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Is Anyone Else Feeling Really Unappreciated

I think that it is absolutely crazy how we are ” surronded by love” by yet we still feel alone. The last couple of days have really been depressing. I feel like no appreiates me. I don’t want people constantly praising me, but just some acknowledgement of my existance would be ok. It just hit me last night that only one person in my life actualy talks to me without wanting anything from me. No one calls to check up on me and the only time I hear from people is when they need something. The crazy thing is people call and ask for money when they know that my husband is the only person working and we are raising 4 kids. Just because we manage to survive from his check alone doesn’t mean that we can pay our bills and rent and feed our kids and take care of other people’s bills too. In what world does that even make sense? Then there’s people who feel like just because I am a stay at home mom that I have nothing else to do but sit at home watching tv eat ding dongs. I wish! I do have times and days where I can just relax but they are far and between and trust when I do get those times and days I need every minute of it for my own sanity. A part of me just wants to turn my phone off but I feel like the day or second I do a really important call may come through. So for the last few days I have been screening calls and not returning calls, I feel like if it’s important they’ll leave a voicemail or text.

Then there’s still that part of me that feels bad about how I feel. I am blessed and I thank God everyday for providing me and my family with everything that we have. We aren’t struggling and I want to be there for people, but I don’t want that to be the only reason people talk or assoicate with me. Is it really too much to ask for a call of how I’m doing, if I need anything today, have I eaten today ( because most days I’m so busy I forget to eat; then it’s always dinner time before I even realize that I hadn’t eaten anything that day). Is it too much for someone to call me and as”Do you wanna go grab lunch or get a drink, it’s me?” I’ve done that before with just about everyone that I call a friend, but I have not gotten anything in return, especially on really overwhelming days.

Look I realize that everyone has a life and things that they need to accomplish and they can’t spend every waking moment wondering or worrying about me because they have their own things to worry about, but why is it so hard to pick up the phone at least once a month or every other week shoot a text, Facebook message, snap chat message etc. That’s something everyone takes time out of their day to do anyways. Does anyone else feel like this?

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God is evident in our everyday lives
February 21, 2018

Faith is a way of seeing things. When we choose faith, to believe, we are also choosing to denounce evil and sinful ways. To have faith and embrace faith, we have to believe in love and also to practice love, for love is the binding of our faith. To make a permanent commitment in love, in particular, is to grow up in a very important way. When we are grounded in faith, we are strong and have inner peace. When we do not reach inner stillness we are forever restless.

Living a life a faith means living a life of blessing. Being faithful means giving and receiving blessings. “To be blessed is to be oneself a blessing,” says Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Being faithful and living in faith also means to be joyful. If not, when joy breaks down, eventually everything breaks down. When we bless someone we speak well of him or of her. If we are unblessed we suffer very deeply. Blessings deconstricts the heart and blessing begets blessing.

To live a life without faith is to live in loneliness. We may have human contact but our inner selves and beings still yearns for more. There are five basic kinds of human loneliness. They are alienation, restlessness, rootlessness, psychological depression and moral loneliness. Our deepest aloness is moral. When we listen to our own loneliness we connect with ourselves. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are restless until they rest in God. It is important that we surround ourselves with people who will not drain our inner spirits. We should not travel with people who expects us to be exciting all the time.

Living in faith helps us to identify situations which can affect and break our lives. One popular aspect of our lives that needs to be policed is our sexual life. Sex if not done under the right circumstances does more harm than good to our lives. There are three kinds of sex, each with three effects. Abusive sex destroys our soul. Casual sex trivializes our soul, and sacramental sex, the one we should participate in, builds up the soul.

Nothing that is truly great is achieved easily, and that goes for faith as well. To have great faith take dedication and perseverance, and so does love. Great love, like great art, takes great effort, sustained commitment, and lots of time.

“Our doing brings success, but our being bears fruit,” says the great Henri Nouwen.

Life is nature and nature is life. They are there to inspire us for us to use our imagination. A healthy imagination is the opposite of resignation, abdication, naive optimism, or despair.

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Thirties women’s loneliness and desires.

Loneliness – the perfect thing if you can from the core of the heart to say that loneliness is  a great thing. I have always enjoyed this joke, because I understood concealed sadness in this saying. I still have friends who are lonely and they hate loneliness but… they do not know how to and where to meet a person who would share life with them. My friends say that all normal men already are chosen by others. Dating becomes similar to the recruitment interview.

Those who know my story often say that I am lucky to meet my husband. I of course, agree, but I do not agree it was just a luck. The good fortune that we met, but it does not completely erase our personal history, strictly shaped characters and not less categorical views on what love is and with what the person we would like to meet the old age together.

Well, the fact is that with the “real man” who fragile female are so longing for, actually is  not so simple to live. Especially if you are not so weak, but with the already-formed inner core.

I write all this to all single women, smart, beautiful and strong, who are used go through life with your head held high. Do not listen to those who criticize and predict a lonely old age. You have a clear understanding of what you really need – from work, from life, from the man next to whom you want to wake up in the morning for the next decades.

And also it is important not least understand what you are willing to sacrifice for all this. Young people generally fall to whole head into the feelings and often get disappointed.

I watch with interest how popular today are trainings, how to become a real woman – weak, fragile, giving beauty to the world, not carrying on shopping bags. And here’s what I want to say: when there will appear a man next to you, all above mentioned features will arise in you automatically and completely free. Because here is not the thing you need to learn and artificially vaccinate in yourself – it is all programmed in you and begin to operate once you start to live life in a couple, where the outside world problems share for two people, and due to this fact  they are being solved more easily and faster.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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“Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink”


No. this Blog has nothing to do with water but with #loneliness


“Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink” What has this adage got to do with my blog you might ask. I used this adage to compare my life, my life that is devoid of people despite the fact that the world is busting at the seams with people everywhere.. Could it be that there could be more who belong to this category?

In a situation like this there are ways one can have ‘people’ in their life.

What ultimately makes life worth living is to have an activity that puts a spring in one’s step.  I am a multi faceted personality and so have no dearth to keep myself active.  A fulfilling activity is one’s companion when having no people is not noticed.

Finally it is the activity in one’s life that keep them to themselves specially an activity that does not involve people.

The Internet is a place where one can spend endless hours searching and learning where again the need to have people around does not arise.

We always have the virtual world. Blogging is one way lonely people could build a world around them a world which they could call their own. Even before completing this blog I already get the feeling that I am surrounded by people who would want to be in my life and interact with me. Anyway why not? I have so much to say about me.

When I am stressed out  I have just one avenue for relaxation  and that is the Internet where I have registered with a virtual Casino and there I play poker among other games. I do not play for real money yet but it is fun even to play Poker in a virtual environment. One needs to know the art of bluffing in the game of Poker and this practice might help me in the real world when I would be placed in a situation where only bluffing would save my skin.

Loneliness is outmoded is what I could say with confidence.


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