasing. Anyone can be apart of the world. Even the men and women of the clothe. Being in a pulpit doesn’t men they’re not without the world. Reading scriptures and being in silence can help generate some relief and offer comfort.

Finding positive friendships and spending time with people who show concern can help keep the mind peaceful and also helps when “developing.” Engaging in positive activities and listening to motivational and inspirational messages will help be at peace. Being in the most unhealthy environments can make the mind weak but through prayer the mind can stat strong.

Shutoff, disconnect, remove. Hear, don’t hear, listen. Don’t allow all of the worldly negatives to stay within. Rest and the days ahead will offer “improvements.” A lot of times it’s beneficial to stay separated from the outside in order to progress. To remain functional there will need to be some distance from the ones who create havoc.

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Not Every Situation Deserves Attention
November 27, 2016
Not Every Situation Deserves Attention

There’s no need to address everything. Somethings don’t need attention. For instance if a group of people are behaving disorderly and projecting hatefulness and insults then we can choose to ignore. Giving attention sometimes will only make matters worse. More problems are generated that way. It’s better to place focus elsewhere so that we’re whole. Some situations will only create mind weakness and if there’s way of avoiding such things then we should. Some people may want to gain some attention and we’re certainly under no obligation to give away unnecessary attention.

If we focus on the importance then more “growth” will occur. By not doing so. More problems can be created and there goes our stress level. If there’s absolutely no benefits in the situation. Then why bother? Benefits such as growth, lessons, or abundance. If the surrounding add nothing but stress and there’s no benefits whatsoever then we really need to be bothered with such environments. There could be great rewards within some circumstances so we’ll deal with the mess.

If there’s some worth there then perhaps paying some attention is quite beneficial. If there’s nothing but trouble and there doesn’t appear to be any elevating at all then we should certainly focus on environments where change can occur. “Positive changes” that is. Sometimes more stress is added because we’re trying to deal with every situation that comes our way. Not something we should be doing. We’re unable to solve every problem and some problems aren’t made for certain individuals to solve.

Even when some people try really hard to gain attention. If they’re efforts will produce havoc in our lives then perhaps we should avoid the individuals. Life is tough at times and if we can avoid adding extra stress then we certainly should avoid doing so. Some environments will take a long time to generate changes. It’s best to take some time and allow peace in. Imagine never being able to generate any peace because of focusing on worldly problems on a constant basis.

There’s no need to stress out because some refuse to calm down. If some situations need attention then we’ll figure out which ones need attention. We’ll figure out which ones need immediate attention. It’s not easy dealing with stressful environments but there’s a way. We certainly don’t need to stay in a dysfunctional environment too long. Give attention when needed and none when it’s not necessary.

Time is wasted when we’re paying attention to things that will never add any value to living. Time moves quickly and once wasted. We’re unable to get the time back. Of course we should use time wisely. That’s why it’s important to focus on situations that matter. Generate peace by not focusing on situations that can be solved by others or perhaps should be solved by others. “Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with everyday stresses.”

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